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Gary Null Speaking Out Against Mandatory Vaccination in NYC circa 2009
Not to be confused with the concept of null hypothesis, which Mr Null clearly doesn't understand and would have no truck with if he did.
Against allopathy
Alternative medicine
Clinically unproven

Gary Null ("Ph.D."), is an alleged researcher, nutritionist, herbalist, political activist, and proud bearer of a great haircut. In his practice as a nutritionist he believes, among other things, that nutrition contributes significantly to overall health and well-being. This is simple common sense, but Null's practices and his brand of supplements are a step beyond this.

He believes that most of the ideas commonly held by Western medicine, such as treating illness with medication, are contrary to good health and that Western medicine attempts to treat symptoms, not the actual cause of the condition. He promotes and markets a variety of foods, herbs, supplements, fad diets, and various other forms of woo that he claims to be able to cure and prevent many illnesses. His methods and suggestions are labelled "dubious at best" by most of the leading authorities and research bodies into arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.[1]

He cites "experts" who assert that chemtrails are real. He rails against the "mainstream media" and Wikipedia for "ignoring" and "suppressing" his idea of "truth".

In 2019, a radio guest insisted that cancer is "a disease of the cytoplasm" and has no genetic component whatsoever, misapplying an old observation that when exchanging nuclei between a cancer cell and a healthy cell, sometimes the cancer cell remains cancerous and the healthy cell continues to appear healthy. Instead of contradicting the guest, Null changed the subject.

Duckhead.gif Quackwatch says: [1]
Null is prone to see conspiracies behind many of the things he is concerned about. One of his targets has been the pharmaceutical industry, which, he says, "cannot afford to have an alternative therapy accepted." He promotes hundreds of ideas that are inaccurate, unscientific, and/or unproven. He calls fluoridation "deadly" and has spoken out against immunization, food irradiation, amalgam fillings, and many forms of proven medical treatment.


He is the author of many, many, many books, with titles such as 7 Steps to Overcoming African-American Health Problems, 7 Steps to Overcoming Arthritis and Back Pain (because thumbing through a fiddly book is going to be easy with chronic arthritis), and AIDS: A Second Opinion (which seems to attempt to refute pretty much everything known about AIDS).[2]


Null claims a PhD in "Interdisciplinary Studies" (thesis title: "A Study of Psychological and Physiological Effects of Caffeine on Human Health") from Union Institute & University, a correspondence college. Union Institute & University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission,[3] but only offers doctorate degrees specializing in education, leadership, humanities, and public policy.[4]


What does it profit us to honor science in NovaWikipedia, only to open the door to quacks and charlatans?
—Ervin Duggan, president of the Public Broadcasting Service, reflecting on the presence of Gary Null on PBS pledge drives, in 1999.[5]

Gary Null has been active on radio and television for many years. He has appeared on PBS and Pacifica Radio outlets, especially during fundraisers. He founded the Progressive Radio Network webcast in 2006 to, in part, peddle woo. On 16 October 2009 "Dr" Null organised a rally against vaccination in New Jersey in response to NJ mandating the flu vaccine.[6]

According to science writer Kurt Butler:

Name any crackpot alternative medicine treatment, from homeopathy, mega-vitamins, and mega-enemas to catalyst-activated water, hyperbaric oxygen, germanium, and electromagnetic pulsation devices, and Gary Null is all for it. On the other hand, he rails against science-based cancer treatments and vaccinations of all kinds. Null peddles his own line of supplements with fraudulent claims about them. He says we should all fast up to six weeks at a time at least once each year. But you don't have to know the details of all his wild claims to see the depths of his nuttiness. You need only hear his maniacal cackle to know something is seriously amiss with his mind.[7]

Null also writes frequently for Globalresearch.[8]

In an unsurprising example of crank magnetism, Null appeared in Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, a "documentary" produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a front group of the Church of Scientology.[9]

I liked it so much, it nearly killed me[edit]

Null (as well as six other consumers) nearly died from overdosing on Vitamin D from eating his own branded "Ultimate Power Meal" twice a day. He claims that the supplement contained much more vitamin D than reported on the label, which is a plausible explanation. He was reported in 2010 to be suing the company making the product for him.[10][11]

Fruits of labor[edit]

Null's profitable supplement business has afforded him with a luxurious estate in Florida where he keeps monkeys and other exotic animals.[12][13]

Attempts to block critical domain names?[edit]

In June 2018, Gary Null & Associates, Inc. of New York registered the domains ""[14] and "".[15] Lamely, as of August 2019, both websites serve a parking page from bluehost which consists of links to unrelated health-woo and a fake search box that serves only ads.

The predicktable boner-potion[edit]

Here's video of Gary Null suggesting he can make men "rock hard", (and not just gay gerontophiles).

Null jargon[edit]

Null peppers hypnogogic readings of his essays with buzzwords and clusters of buzzwords, as if stating his foregone conclusions and accusations within accusations with amplified words equals credibility. Some of the jargon he uses includes:

  • arguably one of America's finest and most ethical ___
  • bow in obeisance
  • categorically fail to meet any gold standard
  • coercive vaccine mandates
  • complicit
  • damning
  • deceitful narratives
  • dishonest marketing stunt of garbage in, garbage out
  • doctors-for-hire
  • draconian vaccine mandates
  • financial boons for drug makers
  • handlers
  • hubris, platitudes, and indifference
  • large swathes of clinical and laboratory research
  • mainstream journalists
  • mainstream media
  • marching orders
  • myths, facade and misinformation
  • new media face for 21st century fascism
  • Nuremberg Doctor Trials
  • obstruction of justice, perjury before Congress, and massive cover ups
  • our entire corporate mainstream media
  • paid-off politicians
  • parroting
  • pundit
  • rapid degeneration of American journalism
  • serial liar
  • sloppy and unfounded one-size-fits-all model
  • soulless, ideologically driven mouthpiece for the corporate elite
  • system that values profit higher than health
  • pharmaceutical giants
  • willing supplicants and true believers
  • unscientific bureaucrats

Null apparently mispronounces glyphosate, calling it "glyphosphate" (sic).

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