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These results were prepared by Techpriest on August 27th, 2021, who thanks all voting members for their interest in the Foundation.

Since we had 4 candidates for 4 positions, the election is considered predetermined. However, as per the Foundation's Bylaws, an election must still be held. Since one of the positions is to fill in for the seat of a removed member, the candidates agreed upon public consensus that Asela would only serve a single one year term to fill a vacancy caused by the removal of Dysk from the board members last year.

The following candidates are elected for a 2 year seat ending in 2023:

The following candidate is elected for a 1 year seat, ending in 2022:

Election data[edit]

Technical note[edit]

OpenSTV is confused when an election is run with an equal amount of candidates competing for an equal amount of open seats. When running in this configuration it only makes one pass and ends the election with only the first two candidates elected. To fix this, we added an additional dummy candidate called "Other," to force OpenSTV to execute a proper run and get the full order of all votes cast.

Vote counters[edit]