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Christian democracy is political ideology based on Christian humanism and Catholic social teachings. While generally socially conservative, Christian democrats inch toward an economic model of social markets or social democracy, especially where the political spectrum is leaning towards the left. They can therefore be categorized as center to center-right, and are found mostly in Europe and Latin America.

The line between Christian democrats and secularism is relatively thin; while most favor human rights over theocracy, the goal of Christian democracy is a democratic society inspired by Christian teachings, especially in an ethical dimension.

The morality plays[edit]

As social conservatives, they of course don't like same-sex marriage and abortion all that much. While Christian democratic rhetoric revolves around family, community and Christian values, Christian democrats are generally not fundamentalist, yet concerned about a societal breakdown or overuse of what they consider to be immoral.

Most make a difference between legislation and culture, something American conservatives have their problems with. Comparisons can be made with paleolibertarianism, as they believe that just because something is legal, it still doesn't mean you should do it, or if something is illegal that doesn't mean it's wrong to do it if nobody is harmed. Another big difference with other conservatives is that Christian democrats are not completely blind towards social change – even though they may not be particularly enamoured with it they may still embrace it (e. g., supporting single families instead of nuclear ones).

Christian democratic parties are also the home of religious minorities, the latter because of the heavy overlaps in conservative Christianity with Judaism and Islam.

The economic balancing act[edit]

While most Christian democrats don't think highly of a command economy and democratic socialism, they do not demonize it as much as libertarians or American conservatives do. They generally favor universal health care, state-run unemployment insurance and welfare states, as they see all of this not only to be ethically right, but also as a strength to the community.

In some countries Christian democratic parties also stand for environmental issues. A prominent example is the CDU in Germany, which has adapted many policies from the Greens.

In America[edit]

In a European context, Christian democrats would still be more pro-business/right-leaning. Take them to the US and they'll be filthy commies.

Many conservative Democrats could be labeled as Christian democrats, with those reluctant towards gay rights considered DINOs.

Political position[edit]

Usually, Christian democracy is often regarded as a center-right ideology. In fact, many European Christian democratic parties tend to be 'center-right'.

However, Christian democracy has a much wider position, with its weak liberalism, its focus on social conservatism, and its combination with right-wing populism makes it a right-wing to far-right ideology, and when combined with social democracy or socialism, it becomes a center-left ideology. In the former case, it is similar to the Christian right in the U.S., and in the latter case, it is only trying to realize socialism from Christian values, but it is also socially liberal, so it is friendly to same-sex marriage and abortion.

Since Christian democracy is the ideology of mainstream politics in reality, it is hard to conclude that it is a certain tendency mechanically because it has a wide position and various tendencies within Christian democrats. What is common, however, is that they place moderate emphasis on Christian values under a secular liberal democracy.

A representative political party[edit]

Exclude from the list political parties that belong to Centrist Democrat International but do not have strong Christian democratic tendencies.

Country Acronym Party Political potision
Argentina Argentina PDC Logo PDC Argentino.png Christian Democratic PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Demócrata Cristiano)
Australia Australia CDP Christian Democratic Party Right-wing to Far-right
Austria Austria ÖVP i Austrian People's PartyWikipedia
(Austrian: Österreichische Volkspartei)
Center-right to Right-wing
Armenia Armenia OY Rule of LawWikipedia
(Austrian: Orinats Yerkir)
Belgium Belgium (Flanders) CDV Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams Logo.svg Christian Democratic and FlemishWikipedia
(Flemish-Dutch: Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams)
Center to Center-right
Brazil Brazil DEM DemocratsWikipedia
(Portuguese: Democratas)
Bulgaria Bulgaria СДС Social Democratic Party of CroatiaWikipedia
(Bulgarian: Съюз на демократичните сили)
Center-right to Right-wing
Chile Chile PDC Christian Democratic PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Demócrata Cristiano)
Center to Center-left
Colombia Colombia PCC Bandera del Partido Conservador Colombiano.svg Colombian Conservative PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Conservador Colombiano)
Costa Rica Costa Rica PUSC Logo del Partido Unidad Social Cristiana.svg Social Christian Unity PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Unidad Social Cristiana)
Czechia Czech Republic KDU–ČSL KDU-CSL Logo 2012.svg Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's PartyWikipedia
(Czech: Křesťanská a demokratická unie – Československá strana lidová)
Center to Center-right
Denmark Denmark KD Christian DemocratsWikipedia
(Danish: Kristendemokraterne)
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic PRSC Social Christian Reformist PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Reformista Social Cristiano)
Center-right to Right-wing
Ecuador Ecuador UDC Christian Democratic UnionWikipedia
(Spanish: Unión Demócrata Cristiana)
Greece El Salvador PDC Christian Democratic PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Demócrata Cristiano)
France France LR LesRépublicains15logo.svg The RepublicansWikipedia
(French: Les Républicains)
France France MoDem MoDem logo 2019.svg Democratic MovementWikipedia
(French: Mouvement démocrate)
Center to Center-right
Germany Germany CDU Cdu-logo.svg Christian Democratic Union of Germany
(German: Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands)
Greece Greece ND New DemocracyWikipedia
(Greek:Νέα Δημοκρατία)
Centre-right to Right-wing
Hungary Hungary FIDESZ Fidesz – Hungarian Civic AllianceWikipedia
(Hungarian: Fidesz – Magyar Polgári Szövetség)
Right-wing to Far-right
Lebanon Lebanon Phalange Kataeb Party logo.svg Kataeb PartyWikipedia
(Arabic: حزب الكتائب اللبنانية)
Centre-right to Right-wing
Malta Malta PN Nationalist PartyWikipedia
(Arabic: Partit Nazzjonalista)
Mexico Mexico PAN PAN logo (Mexico).svg National Action PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Acción Nacional)
Center-right to Right-wing
Netherlands Netherlands CDA CDA logo 2021.svg Christian Democratic AppealWikipedia
(Dutch: Christen-Democratisch Appèl)
Center to Center-right
Norway Norway KrF Christian Democratic PartyWikipedia
(Bokmål-Norwegian: Kristelig Folkeparti)
Center to Center-right
Philippines Philippines Lakas–CMD Lakas–Christian Muslim DemocratsWikipedia Center to Center-right
Poland Poland PiS Law and JusticeWikipedia Right-wing to Far-right
Romania Romania PNȚ-CD Christian Democratic National Peasants' PartyWikipedia
(Romanian: Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat)
Slovakia Slovakia SDKÚ-DS Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic PartyWikipedia
(Slovak: Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia – Demokratická strana)
El Salvador Slovenia NSi Logo nsi small.png New SloveniaWikipedia
(Slovene:Nova Slovenija – Krščanski demokrati)
Spain Spain PP PP icono 2019.svg People's PartyWikipedia
(Spanish: Partido Popular)
Center-right to Right-wing
Sweden Sweden KD Christian Democrats Sweden logo 2017.svg Christian DemocratsWikipedia
(Swedish: Kristdemokraterna)
Switzerland Switzerland SP / PS Evangelical People's Party of SwitzerlandWikipedia
(German: Evangelische Volkspartei der Schweiz,
French: Parti évangelique suisse, Italian: Partito Evangelico Svizzero)
Center to Center-right
Ukraine Ukraine SP / PS XDC без фону-01.png Christian Democratic UnionWikipedia
(Ukrainian: Християнсько-демократичний союз)

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