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Ramzan Kadyrov in 2014.
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Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov (Рамза́н Ахма́тович Кады́ров) (1978–) is a "former" rebel and current leader of Chechnya, part of Russia. He is the son of former Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov, who was assassinated in May 2004. He presides over a Muslim-dominated region.

Former members of the paramilitary units were dubbed KadyrovtsyWikipedia (Russian: Кадыровцы, Kadyrovcy, literally "Kadyrov's followers"), also Kadyrovites.

Kadyrov has been nicknamed the Kremlin's "closest ally – and his biggest liability".[1] Putin does little to investigate the human rights abuses in Chechnya, leading to speculation that he lacks control over Kadyrov.[2]

Human rights abuses[edit]

He has called for judges to be punished for banning Islamic works.[3]

Abuse of Activists[edit]

The Committee Against Torture's offices in Chechnya has been raided by his supporters in masks, some wielding hammers.[4] Natalia Estemirova, a human rights activist, had been murdered in 2009.[5] The homes of the family of alleged insurgents have been burnt down.[6] Zarema Sadulayeva was kidnapped then found murdered in August 2009.[7] Kadyrov's forces torture Chechens under suspicion of crimes.[8][9]

Suppression of journalists[edit]

Local journalists are forbidden from portraying the president in a negative light.[10] In 2016, a journalist was jailed for reporting on Chechnya's record of abuses.[11] A bus of journalists was attacked, and their vehicle was lit on fire.[12] Journalists have fled Chechnya in fear for their safety.[13] Anna Politkovskaya,Wikipedia an investigative journalist who reported on Chechnya's abuse of gay men, was murdered in 2006.

Anti-gay bigotry[edit]

In his republic, Chechnya, there have been reports of gay men being subjected to torture and imprisonment.[14] Police out gay people to their often homophobic families, which puts them at risk of honor killings.[15] The Chechen police encourage families to murder their gay sons.[16] Gay men have been beaten up, killed,[17] and have gone missing.[18] The "gay purge" has been named a genocide by French gay rights organizations.[19] Canada,[20] France,[21] and Lithuania[22] take in gay Chechen refugees. United Nations human rights experts demand the end of persecution of gay men.[23] Kadyrov denies that there are gay people in Chechnya.[24]

Lesbians and bi women are threatened by their families with honor killings if outed.[25] They are forced to hide their sexuality. Many are pressured by their family to marry men.


Kadyrov's reuniting of divorced couples has the consequence of forcing divorced women to get back with their abusive husbands to regain child custody. He thinks that divorce contributes to extremism.[26] Many women in abusive marriages stay because they fear losing their children.[27] A 17-year-old teenager has allegedly been coerced into marrying a man who is decades older than her.[28] Some Chechen women's phones have been confiscated because Kadyrov thinks phones make women sluts.[29] In Chechnya, women are forced by law to obey a strict Islamic dress code.[29] If women rebel against the dress code, they are often harassed.[29] Kadyrov endorses shooting women with paintball guns if they don't wear a headscarf.[29]

A young mother was forced into sex slavery by his militiamen.[30]

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