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Swiss People's Party

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Official bilingual logo of this hateful party. The green doesn't symbolize ecofascism but the color of the money from corporate interests ruralist politics.

The Swiss People's Party (German: Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP; French: Union démocratique du centre, UDC) is a nationalist political party in Switzerland disguised as a "conservative" populist party. Their party logo is a cutesy smiley sun but there's nothing sunny about this party. They won popularity in the 2003 election, and since then, have come under fire for their anti-immigration stances and racism.[1] They are largely responsible for numerous referenda that were blatantly xenophobic and racist, and they have worked to curtail immigration in Switzerland. Most notable of these referenda are a ban on minarets on mosques and an implementation of strict immigration quotas.[2]

While they insist that they are merely "anti-mass immigration", their posts are explicitly racist,[3] employing racist caricatures of blacks, Muslims, and Asians.[4] These posters, often strongly resembling Nazi propaganda, also insinuate a Jewish conspiracy and depict people who need government assistance as worms crawling over an apple or rats tearing open a wallet.

Gallery of hate[edit]

They're not even trying to hide their racism.

"Referendum of June 14th 2015
No special rights for foreigners!
Participation rules for Foreigners NO"
Hateful poster published on their Facebook page, which got them in legal trouble for inciting hatred and prejudice against Romanis.[5] The full title of the poster is "We say NO to transit spaces for foreign gypsies!".