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March 2012[edit]

9Oh, here we go.
7Pat Buchanan on why Zimmerman is all about race now: "He saw a stranger over 6 feet tall. And he saw a black man or youth with a hood over his head. Why would this raise Zimmerman’s antennae? Perhaps because black males between 16 and 36, though only 2 to 3 percent of the population, are responsible for a third of all our crimes."
16Even by WND standards, this is weird.
15Oh noes! A Santorum supporting heavy metal singer says Obama was born "somewhere else." Hold the Front Page!
12Skeptics can't be real people, they've got to be a deliberate disinformation campaign by Them, or maybe they're computer programs made by the Powers That Be: It can only be the wonders of the David Icke forum.
8The one good thing about Facebook? We can immediately single out 13000 in need of a proper education.
19CMI fail at understanding evolution forever.
2110 Racist Hunger Games Fans Who Failed Reading Comprehension
14Hitler also hated gay-baiters! (h/t Ed Brayton)
9"Food Freedom" blog on Fukushima: On top of nuclear fallout, we are being assaulted with chemtrails, genetic engineering, electromagnetic pollution, and industrial ecodestruction.
16The Lingering Stench of 'Gay Marriage'
6Try not to laugh. CNN's got quite a blog going there.
15Joseph Farah continues to have kittens over the "media" ignoring Sherrif Joe's "report." Oh, and he wants your money too.
11Pat Robertson: "If Manning gets injured, it'll serve the Broncos right for releasing God's Own Quarterback." Good Christian values there, wishing ill upon others. Update: More irony: Peyton Manning votes Republican.
24Geraldo Rivera knows why Trayvon Martin got shot: Black and Latino kids shouldn't wear hoodies because they will be mistaken for gun-toting criminals. And whose fault is that? (BTW, Geraldo, it was raining when Trayvon was shot.) Update: Rivera gets a friend: Bill O'Reilly, who suggests the same thing...and then they both go to a sports event wearing hoodies. Then, Fox News stops selling hoodies after another site calls them on it.
19Coultergeist: Obama's children should be fair game for the Right. Because libruls.
7Paranoia reigns among autocracies.
19Yes, the "KKK were the Original Boys in the Hood" pro-Confederate t-shirt seller is not racist at all.
25WND cries "Media cover-up!" because everybody ignores their latest drivel about Obama.
2People are getting more ignorant all the time! We know this because, unlike previous historical eras, idiotic political tropes exist today.
21Republican Jewish Coalition Denounces Axelrod for "Nazi Imagery" The anti-semitic Axelrod called Romney a Nazi. Well, he implied it. He likened his negative advertising to a blitzkrieg. And Nazis did like blitzkriegs. More than Jews did.
9Former GOP Rep/current Senate candidate: "Obama spends money at will!". Claims to be a student of the Constitution despite clearly not understanding it. And guess where he went to school.
13Sheriff Joe: The media cover-up of the birther scandal is "bigger than Watergate."
17VIDEO: Here's your laugh of the day. Pat Robertson's young co-host reads a letter asking if it's a sin for a married couple to perform oral sex on each other. Watch her squirm as Pat goes into full-on dirty-old-man mode to answer the question.
14Ray Comfort Godwins himself.
11 Who's to blame for the mass fraud in the last Canadian general election? Why the voters, obviously, for not being properly informed!
6Mitch McConnell sends a letter that says marijuana causes death.
9Another one of those instances where a headline writes itself.
21"Daoist practitioner" Ann Coulter knocked down the WTC buildings with chi fireballs from her eyes! (In other words, just a normal day at David Icke's forums.)
5The inhabitants of GLP on the John Carter movie: it starts with equating it to population control propaganda and goes downhill from there... (Never mind that it is based on books written in the 1930s...)
21"Teleprompters should be illegal, because you're speaking someone else's words!"...says the man who believes that God is speaking through him. Nevermind the cue cards, typed or written notes that have been used in speeches for over 200 years...so much for the literal meaning of "freedom of speech".
11Crank magnetism writes another book: James Inhofe (R-OK): "Global warming is a hoax...so says the Bible!"
11Santorum has a song! - no, a serious one. (We're clogging the video, not Tosh)
35Sarah Palin: Obama to wants ‘go back’ to slavery era.
27Sheriff Joe: "Obama might be Kenyan." Facepalm
8Psychic Sally responds to recent allegations of cheating by accepting James Randi's million-dollar challenge to prove she's a genuine psychic! ...nah, just joking, it's libel!
-3It's been a bad few days for Richard Dawkins, the pope of atheists.
23Terry Hurlbut: "CNAV will, for the time being, moderate all comments."

Moderated user Tonto USA: "I think the very best way to deal with radical muslims is to slaughter them wholesale."

Moderated user Pastor Emeritus Nathan Bickel: "I cannot dispute your line of thinking."
4 Meet Adrian Ferent and his Evolution Theory. As seen on the JREF forum!
4 John Ibbitson invokes the Golden Mean Fallacy in his latest fumbling attempt to defend the Conservative Party of Canada.
8Sarah Palin on Rush Limbaugh, in February: "How dare he use the word 'retarded', he's mean!". Now in March: "Criticizing him is the definition of hypocrisy!" and actually tries to make the argument that "leftist radicals" say "horrible things about the handicapped, about women, the defenseless" but provides no instances of when that's ever happened.
13Why did Sandra Fluke testify? Because Obama.
9We're not blaming the victim, we're blaming the victim's genes - that's SCIENCE!
13Mitt Romney's reasoning why on why clean energy is a pipe dream? "You can't drive a car with a windmill on it." Probably not the best position to take for someone who has driven a car with a dog on top of it.
10Margaret "Nixon" Wente: It's not a scandal if the suppression didn't work as expected. We're a democracy, really!
13Ann Coulter departs from her normally superlative rhetoric...to compare the death of Andrew Breitbart to the death of John Lennon. Yes, it's exactly the same...if you discount the fact that Lennon was well-liked by millions of adoring fans, was murdered by a psychopath, and people cried afterwards.
9WND take wishful thinking to strange and scary new places.
15 Wow, this site is an unlimited buffet of nuts. As an appetizer: World’s Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud.
18Moon landing deniers start a petition to the White House asking (illiterately) for an investigation into the landings. 22 28 signatures so far, 24 978 24 972 to go...
18Doublespeak translators please interpret this Bush-appointed justice's statement: "I didn’t send it as racist, although that’s what it is." What?
18Twenty-five people who think Obama had Andrew Breitbart killed. It continues.
12“Buddy” Roemer drops out of the GOP nomination race; announces he's running as an independent, thereby possibly splitting the GOP vote; and it's all Obama's fault.