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September 2012[edit]

63California bans reparative therapy for minors.
10Not a spoof: The official UK "back to Church for Christmas" campaign from ChurchAds, funded by most of the major denominations. "He cries. He wees. He saves the world."
18Fetch..... the comfy chair!
18From the desk of Curiosity: Looks like water used to flow on Mars, guys.
11The last Western detainee is out of Guantanamo: Supreme Court of Canada confirms terrorist Omar Khadr was tortured and he will serve his prison sentence in Canuckistan. Ignorant commenters: "Leftist sheeple! Not in my backyard! WAAAAAAAHHHHH"
22What is this, the tenth time now? UPDATE: The story is pulled and replaced with funny Engrish. UPDATE II: Start the slow clap.
32ABC still does good journalism.
15Man offers $65 million reward to any man who can seduce his lesbian daughter.
9Nativists on a Canadian panel on immigration get the boot.
-4The short national nightmare is over. Now gawk at Ed Hochuli's guns.
20This is some interesting shit right here, and I don't mean the colonic bullshit.
14Summon the tellers of end times.
33"'Space,' it says, 'is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is.'"
8Some replacement NFL referees were rejected from what basically amounts to really softcore porn.
5Apart from the truth, neither lockouts nor analogies are his strong suits.
15Republicans look for proof of widespread vote fraud in order to justify the draconian voter ID laws they're backing, and find next to none.
10Farewell, Wente. (If you don't know who the twit is)
22 Holy God. The Romney Unit was very, very worried about his wife's plane making a forced landing due to smoke in the cabin. Why not open a window, asks the Republican scientific genius. You couldn't make this shit up.
36The NY Times headline reads: "Romney Blames Obama for His Campaign Challenges". There is nothing I could possibly add which would make that more hilarious.
40Intel ends support of Boy Scouts of America due to discriminatory policies.
14Look oh ye Canadians and despair, for the beast is nigh!
10Is Zimbabwe getting its tips from South Park?
26Libyans in Benghazi decide it's time to kick some Ansar al-Shariah ass.
16How to restore a mummy? Lego, motherfucker.
55According to Rick Perry, "Satan runs wild across the world," and the separation of Church and State is hence Satan's fault.
66 At least one US ally has had enough - The Australian Deputy Prime Minister declares that "cranks and crazies" have taken over the US Republican party. Update: the Prime Minister is backing him.
8At least Romney didn't take this approach with the NAACP.
15Mittens - take note. Proceeds from the single are to go to charity. No - seriously.
11We develop and provide business-focussed antivirus software; how badly can we fuck up? - Whoops!
30The repeal of DADT is one year old and, guess what, the US military hasn't imploded.
36The Lenski papers are published. ArsTechnica provides commentary.
32Chik-Fil-A likes money more than it hates gays. Update: Whoops, busted raising money for anti-gay groups again.
11Quelle suprise.
20Senior member of German Pirate Party really doesn't like people sharing her book.
4NHS's NICE considers acupuncture "effective for the prevention of both tension-type and migraine-type headaches"
13French satirical magazine publishes obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. What could possibly go wrong?
20A fourth century piece of papyrus is found that is the earliest known reference to Jesus having a wife.
21Non-religious people make up the largest group in the latest survey of UK religious attitudes.
54Another week, another Romney gaffe. And the shit just keeps on flowing.
9Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. No, not tortoises - balls on Mars.
50Sometimes you can't make this shit up: Rick Santorum Says "Smart People Will Never Be On Our Side"
10No shit? Researchers (in Australia) find those who believe in superstition/wishful thinking tend to live unhealthful lifestyles. Listen up, certain people who don't like science.
2The Cuban Missile Sino-Fishing Crisis. [1] If this is how WWIII starts...
5How things change. Portuguese citizens flee their economic crisis to Angola, a former colony, pushing up prices, depressing wages, and causing resentment. [2]
18Assange may be right after all.
28Cash-strapped Spanish cities consider taxing the Catholic Church.
24Welcome to the 21st century, Canada.
20Good To Know Dept.: I, and everyone I know, are proud members of the working classes, and despite our delusions of grandeur,not a one of us is 'Middle Class'. Thanks for clarifying Mitt!
3Possibly something we already knew: A study finds that presidents are a lot like psychopaths.
33"Science requires faith because you can't see atoms!" Oh yeah?
8Protestors in Tripoli, Lebanon (not Libya) are so angry about the Muhammed film and/or the Pope that they set fire to a KFC.
16Someone doesn't know how to use Twitter.
16Hurray! Mouthfoamer Glenn Beck is back on TV!
25How did Godlike Productions miss this conspiracy? Probably because it actually was one. An unsafe stadium put people’s lives at risk, incompetent police and ambulance service resulted in 96 deaths. What to do? Blame the victims: feed lies to the press and falsify evidence.
35Luckiest bastard on the planet.
-9So, Apple released a new something or whatever. It's got more megabits and stuff. Context: Fake Steve Jobs says the iPhone (and Apple) has gotten stagnant.
25Muslim fanatics in Libya storm an U.S. consulate and murder an ambassador in revenge for somebody posting a movie on the Internet. What was the reaction of the Vatican representative in Libya? "What has happened is terrible, but we need to avoid offending the people's religious sensibility." Update: And Romney has proven again to be a total asshole., while thousands of Libyans prove they are not.
8First shitting on the Olympics, now on 9/11: NBC thinks the Kardashians are more relevant.
-1I asked for a holodeck! Well... Close enough.
4Wanna get out of jury duty? Claiming to be a homophobic racist is a step above soiling yourself during selection!
5♫…flash, bang, wallop, what a picture; What a picture, what a photograph…♫ You can even stick it in your family album, if that floats your boat, but it's probably better to get your 'scopes out.
14The Pennsylvania judge who upheld the restrictive voter ID law may have unwittingly doomed the case. To support his decision, he cited heavily from an 1869 court case upholding a more restrictive law designed specifically to deny voting rights to impoverished immigrants in Philadelphia while allowing the same rights for poor people (men) elsewhere in the state.
5615% of Ohio Republicans believe Romney killed bin Laden.[No, not The Onion]
30So, who hates small businesses now?
5The Black Death returns!
1German Jews and Muslims protest together against the court ruling that prevents circumcision.
22Scientists are uncertain about uncertainty
26Fox goes to yet another new low.
18So much for that whole "Religious Freedom" thing.
-29Obama's speech to the DNC buys him less than 12 hours of momentum.
32Educating our children is a slippery slope because... the Holocaust happened?
13The toll of NCLB.
15Headline of the Year.
12"But let's be clear, it is an ad." Well thanks for your honesty there!
12Louisiana school class of '73 desegregates its reunion, but not the reception.
41So, the UK now has a Health Minister who thinks homeopathy works, an Equality Minister who simply couldn't care less about gay people and a Minister for Transport who once ran over a cyclist. Fuck yeah!
31How deep is Paul Ryan's opposition to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare? Less than nine months after it was signed into law, he went begging to the Obama administration to send some ACA funds to help build a new clinic in his district. That's how deep his opposition is to . . . Wait, what?
14Now we're talking. A hacker group has (supposedly) accessed the entirety of Mittens' tax returns and are prepared to release them by the end of the month. The catch? They want Bitcoins. Lots of them.
15An Australian general practitioner -- who is also a member of a radical Christian sect called the Exclusive Brethren -- is banned from practicing medicine for using a particularly nasty form of reparative therapy on a gay teen -- chemical castration.
15Mars disowns deep-fried Mars Bars because they are counter to their "healthy" image.
4International poverty-fighting organisation Save the Children starts a fund for the hungry children of Britain.
4Ethnic violence at a political rally... In Canada.
22So, some guy wanted life sentences for women who have abortions. Is anyone surprised by this shit any more?
31Don't forget to renew your domain name.
10Four UK Christians take their 'beliefs' work dismissal cases to European Court. No surprises to find that the Christian Legal Centre are behind it.
11The Mounties continue to degenerate into Stephen Harper's personal Praetorean guard.
8Now you can get completely hammered Obama style!
25Mitt Romney, visiting Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, told a woman who was flooded out of her house that if she needed assistance, she should go home and dial 211 (community service). Then he asked Bobby Jindal where all that water came from.
9One for the freedom of speech debates: British man arrested for praising Breivik.
16Reverend Moon of the Unification Church is dead of pneumonia, aged 92.
11Desmond Tutu: Try Dubya and his British chihuahua already. Bliar: Saddam did ten times worse! The WMDs were always there! The Iraqi economy is doing so much better now! Please don't send me to The Hague. Please!
47"Catholic church 200 years behind the times" says dead cardinal.