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March 2011[edit]

20Coultergeist logic: "Oh, sure, Obama, attack Libya. What about Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan...
12Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because if Wal-Mart opens a store in Washington, D.C. — the place will revert to how it was during the 1968 riots.
27In a TV interview, Obama says "I have an iPad." Fox Nation: "Obama cuts in line to get an iPad." Bonus: comments, as usual.
11Chris Hedges: Repent ye, for the collapse of globalization is at hand. This collapse has, of course, been fully orchestrated by the Corporate Elite, who for unspecified reasons are sabotaging their own racket.
15Terry Chuckarse proves you can shoehorn creationism into anything. Even NASA missions to other planets.
16Feminism is EVIL!!! In fact, it's rebellion against God's AUTHORITY!(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
9If you like green ink, you may enjoy The Way home or face The Fire (sic), a free e-book that is "the MOST important book on the planet" according to some anonymous "people" cited on its home page. Among other things, it claims that Star Wars was divinely inspired and "Jedi" means "Jesus Disciple" and that Home is on Venus, which is "inhabited by immortal “Beings of Light” (Spirit/Energy), whose civilization, based on “pure” love, is zillions of years old." (the acid clouds are just "smokescreen").
-4In their union-busting, right-wingers are trying to defund the Democrats. But that is only part one in their Big Creepy Plan. The real intent is to serve symbolic notice to workers that they will forever be poor; apparently right-wingers are useful idiots working toward this noted communist goal, yet are somehow smart enough to concoct, and keep secret, this giant conspiracy.
7After the calls for civility in the wake of the Giffords shooting, union supporters in Wisconsin (who are, as a matter of course, all Democrats) should not engage in "violent" protests, as the Democratic legislators did by fleeing the state.
10Wayne Allyn Root for the Washington Times: Welcome to Obamageddon! Obama is a radical Marxist, following the Cloward-Piven strategy with the sole aim of bringing Americans to their knees.
24Bryan Fischer: The First Amendment doesn't apply to Muslims; America is just being nice by letting them have freedom of religion.
18Rihanna's S&M tastes are disgusting and we at the Daily Mail never focus on fetishistic, sexualised or degrading imagery. Ever.
12Obama may attack Israel next.
15Pole dancing for Jesus!
15Lemmy got thrown out of Hawkwind for taking too many drugs. Peter Gabriel got thrown out of Genesis for being too pretentious. And now Ken Ham has got banned from a Creationist conference for being too much of a Creationism nut job.
8Now that the FCC has freed up the 500MHz band, the government is now free to put RFID tags in vaccines. Surely, this will be good for...something.
11Godlike Productions goes into astronomy: First, they had to decide whether to spend $10 000 "suing haters" or buying a telescope. Then they decided to spend $15 000 on a telescope. Then they decided to build a $125 000 "WORLD CLASS remote internet controlled observatory". Something tells me that the last one won't be built to spec... Update: They've broken the ground]...
20WND: Hillary Clinton will go "birther" so she doesn't have to have Obama killed
5Scott Walker seems to be under the impression that Wisconsin's civil servants are better off, even better off than Federal employees.
13Eek! U.S. combat troops to get gay sensitivity training, as part of Obama's ever-expanding homosexualist agenda. If we let this go much further, we'll turn into another >ugh!< Great Britain!
10George Will: "Progressives" love that noted 19th-century technology, bullet trains, because they have a secret conspiracy going on to modify people's behavior. Paul Krugman responds: "Dagny Taggart wept."
24In an attempt to out-dick Beck, Limbaugh is amused that an environmentally conscious country should suffer an earthquake.
27Glenn Beck joins the queue of people lining up to blame godlessness for Japan's earthquakes.
6After one day of prayer for Atheists to accept Jesus Christ, God sent the fifth-largest quake in history to Japan. She can't wait to see what He does next! (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
9A U.S.-led research team has found a submerged city off the coast of Spain. Ergo, it must be Atlantis!
9 "God is calling Japan to repent in Jesus Christ" From a very cloggy site indeed!(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
16Glenn Beck: Anti-Christ!
139Fox News does it again. During a Bill O'Reilly bullshit segment claiming that the Wisconsin union protesters are really a bunch of hired thugs bused in from out-of state, they show footage that is supposedly from the rally which (at 0:15) shows PALM TREES in the background. (And for the brain-damaged Conservapuds and TeaBaggers who troll this site for the sole purpose of voting "down" on all these WIGOs, there are no palm trees on the streets of Wisconsin! At least not until now.) (Woohoo! The first non-CP WIGO to reach 100 up votes!)