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April 2010[edit]

14The Guardian chooses its side.. The Observer (Guardian on Sunday, but sometimes with a different editorial) follows suit
7How's that hacky, cracky thing workin' out for ya'?
7Disaster looms, as a second oil rig overturns off the Louisiana coast.
8Of all the questions you could be asked when joining the police, "Have you had a penis enlargement?" probably wouldn't be on your list.
4"We don't have enough officers on the street to look for other stuff like that."
2If you believe in them, lucky charms really do work.
11Gary Null, purveyor of "alternative" supplement woo and perennial Quackwatch favourite, nearly dies after eating his own "health mix".
16Being a Christian doesn't entitle you to discriminate against gay couples seeking help. Of course, the former Archbishop of Canterbury threatens "civil unrest" if Christians are required to behave decently in the workplace.
8Good News for Mankind from the Catholic Church: 80,000 Vatican Library manuscripts to be digitised for preservation. No word on terms of release as yet.
10Israelian is jailed for using his holy semen to seduce women
8Thanks to the birthers, it looks like there will be a legal tug-of-war in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election. On one side, Hawaii is about to pass a law denying multiple follow-up requests for the same piece of information -- i.e., original birth certificates. On the other side, Arizona -- in a move that several other red states will probably copy -- is about to pass a law requiring that their Secretary of State verify the birthplace of every candidate.
8Fetch the marshmallows.
3Pssst! Gordon! Next time you want to insult the voters, make sure your mike is off first.
5Supreme Court rules on the Mojave Cross, guess how.
4Ever wondered how a man who can go eight hours without shutting up would cope with a 140 character limit? Hugo Chavez joins Twitter...
14Remember, the government of fundamentalism must be small enough to fit in your uterus and force you to watch ultrasounds of your fetus before having an abortion. In addition, a doctor doesn't have to tell you that the fetus has a birth defect. This is in the interest of women "being able to make informed decisions".
9Well, I'll be damned - Tea Partiers are racists, says a new study. Wow! Who knew?!
4Search for Genes Leads to Unexpected Places Deep Homology.
8We have met the enemy, and he is PowerPoint.
3So maybe John Hinckley will find a better way of impressing Jodie Foster.
1BoobQuake suffers an unfortunate coincidence.
3Remember that Seinfeld episode when George hit a squirrel with his car and his girlfriend made him rehabilitate it? Yeah, that's kind of real (EXTREME CUTENESS WARNING)
11Is that a biscuit under the sofa?
10Born again - virgins?
10In Lebanon, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
4Good riddance: Nazi, preacher, cult leader, child abuser and Pinochetista torturer Paul Schäfer dies in Chilean prison.
5That sure is a purty picture. Reckon there's some of that there physics attached to it as well.
10US Air Force launches its first "space plane" although its actual purpose remains classified - i.e., watch out for an increase in earthquakes over the next few weeks. or something.
7You might not be able to pronounce "Eyjafjallajökull," but you can't deny it's given us some very pretty pictures.
2Well this ended a lot less bloodily than the last fight over Okinothing
9Canadian climate change scientist fights back against National Post claims that he's a shill out for government grants.
13The greatest threat to science education? It's not IDers - it's school principals without backbones.
8Atheist gets ASBO banning him from "carrying religiously offensive material in a public place".
9Billy Graham's boy disinvited by the Pentagon to it's National Day of Prayer activities after protests by Muslim service members.
11The Independent (UK) puts up adverts saying Rupert Murdoch won't decide this election. You will. Next afternoon James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks (News Corps's no. 2 and 3) camp out in The Indy's offices, demanding to see the editor.
10Arizona (motto:"God Enriches") becomes the "Birther" state
7What's the number one cause of pedophilia? Sexy kids.
6Quelle merde!
8This is not a threat, but a warning.
9Boo-fucking-hoo. Scott Roeder, the murderer of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller, wants out of jail because he's being mistreated in prison. (BTW: He started the paperwork for this appeal in February, a few days after his trial ended. He was convicted on 29 January and sentenced on 1 April.)
3Now clean air causes global warming, too.
10New research shows that "brain games" don't actually make you smarter, they just help you pass those tests; i.e., playing Brain Training will make you good at Brain Training in much the same way that playing GTA IV turns you into a violent killer makes you good at GTA IV.
9The US Geological Society publishes a new paper reaffirming its belief in anthropogenic global warming - "rising anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases have been an increasingly important contributor since the mid‐1800s and the major factor since the mid‐1900s" (Link is a PDF).
6Teabaggers are living in the past (and mostly over 45), while those crazy kids are down with socialism.
8To combat the surge in the polls for the Lib Dems, the Tories lurch back to the right, and back to 1983.
6Lets show how bad the Tory party is with some hard-hitting, witty satire on their posters and policies - or we can just look like guffawing idiots by scrawling the word "cunt" on David Cameron's head
2RIP Doroth Height, the kids in Tylertown, Mississippi could use you right about now.
9If you were born on Puerto Rico or know somebody who was, you may want to pay attention to this. Thanks to widespread identity theft, on 1 July 2010 the government of Puerto Rico will INVALIDATE EVERY BIRTH CERTIFICATE that it has ever issued.
-14Some people held a protest. At one some people were arrested, at another some weren't.note
6George Washington, president, statesman, non-returner of library books.
15The headline says it all: "Extramarital sex fuels earthquakes, warns Iran cleric."
7For God's sake: Obama isn't coming to take away your guns
16One story you probably won't see on CP's broken news. The USA is now being viewed more favourably by the rest of the world.
10Just because you're a crack baby, doesn't mean you can't succeed.
14More on the UK Election: Support for the Liberal Democrats sky rockets following the first live debate, we can't be having that now, can we?
6Do Christian groups on public college campuses have the right to discriminate against gays? Time to find out what the Supreme Court says.
8If you're on Twitter, be nice. The Library of Congress plans to archive all tweets.
12Eating black people is wrong. Apparently.
10Parents! Why not rent an ex-policedog to sniff out drugs in your teenager's bedroom?
9A Gwent police officer accidentally sent an excel spreadsheet containing full details of everyone who's applied for a CRB check (criminal records check - needed if you wish to work with children or vulnerable adults) since 2001 to The Register, an irreverent (and sometimes irrelevant) tech news site.
11David Cameron's "40 year old black man who served in the army for 30 years" speaks out.
1Skillcraft US Government Issue Pens are really that good (also buying them helps to support the blind).
4Infiltration of the Tax Day teabagger protests was a resounding success!!!
119 myths about Socialism in the United States.
3Quantico blocks Fox. Now to get everyone else to do the same.
6"Click here to acknowledge you have read and accept the terms and conditions" - 88% of customers unwittingly sell their immortal soul to GameStation
5Gay swans are expecting babies!
9A federal judge has found that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.
5A meteor is seen over Wisconsin and Iowa, rattling windows at ground level.
3I'm in the hi-fidelity / First class traveling set / And I think I need a Lear jet.
2Certainly interesting. Unfortunately tragic.
13We'll be Singhing when we're winning: The British Chiropractic Association drops its case against Simon Singh. Singh also says he will pursue them for his £100,000+ costs. And all this in Chiropractic Awareness Week.
-2Yet another gay Christian. When are the rest of them finally going to admit the same thing?
2Bush nostalgia or does Obama just suck that much?
1Zimbabwe, home to over 12 million people and believed to have an unemployment rate of over 90%, has the death penalty - but nobody wants the job of hangman.
0Britain's Ministry of Defence conducted germ warfare tests on millions of Brits between 1940 and 1979.
4The independent enquiry into climategate concludes: No malpractice or conspiracy whatsoever. The Daily Mail on the other hand, is having none of it, focusing entirely on the criticisms of statistics and with the words "whitewash" appearing several times in the comments at least.
3Shocking news from the world of mushroom farming.
12Expelled with a goatee: Old Testament scholar "resigns" from seminary for endorsing evolution. "If the data is overwhelmingly in favor of evolution, to deny that reality will make us a cult." So it seems.
-2More teabagging shenanigans as a teabagging teacher uses his school district email account to organize a teabagging protest.
0Don't these idiots know that pride is a sin and only gays can be proud of their sexuality?
10Oh yeah, this will end well.
8Easily preventable conditions in children like tooth decay, obesity and passive smoking damage are reaching epidemic levels say Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
9 No Governor. Gay people know that children aren't puppies. Teenagers are the ones you're looking for.
3If you're going to kill someone as a Wiccan sacrifice, you probably shouldn't make it so obvious. [/sarcasm]
21The Sunday Times: "Richard Dawkins intends to arrest the Pope.". Richard Dawkins: "Come again?"
9"Even after death, abuse against gays continues".
-6Peaceniks move on to supporting juvenile delinquency.
8Wearing fakes turns you into a faker.
6Business executives take acting lessons. (The most important thing in acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made.)
11Probably the best strike in the world?
14A new great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-ok, you get the point - grandmommy found
8So, you're the British army, and you're fighting in Afghanistan. What do you put in your English firing range for realistic target practice? A Taliban camp? A roadside bomb? How about a mosque?
8The Germans are well-known as sticklers for precise measurements. Too bad they've been getting the length of their biggest river wrong. By 90 kilometres. For the last 50 years.
8Krazy Kon '10
6This is what happens when you put a Randroid in charge of the Fed
4Hail Mary! gOD's mommy's coming back!
9In the Civil War Virginians fought for the states' right to do what Governor McDonnell?
12In the US, the future of net neutrality is now in doubt.
12Thanks to a triple whammy of Soviet era irrigation projects, global warming and population growth, the world's fourth-largest lake is 90 percent dry.
15The UK General Election has been announced for May 6th.
41Developing story: Wikileaks has released a 2007 gunsight camera video showing two Reuters journalists being killed by a US Apache helicopter crew. Roughly a dozen died, most unidentified Iraqi citizens, including some who arrived in a van and attempted to help one of the journalists escape the scene. The only known survivors were two children, wounded when the helicopter destroyed the van during the rescue attempt. Currently reporting indicates that the exact details of the incident were covered up, even after Reuters submitted a FOIA request and received documentation about the incident. The video and Wikileak's account can be found at collateralmurder.com, and you are urged to follow the story in your favored media outlets.
10Australian wazzocks at their best
3Tests of the U.S earthquake bomb continue, this time triggering a 7.2 on the U.S - Mexico border.
7After running into trouble with its Christmas bill board, St Matthews in the City church has another crack at it.
17The Climategate report is in - and shows no fraud. The deniers' Dover moment?
6Dying? That light at the end of the tunnel isn't Heaven, it's a chemical-neurological event.
11The British National Party even hate each other.
14 Seffrican racist leader and alleged human being Eugene Terre'Blanche beaten to death. But there's no link to the ANC's "Kill the Boer" song.
5Guardians of the Free Republics (their site) send letters to 30 governors demanding they resign within 3 days.
1Did Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson forgot to say "April Fools"? Did the term "tipping point" confuse him? Or he really is afraid that Guam might tip over?
11The Westboro Baptist Church decide to picket Jewish institutions and Bay Area High Schools. The result; Booya!
10The former Parliament speaker, Lord Martin, defends current UK libel laws and is against the change brought about by the Simon Singh case. The same Lord Martin who used those laws and £21,568 of public money to defend against negative press back in 2007.
7 Pirate skiff vs. Oliver Hazard Perry Class destroyer, who do you think won?
19Simon Singh wins a landmark victory against the British Chiropractic Association and is allowed to use the defence of "fair comment" in his statements. The BCA maintain that "their reputation was damaged" in the incident, which is very true, just not in the way they think.
3Tired of friends not having benefits? Get a sex robot for $7000!