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April 2011[edit]

2Today, our only relationship with others is quiet, non-deliberate desperation naked self-interest Moloch whose love is endless oil and stone consumption.
8Mike Adams hops on board the birther bandwagon.
8The Internet has made human memory obsolete. Therefore, with regard to education, as Tom Lehrer put it, "the important thing is to understand what you're doing, rather than to get the right answer."
22New take from WND: Obama's birth certificate actually proves his ineligibility for holding the office of president.
15Orly Taitz: "Obama holds dual citizenship in countries including America, Great Britain, Indonesia and Kenya. Can somebody with dual citizenship be President?"
18Hawaii's bureaucrats don't do their paper work in order, therefore Obama's birth certificate is a fake. Bonus crazy: Corsi wants records to show that Obama's mother was in the hospital at the time he was born there. The fact that Corsi has a vested interest in keeping his book "Where's the Birth Certificate: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President" valid, is purely coincidental.
6"Dick Cheney was right: deficits don't matter," because freedom is slavery debt is money, and more specifically, the U.S. public debt is money belonging to the People's Republic of China.
20WND ups the batshit ante: Release the kindergarten records! And every other record we can possibly think of!
7American Stinker, of course, follows in the footsteps of Whirled Nut Daily and attempts to keep birtherism alive.
27Obama: "Here's the fucking birth certificate, you morons. WND: Ooh look, a "birth certificate".
8Got at least a spare $700 lying around? Then how about joining WND's fun-filled 7-day Alaska cruise? Warning: It hasn't even sailed yet, and is already being called the worst vacation ever.
16We need a new word - Stupidism? Trumperism? Now the toupeed wonder wonders if "dumb" Obama cheated to get into Columbia and Harvard?
-6William Rivers Pitt confesses a dirty little secret: he previously adhered to the erroneous, simplistic viewpoint that people should be punished for breaking the law. Now he thinks that if the crime was "patriotic" enough, the criminal should be commended instead.
2Right on cue, the same news source that pooh-poohed any concerns about Islamist influence in the "Arab Spring" is now expressing concern that said Islamist influence is going to be hard on the status of Arab women.
16Pat Robertson: Liberals support abortion to make lesbians equal.
13Once again, David Brooks manages to wildly contradict himself within one of his columns. In his 21 April column -- ostensibly a review of the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon -- he first writes that "religion itself can do enormous good as long as people take religious teaching metaphorically and not literally". Then -- two paragraphs later -- he writes "The religions that grow, succor and motivate people to perform heroic acts of service are usually theologically rigorous, arduous in practice and definite in their convictions about what is True and False." So, which is it, Dave?
12American Stinker serves up some warmed over John Birch: The UN is one step closer to imposing one world religion! For proof, they cite a Christian preacher who thinks that "the brotherhood of man" is a satanic communist notion.
10NaturalNews wants you to know: We are all Fukushima.
9There has not been a revolution in the U.S. because a hegemonic pedagogy has brainwashed Americans into believing in the superiority of reason.
16Ann Simonton of Media Watch: In order to give women the power to make choices, we must not allow actresses to make the choice of acting in roles I find offensive. Bonus quote: "vampires of color"
16Andrew Bolt: Warmists are attempting to hijack Easter to turn it into a Paganistic Gaia worshiping ritual...not that Easter ever had any relation to Paganism.
-5Prof. Henry A. Giroux: "Many faculty (have) retreated into academic specializations and an arcane language that made them irrelevant to the task of defending the university as a public good." Unfortunately, he still seems to be laboring under the delusion that he is not one of these.
9Garrett Epps of The Nation: Right-wing American exceptionalists are stealing the U.S. Constitution, which was the first written national constitution in Western history. (He was only off by about two centuries.)
9Deniosphere response to a botched prediction made by the UNEP about "climate refugees" (an area with little empirical research): AGW is a hoax! Sea levels aren't rising! UN debunked! Hot air from Al Gore! Another final nail in the AGW coffin, cover-up, SCIENTIFIC FRAUD! Deniosphere response to better established predictions coming true: Cricket, cricket.
10S&P threatens to downgrade the U.S.'s debt rating because it might not pay its debt. The U.S. could pay its debt, by inflating the dollar into oblivion. Therefore, S&P is conspiring to crush Social Security.
13Mike Adams is worried that a Nevada bill creating a licensing board for quackery might ban some of his quackery!
11And Jesus went into the Bank of America, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the bank, and overturned the tables of the devil-worshipper Obama, and the seats of them that worshipped the Lord of Profit, alias Death.
11Cisco bought Flip in order to kill it because the Flip Video didn't track your every move.
11Alert from NaturalNews: Big Pharma mind control is just around the corner!
8Scott Walker, being a stinking backslider, is going to repeal some tax cuts raise taxes.
10Rick Scarborough is at it again, calling AIDS punishment for the gay.
10The Obama administration is under fire for its detestable belief that community colleges should teach their students useful skills, rather than serve a political purpose.
9The Birthers are on the rise... Oh, not Obama-birth-certificate deniers, Palin-mother-of-Trig deniers...
8Judging by this video and this TV commercial, it seems that Canada now has its own version of the Moral Majority and that they are out to shake up the national elections on May 2 the way that Jerry Falwell did in the U.S. for Ronald Reagan.
12American Stinker: Liberalism causes black kids to join gangs.
14WND finally takes the leap into promoting trash about the New World Order. How long until Obama's declared a shape-shifting alien?
17Robert Knight: Now we've repealed DADT, Marines making out with each other in shopping malls will become commonplace, and liberal mothers will make their sons attend "tolerance training" if they don't wear dresses and pumps.
13Harry Reid leaves out "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, which of course means that he is not saying it accurately and hates America.
14American Thinker's Bayesian Obama authorship conspiracy theory. It's science!
14Memo to the hosts of Fox and Friends: How many Walgreens Rewards Points do you get for a mammogram and/or a pap smear?
7Tim Ball is too busy getting sued, so John O'Sullivan is here to tell you how Ball is just the first victim in a new vast warmist conspiracy spearheaded by the nefarious Michael Mann and his enviro-goons.
13"‘Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires;" right-thinking persons should use more politically correct terms, such as "unnatural vice" or "anti-Christian."
9The Supreme Court has exonerated a DA's office that covered up evidence in a murder case. But that isn't important. What's important is that the alleged murderer was black, ergo, Justice Clarence Thomas is a flaming racist with deep-seated psychological issues.
9The Minnesota Women's Press reports that women are sometimes treated like dogs, e.g., when advertising is allowed to exist. A "human-rights advocate" objects to this, on the grounds that it is offensive to use the words "woman" and "dog" in the same sentence under any circumstances.
15Fox News: Defending the world from mothers who paint their sons' toenails
10John Pilger: What travesty! Those filthy imperialist Western Zionist pigs are making totally unfounded claims, such as that Muammar al-Gaddafi is a deranged dictator, or that the Libyan independence movement is not being choreographed by the CIA.
2Prof. Henry A. Giroux asserts that the U.S. has become a "hypermilitarized" country, thus perhaps fooling a few people who have never lived in one.
7Anthony Watts: Send denialist crank Tim Ball your money to fight Michael Mann! Donate today!
9The Ludwig von Mises Institute attempts to take on women's issues: Shoes!
19WorldNutDaily on the Muslims' ongoing attempt to take over America through political correctness and shadowy Sharia campaigns, 11 years ago.
13Wingnut shyster vs. woo-meister: Andrew Breitbart calls out Arianna for her "Huffpocracy"
17Just because a faith healer fails to heal you, doesn't mean you lack faith. Oh no, it's because God wants to "humble you, keep you dependent on Him or to just simply bring us closer to Him."