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April 2012[edit]

17We should force people to look at aborted foetuses, because slavery.
16And next in the Telegraph's vendetta against witchcraft: "So it seems there are now two kinds of witchcraft: the bad kind that black people believe in, and the kind that should be celebrated because it is believed in by Cornish people. "
27Answers in Genesis responds, line by line, to an email.
29Daily Mail: Ban online porn! - Just don't look at all the scantily-clad and/or objectified women in the right hand column of the Mail Online site, all there in the open for the little kiddies to see.
43Rightwingers insecure about their masculinity open a new front in the Culture War: Equestria.
34Birtherism goes to a whole new level of crazy.
14Natural News: Why would the FDA raid a place proffering something as dangerous effective as ozone therapy? It's the Medical Mafia, of course!
14Wingnut Daily: Why won't the lamestream media cover our manufactured outrage, dammit?! ($$Oh, and buy the book from our superstore!$$)
14Wente logic:

Sentence 1: "Liberals are almost exclusively concerned with harm and fairness."

Sentence 2: "...they see society as composed of autonomous individuals who should be free to satisfy their wants and needs as they see fit."
0It would appear that autism and shrinking bee populations have a common cause: chemicals such as toxic metals.
6"National Petroleum Public Radio" has joined most environmental groups in selling out to the oil industry, as shown by an article in which they spiel oil industry propaganda about "fracking." Some say that the article is actually about problems with fracking; but they're all trolls in the pay of the oil companies.
2It is "racist war propaganda" to suggest that the cleric leader of a theocratic state might, for religious reasons, behave differently from the lay leaders of a secular democratic state.
4My green is greener than your green! And besides, the Green movement is all about Lenin! Wait...
14A Tennessee university states that campus groups’ leadership requirements can no longer discriminate on race, faith, gender or sexual orientation. To fundies, this means that men can lead sororities or Muslims can lead Bible studies.
9Congratulations, you've siphoned $10 million from the US economy without winning a single state! What will you spend it on?
16Faux News is becoming too left leaning.
13Celebrating Earth Day? Then you're a filthy commie!
15David Cameron is No True Christian because he isn't abusing his position to give Christians political and social dominance over all other faiths and non-faiths.
4And into the to-do list we go, Wente.
6Why is Nicolas Sarkozy disliked so much by the French electorate? It depends. Arguing that "80 to 95% of journalists are on the left or far-left" won't give you points for objectivity, though.
8Does the Disco 'Tute actually understand what Douglas Adams was talking about?
27Coulter: A guy shot an innocent black kid. WELL THE DEMOCRATS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLAVERY!
35Teaching Paganism and Druidism in schools? How dare they teach something I don't believe in!
23A complicated array of political views, upbringing and social conditions, cumulating in delusional paranoia and an increasing hatred of out-groups? Nah video games dunnit.
9The agony of trying to rationalize with a woman who has never read a single science textbook in her entire life.
-42Woman Rapes Man #firstworldproblems
15Child: "Help Jesus, my parents are doing drugs!"
Christian Apologist: "Stop whining about trivial details like that and thank God for his hard work!"
46It's easy to refute the entire contents of RW's atheism FAQ: "No, because God, that's why".
13Not only is Santa Claus real, he spends the rest of the year "singing" prose poems about the horrors of a godless world to the tune of stock Christmas music! Really. (Of course, this is an improvement on his past history of violence toward heretics.)
10A somewhat overextended metaphor: an Uncommon Descent blogger challenges Zack Kopplin to a poker game. Apparently, the fact that two of his Nobel Prize winning signatories don't think 'Darwinism' can explain everything...means that he loses two cards?
16Stop persecuting Christians... or... or... or else!!
7Celebrate Subversive Science! Throw away all that predictability and affinity with constituted power and alter your consciousness, just like that denialist crank eminent biochemist, Kary Mullis. Tools that have been used by such subversive scientists in the past include hashish, laughing gas, and LSD.
11 The difference between the Right and "the Wrong and the Left" in chart form!
23Donald Trump hops off the birther bandwagon and onto the anti-vax bandwagon.
19Look out, lieberal media! There's a new Conservative Teen magazine about to hit shelves! Possibly. If you order a copy for print-on-demand and then hit your shelf with it.
23David Coppedge, the creationist suing NASA for discriminatory dismissal, has submitted his legal brief. It is ... bizarre. (Transcript, commentary.)