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Family Security Matters

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Family Security Matters is a conservative website affiliated with Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy. In their own words:

Our mission is to inform all Americans, men and women, about the issues surrounding national security; to address their fears about safety and security on a personal, family, community, national and international level; to highlight the connection between individual safety and a strong national defense; to increase civic participation and political responsibility; and to empower all Americans to become proactive defenders of our national security and community safety.[1]

They advocate the creation of more Guantanamo Bay-style prisons,[2] compared Islam to Nazism ,[3] and attack oversight of surveillance programs as dangerous.[4] FSM[5] depict Islam as a monolithic force at war with the West, and advocate the devotion of tremendous government and military resources to national defense without safeguards against abuse. Needless to say, they're also very big on wishing to secure the border.[6]

FSM publishes news and opinion pieces with a particular focus on connecting terrorism to everyday safety threats. They achieved a level of prominence after publishing a now-removed essay by Philip Atkinson advocating the depopulation of Iraq for resettlement by American colonists and the elevation of then-President George W. Bush to President-for-life. The less sensational fare is still somewhat disturbing.

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