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This is weird, why is the URL of the website described so similar to the word "gabbaiWikipedia"?-- (talk) 00:19, 5 March 2018 (UTC)

Gab claims porn is "not free speech"[edit]

Gab recently posted on their twitter account trying to promote their shitshow as being "pro-free speech" while claiming banning porn on there is a good thing. I think it should be worth a mention on here to highlight their idiocracy. I'd like to show the exact tweet but I'm currently on a restricted environment that blocks twitter. RockfordRoe (talk) 14:56, 16 December 2019 (UTC)

The Death of Alternate Media[edit]

People are happy that Paypal booted this service. Seems like a bad precedent — Unsigned, by: TheDarkMaster2 / talk / contribs

Concern Troll --It's-a me, Lgm sigpic.png LeftyGreenMario!(Mod) 17:35, 28 October 2018 (UTC)
Hey Dude you aren't aware that Gab isn't responsible for the actions of their users. Are you gonna blame Goggle for it's shooters?TheDarkMaster2 (talk) 13:01, 29 October 2018 (UTC)TheDarkMaster2
Gab's founder Andrew Torba has repeatedly advocated and promoted white supremacists (and other misc. xenophobes/bigots/etc.) and used the same common "language" and buzzwords popular with their neo-nazi wannabe ilk and was famously kicked off Y Combinator (a website for startup companies) for calling everyone "cucks." When you specifically court, promote, encourage and give a platform for that type of content then yeah, you are responsible for it. These are the same people always talking about personal responsibility but don't want to accept their own aka "rules for thee, not for me." Not having PayPal isn't going to be the "death of alternate media." They can literally set up their own payment system and accept direct credit card payments/donations like literally the majority of the commercial internet already does. Hell, they could even make up their own online payment system for white supremecaists and neo-nazis and call it "HateBuddy" or some shit. Alternate Media saved! Whew! -- (talk) 09:44, 11 November 2018 (UTC)
It must make you feel good to have everyone you disagree with censored. Oh no someone criticized non white males. They must be a bigot! If you don't believe in free speech for them then you don't believe in it for anyone. Alternative Media is always better than mainstream media. They vile fiends are using this as an ecuse to censor gab. You really think these people give a dam about some jepeople getting shot? As ifTheDarkMaster2 (talk) 15:53, 24 November 2018 (UTC)
@TheDarkMaster2 No, Mr. Pedophile, AM is not always better than MSM. This is because MSM is basically any form of media with a large enough audience and impact. For example Fox News is MSM, given their audience size, ratings, coverage, and impact. On the other hand, is AM, yet I would argue that the former is of a higher quality than the latter. ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 16:03, 24 November 2018 (UTC)
Further, we censor people all the time, yet think nothing of it. Is silencing a screaming child in a public store acceptable? Why can't we simply threaten each other with murder or rape? Do the spambots that post here have a right to speak their minds? What about the vandals who deface articles for childish giggles? Is reverting their drivel appropriate? I'm not asking if such actions are censorship because they are, in fact, censorship. Your inability, Mr. Pedophile , to understand whether censorship can be justified on the grounds that certain behavior is unacceptable and/or harmful does not change the fact that censoring such behavior actually helps people in the long run. I contend that holding people to a reasonable standard of behavior and enforcing that standard is not, in fact, immoral, as you seem to believe it is. ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 17:05, 24 November 2018 (UTC)


Sometime in 2019, Andrew Torba, creator of Gab, introduced an extension that allows people to comment on different websites, with the same alt-right audience that Gab attracts. Should it be a new section on the Gab page, or its own article? Magic Master (talk) 22:46, 29 July 2019 (UTC)


Did Mastodon co-operate with Gab, or did Gab fork the software without their involvement? If the latter, it probably shouldn't be described as a "joint project". Graham Clark (talk) 06:41, 10 September 2019 (UTC)

As far as I can find out, Mastodon didn't have anything to do with Gab other than providing open resources which Gab now use.[1] Mastodon has released a statement saying they "do not approve" of Gab using Mastodon.[2] --Annanoon (talk) 15:27, 16 December 2019 (UTC)