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Your Origins Matter is a conference[1] and blog[2] run by the Institute for Creation Research, beginning in June of 2012. The effort is directed by Lalo Gunther,[3] the ICR's Director of Online Community and Conference Ministries, who specialises in "Youth Ministry."[4]

2012 conference[edit]

The 2012 conference in Dallas, Texas, was held on June 2 at the local First Baptist Church.[1][5] The speakers were Henry Morris III, Jason Lisle, Nathaniel Jeanson, and Randy Guliuzza, along with former astronaut Colonel Jeffrey Williams. The latter individual was apparently involved only to give the event an aura of legitimacy, and to present pretty pictures, while other scholarly topics included the irreducible complexity of the cell and the design of the cosmos.[3]

Pre-con advertising included a June Acts & Facts magazine — the ICR's monthly newsletter — almost entirely devoted to the subject of the meeting,[6] and a bizarre video advertisement involving some kind of monkey doing creation-related "research" by briefly glancing at the covers of a number of evolution-related books before tossing them aside.[7]


Announced at the conference was a Your Origins Matter website,[2] adding to the ICR's growing multi-media empire. The blog was announced as a platform for "conversation" and "tools to dig deeper into the study of origins,"[3] though many posts consist simply of effectively regurgitated articles from Brian Thomas et al, modified for discussion purposes via the effective removal of the already limited science content. Videos, including interviews with ICR members, have been known to also appear.[8]

Information about the site's commenting policy can only be determined from the comments that do and do not get through: with increasingly rare exceptions, it's "sycophants only."

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