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TFLism or True Forced Loneliness is a component of the incelosphere that is primarily active on YouTube. TFLer or TFList were the preferred aliases and autonyms of the incelosphere on Youtube in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The term was coined in 2008 by William Greathouse, a Youtuber by the name bill1224601 who also had a website called which subsequently became defunct.[1][2] Early TFLists were sometimes seen as controversial for expressing sympathy for George Sodini.[citation needed]


The TFL community began in 2008 when a few like-minded men found one another on forums. The mockery against TFLists started quite early by other androsphere-like communities.[3] The official TFL website was set up in 2009.[4]

It stands for True Forced Loneliness and was the preferred term for incels to describe themselves on Youtube from 2008 until about 2016. From 2018 onwards the term "incel" seems to have replaced "TFL", probably because TFL is not a direct orthonym of the concept "involuntary celibacy".[5][6]

bill1224601, a major figurehead in the vlogging TFL community, has seemingly deleted all his content, his website and vlogs. However, the term TFL continues to be used and the Youtuber with the highest view count on the topic of TFL is Youtuber LFA, whose video titled "True Forced Loneliness" clocked roughly 100,000 views as of February 2019[7]. Another Youtuber with numerous videos about TFL is the MGTOW activist Sandman.[8]

Other autonyms that lazy incels felt were too lengthy to type out include "love-shy" and "involuntary celibate", which like the similarly lengthy "true forced loneliness" are dionysms (consisting of two or more words). However, gradually from the mid 2010s onwards, the much shorter term "inceldom" has become the default autonym for people whose attention span begins faltering when typing a self-description that is more than 5 syllables long. One of the reasons that the term "incel" has replaced TFL and other synonyms is because it becomes a aptonym (word that aptly describes another thing) when you consider that the word "incel" sounds like "in cell" (conjured images of a penitentiary).[9]



Some other notable TFLists besides William Greathouse from the 2000s decade include Steve Hoca and Dwayne Holloway. These old-timers are no longer active. Non-notable TFLists from this decade include Oreo Man, who also went by the handle SavvyGuy.


The major TFList vloggers of the 2010s decade are Hell by the Dashboard Light, BigBossCalvin83, HeedandSucceed and Kickspassion.


There are also a set of highly controversial TFLists. The main reason that the TFList Baraka Tivo is controversial is because he comitted suicide in 2018 after lengthy complaints about experiencing rejection. His alternative name was Baraka McKray. Another controversial fiure whom TFLists are sometimes accused of revering is George Sodini, who committed the 2009 Collier Township shooting.

"We are not incel"[edit]

Despite the fact that the concept is clearly about inceldom, i.e. involuntary celibacy, the mission statement on their website for some reason claims this is not the case: "True Forced Loneliness is not about “Involuntary Celibacy” or the desire to get sex or laid."[10]

Distinguishers from inceldom[edit]

Distinguishing qualities[11]:

  • One could recognize TFLists by their over-usage of terms such as oxytocin, or the reverse, oxytocinlessness.
  • TFLists sometimes promote legalizing the "mail order bride", which their former website defined as "Eastern European women who want a man with money and US citizenship – some TFL suffers try and resort to."
  • The concept of "Chad" and blackpilled biological determinism which seems to have developed in the mid-2010s English incelosphere seems to have had roots in TFL, with a line in their glossary stating "SOCIAL DARWINISM – Darwinism of society. Survival, acceptance and success of the ‘fitest’. The irony here is that the fittest are the least fit in terms of higher evolutionary attributes such as empathy and true-Love."
  • TFLists seem to be mid-way between "nice guys" and incels, especially when you consider their "opposite world" concept.

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