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Sagacious News Network

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In the age of information, Ignorance is a choice
—Official motto of the Sagacious News Network.

The Sagacious News Network is a conspiracy site that presents itself as an objective news source, but which is filled with items, some more informative than others, that have no purpose other than to make people extremely paranoid. It is especially popular among people that want to know more about narcissism, as the website has a few pages dedicated to finding narcissistic traits within a person and how to live with them. The owner is most well known for a reading of 1984.


The main purpose of this site is to be a news site and to inform people. It also does have a section with links to documents, websites and books the owner considers to be interesting and a page with quotes from people who suffered from narcissistic personality disorder.


The site presents itself as a news source that shows contemporary media that underscores the egregious intent that would remain unnoticed due to the manipulative tactics of corporate media. The site wants to show how every powerful organization in existence wants to call for a New World Order, with the United Nations as their front group. It also wants unveil step by step to an elevated perspective of the increasingly more disturbing world in which we live.

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