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Obviously, their logo looks like a frog.
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Parents of ROGD Kids (often shortened to P.O.R.K.), also known among trans people as Parents of Frogged Kids, is a transphobic webshite dedicated to spreading the debunked notion of rapid-onset gender dysphoria. It smears gender-affirming healthcare through using quotes mined from the paper that actually proves it works,[1] as well as providing information on how to find a conversion therapy practitioner.[2]. You can even find some of them here![3] It has a made-up list of "causes" for gender dysphoria.[4]

Claims that children decide to transition due to being "naïve and impressionable" are not supported by any legitimate science... well, at least they discovered that they are transgender.

Despite claiming to fight "political ideology dressed up as science", the authors themselves are unable to support their own claims, making this website ideological in nature.

The creators of the website are anonymous because they know the truth behind its content.

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