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July 2011[edit]

5Christian End Times fundamentalism, conspiracy theories, alien lizards, Richard Hoagland and Comet Elenin in a wonderful cocktail of craziness.
11Republicans want the US to default, because the resulting depression will turn people to God. Update: A good non-clog article on this phenomenon.
13America's natural and national treasures belong in private hands
11Who are the latest bunch of wingnuts to climb on the Comet Elenin bandwagon? WND.
6Another great "decline of Western civilization" piece from Whirled Nut: This time it's the fault of Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche.
6Bring on the debt default revolution!
12CPAC don' wan' no stinking homos at their conference. Even if they are Republicans.
2Taxing the rich would add $716 billion to revenue per annum, thereby making a $14+ trillion debt disappear in 10 years.
14In case you weren't sure when the decline in democracy in the US started, it was in 1787, with the Constitution.
13Orly Taitz has a subpoena to see the original birth certificate. Maybe that will shut the bitch up.
11How about a fresh cup of rage? New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism. (Read: Roy Spencer still pushing the PDO/ENSO line.) The comments are gold. Update: That was fast -- it's already being trashed by other scientists. Choice quote: "Spencer agreed that his work could not disprove the existence of manmade global warming." Update II: Joe Romm comments.
18Farah is upset to learn that states' rights cuts both ways and that not everyone is a hypocrite about it.
16Ann Coulter stays classy.
10Think the Oslo attacks were secretly perpetrated by the Islamists? Wrong! It was the Masons.
14Hey, little girl, want some candy?
16Pat Buchanan: Breivik may be right.
12WND takes Godwin's Law to new depths
35Glenn Beck: The kids killed in Norway were like the Hitler Youth. Update: Beck doubles down.
5Claims of a flat Earth are mostly a popular myth, therfore, climate deniers aren't scientifically illiterate hacks.
7Po', po' Rupert whines the WSJ
1Tune in, turn on, drop out...or something.
18WND finds new culprits for the Norwegian shootings: Clinton (reality check here) and Darwin. How long until Obama's name is mentioned?
6Freedom from the Rothschilds in Iceland is at hand, brothers! America's Rothschild stooge still reigns supreme, however.
18Nope. It was the muslims
13Get yer guns, the gays are a-comin'!
7Climategate: The gift that keeps on giving to deniers.
19Using the nefarious tactic of changing the color scheme on its soldiers' helmets, the UN is poising itself for world domination.
6Ron Paul: "When a country is indebted to the degree that we're indebted, the country always defaults. We will default because the debt is unsustainable." Just like when we defaulted under Harry Truman.
21Darn that Internet! Christianity does poorly when it doesn't control the entire message and people have a free exchange of thought!
8Hurrah! Long lost medical knowledge cancer quackery is unearthed.
0Phone-hacking whistleblower found dead at home. Bring on the conspiracy theories!
13Not like China ever breached "basic norms governing international relations" with regards to Tibet
10This story is quite well rounded, as it includes religious pareidolia, South Carolina and Wal-Mart, all breathlessly brought to you by a small-market TV newscast.
18You know a Freeper list of "26 Reasons Why Obama Does Not Want to Face Palin and Might Lose" is going to be good when one of the reasons is "[i]t would be God and providence vs the Devil and secular humanism".
13It's true, Hollywood movies are a government plot to desensitize us to the next conspiracy!
12All your 9/11 wing-nuttery, in one handy smorgasbord of crazy.
10Arizona may be the definition of "batshit insane," but the rest of the world is quickly catching up
14I looked up "batshit insane" and it said "See Arizona."
19I'm not racist but...I am a member of Stormfront!
15Life imitates anime: Japan Is Cursed Because The Emperor Had Sex With A Demon
-3Los Angeles SWAT team members carry big guns. U.S. Army soldiers carry big guns. Therefore, SWAT team operations nullify the Posse Comitatus Act.
7Filmmaker bawls "censorship" because the "liberal media" declines to distribute his anti-Obama film.
-10Prof. Henry A. Giroux: Tea Partiers are all sadists, in part because they hold the despicable belief that "brilliant individuals [are] more qualified to run government." Meanwhile, back in the real world, they proudly flaunt their status as Real AmericansTM who do not know their brain from a hunk of Velveeta.
7The term "Arab Spring" is a counter-revolutionary conspiracy of the American media to keep the proles elsewhere in false consciousness. Never mind that it was coined by Dominique Moisi, a French writer.
12Remember that "family promoting" pledge that Bachmann signed and Santorum endorsed? Now the conservative "The Family Leader" group have removed the bit about how fewer African-Americans are raised in two-parent families today than under slavery.
12VenomFangX continues his descent into madness and/or self-parody.
17Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush did, but Louie Gohmert and Tony Perkins are on to his game. They know that, deep down, Obama is really a Muslim who wants to make secular humanism the state religion.
17Jerome Corsi continues to clutch at straws. Best: the original images do not support the premise being made at all.
26Bill Gates thinks vaccines should be available for every child. Oh, right, NaturalNews thinks that's a bad thing.
16Margaret Thatcher snubs Sarah Palin because socialists feed her disinformation. (Really, Maggie - the Iron Fucking Lady, screwed the miners, not for turning - Thatcher employs socialists to do her research?)
15Kentucky teabaggers wear their hearts on their sleeves racism on their chests. N.B.: The T-shirts in question are ironic.
8Women who feel no compunction to improve what nature bestowed upon them are, in my experience, arrogant, lazy or deluded, and frequently all three. Or, with Captain Subtext's Truth Helmet translating, "I'm a wrinkly old bag, lack any self confidence and am in total denial of that fact".
-2A Quaker pontificates on how patriotism is a sin that validates the behavior of such stinkers as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and the folks who brought down the Soviet Union.
23Regarding the mass homeopathic "overdoses" by the 10:23 campaign, Natural News ponders "Why won't homeopathy skeptics drink their own medicine?" The answer being, of course, that they are under the febrile delusion that electrons are physical objects rather than "vibrations."
4In Thailand, the party of that monopolistic self-aggrandizing cell-phone tycoon tireless champion of the people, Thaksin Shinawatra, has just won re-election; one should look out for a re-hash of the demagoguery and human rights abuses of his first term transformation of the elite establishment.
9Whereas, some noble savages subsistence-farming tribal societies back in the sticks of Southeast Asia lack what we would call a "government," therefore, anarchism is a viable political philosophy.
7It only took a couple of years, but George Will buys into the "whitewash theory" of the financial crisis. (Update: Dean Baker responds to Will's latest nonsense.)
1Cynthia Boaz: "There is nothing more sacred to the maintenance of democracy than a free press," except, of course, when it is used by people who lie, distort the truth, or deliberately push one party's viewpoint over another's, at which point it "degrades the quality of democracy" instead. Double standard much?
7Seth MacFarlane: writer, cartoonist, comedian...thrall of the Illuminati?!?
17Student: Dear Creation Ministries International, I would like some help with a school project on intelligent design and evolution. CMI: Here you go, have this list of PRATTs.
3Here's your one-stop-shop for everything free energy and conspiracy related.