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Taboo is a restriction of behavior that is deemed extremely socially unacceptable and profane in a society. Taboos exist in every society and when broken, cause people to lose their fucking minds.[1]

Word origin[edit]

The word entered the English language (and many other languages) from the Tongan language. In Tongan, it means "sacred".[2] The word tabu (and its variants) is common in Austronesian languagesWikipedia which mostly stretch from parts of southeast Asia across the Pacific Ocean. In some Austronesian languages, tabu can have somewhat different meanings, for example referring to particular family relations with whom one has restrictive behavioral relations,[3] or referring to a highly-valued unit of traditional currency.[4]

The purpose[edit]

Taboos exist to give people an excuse to get outraged about something maintain order in a society, as well as logical reasons. But overall, taboos are established because individuals are products of their environment and therefore feel pressures from others to conform.[5] In addition, "[s]ociety exists to maintain order, and taboos threaten that order".[5]

Science and logic are used to back up taboos:

While taboos are taken extremely seriously, past taboos seem outrageous in hindsight. This reflects how societal values have changed, and demonstrates just how arbitrary they can be.

Taboos around the world[edit]

Universal and near-universal taboos[edit]

  • PaedophiliaThe left movement a notorious rag in the UK says otherwise. No, seriously
  • Cannibalism — Liking Campbell® chicken soup[citation NOT needed]
  • Homosexuality — Get with the times, grandpa.
  • Murder — Despite what Bible God tells us.
  • Baby loss — Because mothers needs a stigma to top off their depression from their loss.[6]
  • Necrophilia
  • Bestiality - If you can manipulate the authorities strong enough, you can make them believe that it is a genuine love affair… at least in Cambodia.[7]
  • Rape — In some jurisdictions, the rapist is free of charge if he decides to marry the victim.[8]
  • Incest[9] — Despite what pornhub has taught us,[citation NOT needed] it is historically a firmly established taboo; however, this is changing in Europe[10] (which had a pretty long-standing tradition of incest amongst its royalty anyways). However, what exactly constitutes incest varies; for example, first-cousin sex is illegal in some jurisdictions and completely normal in others.


This is how you give someone in the Victorian Era a heart attack — her shoulders are clearly showing!


  • Naming tabooWikipedia — A Chinese taboo of writing the name of exalted members such as emperors. This seems more of a way to establish superiority to plebs than anything.
  • "Flipping a cooked fish" — we can't make this shit up[12]


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  • Not following dumb business customs.[13]
  • Saying a private part by its actual name; it can even result in an obscenity charge.[14]
  • Not eating in specified locations.[14]
  • Blowing your nose.[14]