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A Rick Renzi sockpuppet in the official congressional photo. Note fingers sticking up under the hair.

Rick Renzi was a Republican Congresscritter from Fairfax, Virginia formerly representing an Arizona congressional district he doesn't live in.

Little is known about much of his adult life; he did some kind of top-secret work for the Pentagon before running for Congress. He bought a house in Arizona in 2002 just before running for the seat, which he never moved into (instead his campaign staff used it for late night beer busts, earning numerous complaints to the police from neighbors); the house was foreclosed right after the election for non-payment. The whole time he and his family stayed in Fairfax except when he was in Arizona to campaign or schmooze with his "business partners". After buying the seat by flooding the district with attack ads paid for with funds he skimmed from his insurance company, he used his seat to pass legislation directly benefiting his business partners and family.

He is also a rabid anti-abortion fanatic who got into a fist fight on the House floor over stem cell research. He has 12 children whose names all begin with the letter "R".

The moral of the story is[edit]

On February 2, 2008 he was indicted on 35 federal counts of public corruption, money laundering and other charges. Surprise, surprise.

He was convicted on 17 of those counts in June 2013 and sentenced October 28, 2013.[1] He was pardoned by outgoing president Donald Trump.

Special bonus[edit]

Congressman Rick Renzi was caught live on C-SPAN necking and canoodling with Congresswoman Katherine Harris on the floor of Congress. Watch the two lovebirds in action here!


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