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…conservatives and independents must now choose for what and with whom they will stand: a diverse USA, globalism, and the Left, or a white America, nationalism, and the Alt-Right. There are no other meaningful options.
—Vox Day, finally being open about how alt-righty means all-whitey.[1]
I wouldn’t believe VD’s claims to oppression if there was video footage of Scalzi hitting him in the junk repeatedly with a copy of The Fountainhead.
—Ursula Vernon[2]

Theodore Robert Beale (known by his pseudonyms Vox Day[note 1] and Teddy Spaghetti[3]) (1968–) is a far-right edgelord blogger and professional internet troll who was formerly a minor science fiction author, game designer,[note 2] and musician.[note 3] Today, he is mainly known for blogging in support of alt-right, fascist, and white supremacist politics (even having gone so far as to sympathize with the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik). Vox ironically refutes claims of being a white supremacist or Neo-Nazi by asserting that he is of mixed race ancestry based on his brother's genetic test (White, American Indian, and Mexican)[5][note 4] and merely supports the principles of ultra-nationalism. Vox also goes by the alias "Supreme Dark Lord" on Twitter (which interestingly appears to be the name of a character from AliceSoft, a Japanese hentai video game).[7]

In the past, Vox claimed to be a libertarian (a position he has since rejected),[8] but now he supports far-right authoritarian politics (such as stating that he believes all non-Christian religions in the West should be banned by the state). On the whole, Vox is rather hypocritical and inconsistent in his views (such as him attacking atheistic evolution on one hand, while at the same time using evolutionary psychology and social Darwinism to justify the idea that women are only fit to be sexual property). The only consistent theme to Vox's views is that he always picks the most offensive and lunatic-fringe views possible, likely hoping to thrive off of the controversy to generate views for his blog (given that he's virtually unknown from his mediocre writing and music careers, riding the "alt-right" bandwagon is likely the only way he manages to stay in the spotlight).

Beyond that, Vox has also dabbled in other fringe subjects, including vaccine denialism,[9] racism,[10] fundamentalist Christian apologetics, Holocaust denialism,[11] the manosphere and pickup artist communities (he has written articles for Return of Kings), moon landing denialism, and other conspiracy theories in general.[12]

He is the son of former WorldNetDaily pundit and convicted tax evader Robert Beale. Vox Day does not write for WND, however (possibly due to being too fringe-right even by their standards) and writes instead on his own blogs, including "Vox Popoli" and "Alpha Game Plan", on which he attempts to "disprove" atheism, environmentalism, and liberalism through extensive use of poorly-thought-out attacks. He also wrote the book The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens,[13] which pioneered some of the most popular methods of "debating" atheists (mostly just calling them names). He is happy to be considered part of the neoreactionary movement,[14] though he ridicules the term "dark enlightenment" as media hype.[15]

He claims to be a member of Mensa, have an IQ "Over the so-called 'genius' threshhold[sic]".[16] If true, this demonstrates at least one of two things: showcasing how allegedly smart people can make a living saying very stupid things, or that the IQ test is severely overrated as a measure of actual intellectual capacity.

He is the epitome of evidence that not all artists are sensible, intelligent people, contrary to stereotype. He is also the only person to be kicked out of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in its nearly fifty year history.[17]

By virtue of being extra scientific, Beale has also attempted to coin the neologisms "scientodofic", "scientistry" and "scientody",[note 5] defining their meaning as oversimplified kindergarten versions of the established term "scientific method", plus the odd insistence that the concept of a scientific consensus is in fact ad populum ideological bullying for the very reason of not being "based on scientody". That is, for not being somehow based on a word that has yet to be given a working definition.[18]

Vox is also known for attempting to harass or cyber-stalk his critics by recruiting his blog followers as his own "personal army" of trolls, another example of irony and hypocrisy on his part, as he engages in the same bullying and pro-censorship tactics he accuses "SJWS" of masterminding.[19]

Beliefs and claims[edit]


Vox is a self-described Christian nationalist, ex-libertarian:[8][20] he disagreed with the Republicans over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but shows signs of moving toward interventionism now that the issue's becoming more about war on Islam, and less about cheap oil.[21] His wingnut credentials are solid on social issues (he's a homophobe)[22] and economics (he is also a major Austrian school crank and gold bug; note all the Ludwig von Mises Institute and gold links on his blog), but he generally prefers to stick to battling atheists because it is far less likely to divide his small audience.

He's also convinced that the July, 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado was the work of a federal government conspiracy to grab yer guns, which makes the appeal to "science and reason" in confirming similar nutjob conspiracy theories in that same essay quite amusing to read.[23]

In addition, Mr. Day is also responsible for the insight that Barack Obama is — and these are his exact words, now — a "bad black man." There's no word as to when he'll write a column accusing Obama of strangling newborn puppies and selling crack to preschoolers, though.[24]

Vox was also a supporter of Donald Trump's bid for POTUS,[25] and Donald Trump Jr. has also been caught regurgitating Vox Day's conspiracy theory-laden drivel about Bernie Sanders supporters sending covert protesters into Trump rallies to make them look like neo-Nazis.[26][27][28] In fact, there's no need to do any such thing, as Trump has the neo-Nazi vote tied up quite nicely.


Vox claims that because less than 50% of science experiments are reproducible, that flipping a coin is more reliable than science. No really, he does say this![29] Since he is also a right wing Christian, one has to wonder that if he were to get leprosy, if he would treat it by messing around with the blood of birds like the Bible says (Leviticus 14:4-7) or if he would go to a doctor who would treat his leprosy based on science. Since he also says that reliable science is called engineering (and not science) one would also have to wonder whether or not he considers doctors to be qualified engineers. Ignoring for the moment that researchers used science, and not the Bible, to determine that certain science articles weren't reproducible he also says that science backs up his claim that women in the work force destroys marriages[30] Using his logic, we can't really be sure whether or not women in the work force really does destroy marriages. I guess we need a team of coin flippers to find out.

If the above isn't enough, Vox Day has seven "reasons" why he doubts the theory of evolution.[31] However, since he is trying to use logic and evidence (in other words science) you would be better off getting your information from coin tosses. Since he has such a high IQ, none of us mere mortals can understand the depths of his logic.

Give me that old-time religion[edit]

He is a creationist and "anti-materialist" (read: "anti-science"), which has caused him to enter numerous spats with, among others, PZ Myers and Phil Plait.[32] PZ Myers has stated that Beale is "in need of psychiatric help"[33] and also that Beale is "an appallingly freakish idiot, and always a reliable source for the most amazingly inane claim."[34]

The man also claims, in The Irrational Atheist, to refute the Euthyphro dilemma, which asks whether something is good because God says it, or God says it because it is good. His solution seems to be that it is both.

He also uses the ad hominem/non sequitur argument "Richard Dawkins is socially autistic, therefore Goddidit" very prominently in a stroke of genius that has garnered the attention of cutting-edge intellectuals and activists such as Ken DeMeyer from Conservapedia. (Nothing projects class like using disabilities as insults.) The screed is downloadable from this web site in all popular formats.

Beale devotes quite a bit of drivel in The Irrational Atheist to his division of atheists along lines clearly intended to brand atheism as a religion: the "high church" atheists, who actually identify themselves as atheists and embrace atheism as an intellectual position, and "low church" atheists, which appears to encompass everyone who doesn't identify with a particular religious group. This sad excuse for taxonomy manages to combine the obvious ad hominem and argument by assertion with either a thumbfingered analogy or a painful ignorance of history - it's never clear that he actually knows what "high church" and "low church" mean, and their original meanings are in no way compatible with his analogy.


Beale's role in the PUA community is best understood as an attempt to create a pseudoscientific justification for the cliche that "females" get wet at the Greek alphabet canine pack dynamics.[35] His “socio-sexual hierarchy” adds more categories to the alpha/beta/omega triad:

  • Sigma males, his inevitable category invented to make himself even more special[36][note 6] (Vox describes on his blog how sigma males will save western civilization)
  • Lambda males, 'straight' guys who have lots and lots of gay sex ("Tired of dating feminists? Maybe life as a homosexual is for you![38] The sex is better and he won't cry rape later."), but could totally bang women if they really wanted to. It's what we used to call the "down low" back in the aughts. It's a little unclear why Vox, an avid supporter of Pray the Gay Away, is sharing his trade secrets with sodomites. A possible escape hatch? Nevertheless, Lambdas rank well below Omegas, Alphas and Sigmas.
  • Gamma males, which is his pet name for white knights, ess jay dubbayoos, academics, atheists, Marxists — basically anybody who isn't into Game e.g. anyone Vox doesn't like.[note 7][40]

Nevermind that alphas, betas, omegas, sigmas, or (God help us) gammas or lambdas don't exist in a wolf pack.[41]


According to him, "female equalitarianism" is a greater threat to science than religion.[42][43] In response to a blog posting by PZ Myers questioning how, exactly, many of the unsavoury aspects of religion benefited women, Beale suggested that an argument could be made for honor killings, throwing acid in women's faces and even genital mutilation because they benefited women because they prevent female independence and promiscuity, which he repeatedly referred to as social ills.[44] Yes, this is who we're dealing with.


Some of his most brilliant insights are to be found on Vox Popoli or in The Irrational Atheist. On homosexuality, he says:

Homosexuality is a birth defect from every relevant secular, material, and sociological perspective...[we must] help them achieve sexual normality.[45]

On Muslims and Brits:

You silly English twit. Limit your historically ignorant, politically correct, socialist sensitivity concerns to Londonistan and the rest of your island.[46]

On Jews:

What is reprehensible is not the suggestion that Jews living in America might have divided loyalties. That is arguably the best case scenario. What is reprehensible, and quite possibly anti-semitic, is the idea that a Jew living in America cannot possibly have divided loyalties:[47]

On freedom of religion and freedom of speech:

The challenge is how to protect some semblance of free speech while strictly limiting, if not banning outright, the exercise of all non-Christian religions in Christendom. This is theoretically possible, as history demonstrates. But as events are rapidly demonstrating, in the current circumstances the latter is going to take precedence over the former.[48]

His "refutation" of atheism:

[I]mpaired social cognition... is the hallmark of the militant New Atheists. [T]he anti-religious socially autistic crusaders... simply cannot understand that your religious beliefs, whatever they might be, are no legitimate concern of theirs.[49] High Church atheism may be little more than a mental disorder taking the form of literal autism.[50]

On race and intelligence:

It is absurd to imagine that there is absolutely no link between race and intelligence.[51]

But he's only thinking of the children, especially when he posts advice on interracial dating:

There is no reason a white father should hesitate to tell his daughters what sort of young men are approved and what sort are not, regardless of what his criteria might be… If you’re not okay with it, then it is your duty as her father to tell her that you’re not okay with it, even if her reaction is to denounce you as a racist, sexist, transphobic bigot while filming herself being urinated on by an African rapper with a sub-80 IQ.[52]

On his "method" to bring peace to the Middle East:

The Israeli government must announce to the world a unilateral ceasefire, balanced by the deadly promise that for every Israeli soldier killed, 25 Palestinian police will die. For every civilian, 100 non-combatant Palestinian adults will be slain, and for every child, 1000 adults.[53]

On women, education and Malala Yousafzai:

Ironically, in light of the strong correlation between female education and demographic decline, a purely empirical perspective on Malala Yousafzai, the poster girl for global female education, may indicate that the Taliban's attempt to silence her was perfectly rational and scientifically justifiable.[54]

On women and reproductive rights:

One thing that is becoming evident is that regardless of culture, women cannot be trusted to use contraception in a socially responsible manner. If it is left up to them, they will kill their societies rather than give up the pleasures of alpha-chasing. This indicates that it will not be left up to them very much longer, as societies that permit women to control their birth rates will prove to be unfit, decline demographically, and eventually expire, while those that control women will prove their fitness, remain stable or continue to grow, and expand to replace the dying societies.[55]

On solving his problems by throwing frigging acid at them:

…a few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages, stable families, legitimate children, low levels of debt, strong currencies, affordable housing, homogenous populations, low levels of crime, and demographic stability.[44]

Perhaps most hilariously, on women:

Because they are the intellectual driving force of humanity, men will be fine… It is written that women ruin everything.[42]

On stalking:

I noticed that the number of fake reviews of my books on Amazon declined considerably after I tracked down the woman from Minnesota and posted her address on this blog.[56]

In case that one wasn't disturbing enough:

I don't believe I could recommend this as a strategy for most men, but it is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman. And women, before all the inevitable snowflaking commences, please note that there is absolutely nothing to argue about here. It is an established empirical fact.[57]


First, there is no such thing as marital rape. Once consent is formally given in public ceremony, it cannot be revoked... If a woman believes in the concept of marital rape, absolutely do not marry her![58]


If the definition of rape is stretched so far to include women who have not given consent, then I am absolutely a serial rapist. So, too, is every man I know. And if that makes me a rapist, I shall endeavor to somehow survive with that upon my conscience.[59]

Pot, kettle, etcetera:

It's hard for those outside the science fiction publishing world to understand why so many of the people inside it are a such a collection of mentally unstable freakshows. Part of it is the genre; many of these people are simply not fit to function in the real world. You have only to look at a picture from any science fiction convention to understand this; you will not see a group of more heavily medicated people outside of a hospital or a hard-core rave.[60]

I'm a totally professional science fiction writer[edit]

Science Fiction Writers of America[edit]

Beale saw fit to take his act to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, since running for that organization's presidency with an obnoxiously anti-feminist platform (as well as previously insulting outgoing SFWA president John Scalzi by calling him "McRapey" for the usual predictable VD reasons[note 8]) is such a classy way to earn him votes in a literary organization with quite a strong female membership.[62] To his credit, Scalzi didn't call him out by name for his continuing obsession with him; he didn't have to.[63]

Despite the public support of an anonymously written blog called the Write Agenda that is suspected by many authors of being a front for a particularly scammy vanity-press-playing-real-publisher, Beale lost his bid.

Beale then decided to feel aggrieved at being mentioned (though not actually named) as a "misogynist, racist and anti-Semite" in the context of his candidacy in a speech by author N. K. Jemisin at an Australian science fiction convention.[64] He then responded with a post that was chock full of exactly what Jemisin was complaining about, which nicely proved her point,[65] and tweeted the article through the shared SFWA Authors Twitter account, violating numerous content policies. All this led to a review of Beale's membership, ultimately resulting in his expulsion from the SFWA.[66]

Hijacking the Hugos[edit]

This is, to my mind, the amazing thing about Theodore Beale. It is not just that he is a frothing fascist, but that he believes that the best possible thing he can do with his magical genetic access to Divine Truth is to try to disrupt the Hugo Awards.
—Elizabeth Sandifer[67]

Beale is one of the instigators of the 2015 Hugo Award controversy.[68] The Hugo Awards are decided by the popular vote of attendees and supporting members of science fiction convention Worldcon.[note 9]

Starting in 2013, science fiction writers Larry CorreiaWikipedia and later, Brad TorgersenWikipedia, have sought to nominate right-wing writers in a coordinated slate for the Hugos, using the handle "Sad Puppies" for their campaign. Their first year slate was ineffective; their second slate managed to get a couple of its nominations shortlisted. The stated goal of "Sad Puppies" was to make the Hugo Awards safe for old-time pulp fiction and space opera, and repel perceived inroads of the value system of literary fiction.[70] Their own declarations also suggested, however, a degree of annoyance with science fiction that addressed race and gender issues.[71] At one point, Torgersen actually said he was upset he could no longer judge a science fiction book by its cover.[72]

Then, in 2015, Beale chimed in with his parallel "Rabid Puppies" slate, containing many of the same works.[73] Works published by Beale's minor Finland-based imprint Castalia House loomed large on his slate. The Rabid Puppies nominations increased bloc voting to the extent that they monopolised entire categories of the awards. Works nominated and supported only by the Sad Puppies slate had a far smaller chance of making the cut unless they also appeared on Beale's Rabid Puppies list.[74] He then urged outsiders (many of them Gamergaters) seeking to stick it to those pesky minorities to buy supporting memberships.

Because only a small number of members send in nomination ballots compared to final voting and most of those are spread across the entire breadth of the industry, it only took 50-100 people to shut out most of the competition.[75][76] Distaste for this overt politicization of the awards led at least two nominees to withdraw their nominated works, and a presenter to decline to participate.[77][78]

Fortunately for the rest of the SF/F world, the increased media attention on "Puppygate" led to an increased signup for WorldCon and an increased voter turnout. The final award winners included only one Sad or Rabid Puppies nominee (the enormously popular Marvel Comics movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which did not need their help at all). In categories in which the Puppies slates shut out all other nominees (Best Novella, Best Short Story, Best Related Work, and Best Editor for Short and for Long Form), the majority of voters opted for "No Award".[79][80][81] In the previous 60 years of the Hugos, "No Award" was only ever chosen 5 times before, with Beale, Correia, and Torgersen setting a new record in "Not on our watch". Fictional character murderer Author George R. R. Martin,Wikipedia who had foreseen the consequences of the Puppies' actions on the community and brought them to public attention,[82] gave out his own awards for the people shut out by the voting slates.

The Puppies, of course, claimed that everyone hating them and their slate voting and telling them to go away was a moral victory.[80] Vox claimed that all this was ahahaha his plan all along:[83]

If No Award takes a fiction category, you will likely never see another award given in that category again. The sword cuts both ways, Lois. We are prepared for all eventualities.

Predictably, by shitting all over one of the fandom's most hallowed traditions, he has managed to officially make himself public enemy number one of the entire science fiction community. Way to go, Ted![84]

Unwilling to take a hint, Beale and the Puppies introduced another slate for the 2016 Hugo Awards,[85] again dominating the ballot. One work in particular that appeared on the list was the surreal erotic short story Space Raptor Butt Invasion, by pseudonymous author Chuck TingleWikipedia. Upon hearing that his story was nominated, Tingle began trolling Beale on Twitter,[86] then announced that, if he won, his award would be accepted on his behalf by indie game developer Zoë Quinn.Wikipedia[87]

On the night the Hugos went exceptionally badly for both the Sad and Rabid Puppies, with only authors and titles that were not being promoted in their campaigns taking home the top prizes. This included black female author NK Jemisin, whom Theodore Beale had publicly referred to as an "educated but ignorant savage", a statement by which he got himself expelled from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Well done, Theodore.[88] The failure of the Puppies' pet works to win anything may be because they are terrible literature.[89]

Failed Superhero[edit]

In 2019, Beale attempted to create an "anti-woke" superhero movie, Rebel's Run, with the protagonist being a Confederacy-loving fool who fought against a grand conspiracy to eliminate conservatives.[90] More than $1 millon was raised with Scooter Downey (a director who is best known for his association with Tucker Carlson's 2021 U.S. Capitol riot conspiracy "documentary" Patriot Purge)[91] set to direct the piece.

By 2022, all the money has vanished, along with any pretense of making the movie. The money was supposedly held in escrow by Ohana Capital Financial, which promotes itself as "banking the unbankable." Ohana was founded by James Wolfgramm, a cryptocurrency scam artist, who was indicted in September of 2022 for fraud and money laundering, including the Rebel's Run project.[92]

Beale claims, of course, that this was a conspiracy against him, saying, "I strongly suspect that this whole thing was a targeted operation intended to break our community."

Beale has said that he is working on another film to star Owen Benjamin, a moon-landing-denying anti-Semite, as the head of NASA.[90]

Other strangeness[edit]

He once created an 18-button computer mouse called the WarMouse; it was originally called the mouse until Sun Microsystems took issue with unauthorized use of their trademark.[93] Why it never occurred to him that cramming so many buttons plus a joystick into a space occupied normally by no more than four buttons was anything but a UI abomination, no one really knows. Maybe he's really into World of Warcraft.

He and his fans created SJWList: The Complete List of SJWs, an aspiring doxing database cataloguing any person (or organization) that is guilty of being a Social Justice Warrior or hurting Ted's delicate feelings.[94] The usual names are included, along with some odd ones. For example, they're convinced Ben Shapiro, of all people, is an SJW. (Notably, they cite a quote where he denounces "actual" racists among conservatives.)

He once had a non-wingnutty moment when he reviewed Day of the Tentacle for the Toledo Blade newspaper, praising it highly.[95]

He has it together better than his father, tax protester and gibbering crank Robert Beale, a backer of WND.

In early 2016, Vox founded Infogalactic, a fork of Wikipedia which he claims is intended to be free of the left-wing bias he alleges on Wikipedia - however, given how unfiltered Vox is about his far-right authoritarian views, it's doubtful the project would live up to its message of being "non-partisan" and it's highly likely it will merely devolve into Conservapedia 2.0, nor is it likely to attract a mass audience like Wikipedia, likely never gaining any traction outside of a niche alt-right following. As it stands, there is no effort to remove the left-wing bias, as a ton of articles are plagiarized from Wikipedia, the supposed "left-wing bias" probably intact.

In 2018 he published a book about Jordan Peterson with the modest title of Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker.[96]

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