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Michael Coombs

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Michael Coombs
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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I'm a far-right extremist.
—Mikemikev describing his politics

Michael Coombs (online pseudonym: Mikemikev[1]) is a neo-Nazi, white supremacist internet troll and conspiracy theorist from the UK who supports the far-right British National Party and its anti-Islam offshoot Britain First. He administrates the alt-right wiki Rightpedia, where he writes defamatory hit-piece articles on his political enemies such as liberals and Jewish people. Most disturbingly he supports violence against ethnic minorities; a member of the extremist website Daily Stormer he said he is "sad that not advocating violence has to be the official position of this site"[2] and has posted he wishes for the MP David Lammy to be shot, like Jo Cox.[3][4] Mikemikev wants to establish a white ethnostate and opposes non-white immigration.

He has been banned from nearly every online forum or wiki he has joined and posted on for trolling, sockpuppetry, and flame wars: ScienceForums,[5] Wikipedia,[6] Anthroscape,[7] Political Forum,[8] Stumble Inn,[9] Metapedia,[10] Sci Forums,[11] Encyclopædia Dramatica,[12] Open Psych,[13] RationalWiki,[14] The Phora,[15] The Beer Barrel,[16] MootSF,[17] Kiwi Farms/Lolcow Wiki, The Right Stuff,[18] and The Goyim Know[19] have all banned, or blocked him. Mikemikev is widely considered a "lolcow": even Kiwi Farms can't stand him, where he has a 700+ page thread that discusses his internet antics.[20][note 1]

Although more infamous online for racism, Mikemikev has made a number of deranged internet posts that support paedophilia, child murder and rape,[21] as well as various conspiracy theories. In his defence he has since claimed his comments about murdering innocent children and gang-raping women were a "joke", to be as provocative and cause as much offence as possible, meaning he admits to being a troll. His online trolling and sockpuppetry is now monitored by the SPLC who describe him as a "white nationalist sockpupeteer" having created hundreds of sockpuppets on Wikipedia to vandalise articles on race and post anti-Semitism.[22] Although banned from the satirical wiki Encylopedia Dramatica, Michael still posts on their forum and spends up to 12 hours a day posting nonsense in their chat box.[23] The ED forum is the only place that tolerates Mikemikev's trolling for amusement.[note 2]

In 2018, Michael became a supporter of the anti-Islam party For Britain and he has increasingly been posting more extreme Islamophobia.[24] In contrast to crypto-Nazis who try to hide their racism for academic respectability like Emil Kirkegaard, Michael is openly a far-right extremist, fascist and white supremacist in the style of 4chan-trolls and Daily Stormer.[25] The latter has made Mikemikev very divisive and unpopular among those who have right-wing populist views because they consider his racist trolling as counter-productive, hence he's been described by right-wing critics as a "shill", "agent provocateur" or "ANTIFA spy" who is trying to discredit white nationalist and anti-immigration groups by turning the public away from them.[26][27][28][29]

In April 2018, an investigation into anti-Semitism on Twitter, found Mikemikev to be one "of the most active hard-line British anti-Semites".[30]


Michael Coombs CV photo

Mikemikev was born Michael Coombs on 2/8/1978 in Cardiff, Wales and is 39 years old. He attended Mary Immaculate High School, Cardiff (1989-1994), St. David's 6th Form College, Cardiff (1994–1996) and the University of Sussex, England (2001-2004) where he studied BA Artificial Intelligence.[31] Later, he was a postgraduate student at University College London (2009-2010), receiving an MA in Translation Theory and Practice.

Neither Michael's parents Lorraine Coombs and Steve Coombs (who are mentioned in a Welsh newspaper article[32]) share his neo-Nazi and racist views.[33]

Curriculum Vitae[edit]

In a CV he uploaded in 2016, he mentions:

I am a British man aged 37 based in London. I have a BA in AI (Sussex) where I worked on Japanese/English automatic translation and took an MA (UCL) in translation. I worked in Korea for 4 years, including checking translations for Samsung with SDL Translation company, and private tutoring English, where I helped students succeed with IELTS and enter British universities. I can teach one-to-one or groups, for the low price of only £10 per hour. The low price reflects my pleasure in teaching, rather than low quality. I have a wide range of the best current teaching materials, books and audio, we can use.[34]

For a racist who opposes non-white immigration, Mikemikev is ironically an internationalist and globalist having lived as an immigrant himself in East Asian countries, once working as a translator for a mobile phone company in South Korea, as well as living in both Wales and England (the latter as a migrant), private tutoring foreign students. In 2007-2008 he lived in China, working at North China Electric Power University, Funful Primary and Kindergarten in Shenzhen and Sear Rogers International School, Hong Kong. In 2009 he briefly returned to England and while taking his MA, he worked for 6 months as a research assistant in psychology at the University of London. From 2011-2015 he lived in Seoul, South Korea, before returning again to England sometime in 2016 or early 2017, listing his location as London on his Stormfront account; in November 2017 he said he was back in Cardiff, Wales, but a more recent IP he was using traces to Titchfield, England.[35][36] When later questioned by someone about his experiences in China and Korea, Michael said he disliked both and was pleased to be back in UK; he has also described his bad accommodation at a Chinese university:

Michael Coombs, an English teacher from the UK who was employed by the university, was disappointed to find that he was not given the three room apartment with all facilities he was promised. Instead, he was placed in foreign students accommodation. Living conditions included: One room; No hot water until 18:00; Absolutely no guests allowed except from 16:00 until 22:00, and then only two guests maximum; Main doors locked at 11:00 with no exit/entrance for residents until 06:00, any attempt met with abuse by the night watchman; A small kitchen shared with many students, from which food was consistently stolen; Improperly fitted windows and doors resulting in coldness and mosquitoes. He was told throughout the four months he was there that he would moved to the three room apartment with all facilities soon. Eventually he resigned.[37]

Arguably Mikemikev lives a double life, since his employers, work associates and students he tutors have no idea about his internet activities, nor his extreme racist and anti-Semitic views. It is known that after a sleuth on Kiwi Farms contacted a female named Ellasy Lee, who had met Michael Coombs in London — he does not mention or promote his neo-Nazi and white supremacist views outside the internet in the real world, meaning he is a keyboard warrior i.e. a person who behaves aggressively and/or in an inflammatory manner online, but at the same time does not behave similarly in real life, potentially due to cowardice, introversion, shyness or the fact he knows he could lose his job and career if he voiced his far-right political views in his workplace:

Ella also confirmed Mikemikev mentioned nothing to her about his racial views in real life, and she is shocked to discover what he has been posting online. In other words, Mikemikev as a white supremacist is an internet persona. He mentions nothing about it in the real world. It's a keyboard fantasy world for him.[38]

The Science of The Young Ones: Priming[edit]

In September 2010, Mikemikev then 32 years old appeared on the BBC documentary The Science of The Young Ones and took part in a psychology experiment, a replication of Bargh, Chen & Burrows' (1996) motor priming. The experiment is on YouTube; Michael is introduced in the video after 2 minutes. The producers of the programme had not background-checked Mikemikev, who was banned from Wikipedia for racist views and disrupting articles on race and intelligence a month prior to appearing on the documentary.[39]

Racism and anti-Semitism[edit]

Black people[edit]

Mikemikev posts crude racism online against black people, for example describing them as "small minded tribal apes" with "low IQs" and advocates violence against them:

Right. Niggers always behave like this. It's nothing to do with recent American incidents. London niggers did the same in 2011 over Mark Duggan. Niggers only "oppose racism" to get more gibs from YT. In reality they're the most small minded tribal apes around.[3]
I think that the negro unfortunately did not evolve towards suitability for a modern technical civilisation.[40]
Niggers have colonised London.[3]
I'm racist because black people have low IQs.[41]
Negroes are ugly.[42]
London: Nigger riots defended by Nigger MP (imagine my shock). I long for the day when they use live ammo on these clowns.[3]

The black MP Mikemikev wishes to be shot is David LammyWikipedia's W.svg, who he has also trolled on Twitter.[43]

Jews and Hitler[edit]

Frogs and swastikas
Icon altright.svg
Hitler wannabes
Their loud fanboys
Rebuilding racism

Mikemikev dislikes Jewish people to the extent he blames them for everything he considers bad:

Are you denying there's a massive overrepresentation of Jews in eg. media corporation control, Boasian anthropology, finance and the federal reserve, etc. etc.? And that they push false views which have the result of declining White existence?[44]
Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique". It basically lists all of the bullshit from lying kikes that has ruined White countries over the last 100 years.[45]
The greatest Mass Murderers in History of Man were Jews.[46]

His virulent anti-Semitism led him to become a neo-Nazi:

Filthy lying kikes. Hitler was right.[47]
What's wrong with Adolf Hitler?[48]

White supremacism[edit]

Posting at Stormfront, Mikemikev describes himself as a white supremacist:

"White Supremacism" means you think Whites are superior. I do too.[49]

Elsewhere, he calls himself a white nationalist.[50]


Mikemikev has said he became an alt-righter in 2009.[51] In August 2017, he supported the Unite the Right rally.[52]

Holocaust denial[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Holocaust denial

Mikemikev is a Holocaust denier who joins forums requesting evidence for the Holocaust, but ignores any evidence:[53]

I cannot find any good evidence that the Holocaust happened. Is there any?
...go ahead and present some good evidence and I will be happy to believe that the holocaust happened.

The above thread on Political Forum ran for 38-pages before locked by a moderator; each time evidence was presented for the Holocaust, Mikemikev ignored it and eventually, Political Forum had enough of Mikemikev's trolling and permabanned him.

In April 2016, Mikemikev returned to the Political Forum on a sockpuppet to spam Holocaust denial, but was incredibly dumb and used an account spelling his name backward, Vekimekim, that was quickly discovered and blocked:[54]

Nobody experienced any Holocaust. It is all lies. Nobody is going to watch these long videos of lying testimony.
There is no evidence for any Holocaust, unlike the Jewish Bolshevik mass-murders.

Islam and Britain First[edit]

Mikemikev is an Islamophobe who has retweeted his support for Jayda Fransen, leader of the far-right anti-Islam group Britain First that wants to ban Muslims from the UK.[55]

However, he has criticized Britain First for not being anti-Jewish:

We agree on hating Muslims. Just not on hating kikes.
—Mikemikev when asked does he support Britain First[56]

Similar to Britain First, Mikemikev wants to expel all Muslims from UK:

We just want to round you all up and put you in camps awaiting deportation, at best. And yes, that will tackle "extremism" or typical Muslim violence beautifully.[57]

Chinese people[edit]

Despite having lived in China, Mikemikev dislikes Chinese people and considers them uncreative:

The Chinese do not have a scientific mindset, which stems from individuality and creativity... China sucks big time.[58]

Race and IQ[edit]

The colorful pseudoscience
Icon race.svg
Hating thy neighbour
Divide and conquer

In August 2010, Mikemikev was banned from Wikipedia for disruption on articles related to race and IQ.[59]

He supports racialist pseudoscience, having written articles on race at Metapedia and Rightpedia, arguing races are not equal in intelligence.

In 2016 he was banned from for "insults, his refusal to follow moderator direction, soapboxing and persistent use of fallacies in his arguments" after debating about race and intelligence.[60]

In an obscene racist thread named "Chimps Nig Out" on the forum The Phora, Mikemikev wrote:

Chimp IQ is around 40, putting the African groid around exactly midway between chimps and humans. Hilariously, pygmies and bushmen have IQs closer to chimps than humans.[61]

The Phora leans to the right politically and are pro-freedom of speech, yet even they decided to ban Mikemikev for online hate-speech and abuse:


I deleted a crude/disgusting post of his and send him a warning via PM.

I got this:

"Go fuck yourself nigger lover. That piece of shit has degenerated the thread into muh dik and chest thumping. Go ahead and ban me for making a valid point about where muh dikkery leads. And then go fuck yourself."

I have been proven wrong in trying to see some value in this person. He is permabanned now.[62]

Wikis, sockpuppetry and impersonations[edit]

One of the white nationalists who co-founded Rightpedia, a far-right free encyclopedia that split from Metapedia, created more than 140 [Wikipedia] accounts in the past 10 years.
SPLC mentioning Mikemikev's sockpuppetry


Michael has hundreds of blocked sockpuppets on Wikipedia, including users with anti-Semitic names.[63] Originally, in August 2010 Mikemikev was blocked for 3 days for disruptive editing and personal attacks; in December Arbcom, extended his block for 1 year and he was later permabanned.[64] Since 2011 he has created over 260 sockpuppets; 143 blocked based on behavioural evidence and 120 by technical (IP) evidence.[65][66] As a way of trolling and harassment, he is known to impersonate people he dislikes by using their names, for example he created an account "Emil Kirkegaard".[67] Kirkeggard is an alt-right racialist who banned Mikemikev from his forum OpenPsych; despite sharing Michael's far-right political views and racist pseudoscience, Kirkegaard is a crypto-Nazi and they both dislike each other. Mikemikev has also created accounts of other people's names in different languages, such as Korean.[68] Another person Mikemikev has impersonated on Wikipedia is Samuel Collingwood Smith, a pro-GamerGate conservative blogger whose blog he has commented on.[69] Michael despises a Wikipedia editor named Maunus for banning his sockpuppets, and has impersonated him on RationalWiki.[70] Another Wikipedian Michael hates is a user named Mathsci who blocked many of his socks; Michael created an article smearing Mathsci on ED, but that was deleted for being an "attack article due to some grudge".[71]

In 2017, Wikipedia admin Doug Weller has complained that Mikemikev has been attacking him off-site.[72]


There are allegations and evidences of Mikemikev impersonating more individuals to harass them on other websites, including wikis, blogs and forums.[73][74][75][76] Atlantid, the pseudonym of an ex-Metapedia sysop has complained Michael has been impersonating him for the past 5 years across the internet.[77]

Metapedia and Rightpedia[edit]

Mikemikev was an admin on the far-right wiki Metapedia, but was banned there in 2014 for causing a flame war about the forum Stumble Inn that had also banned him:[78]

Mikemikev is nothing more than a drunken trouble causer. There is a reason why he get's banned from everywhere and there's a reason why I came back after 4 years to do so. Creating a article on a webforum who's members are primarily of English decent and National Socialists, slandering them is considered quality material on here? I asked Mike if he was going to re-write the article, and he didn't, so it got deleted.[79]

In other words, Mikemikev was using Metapedia to create revenge articles, to bash individuals and whole forums that had banned him. He is currently an admin of the alt-right wiki Rightpedia where he does the same thing, so for example since The Right Stuff had banned him, Mikemikev created an article attacking Mike EnochWikipedia's W.svg the founder of The Right Stuff.

Alongside Eleonóra Dubiczki, Mikemikev at Rightpedia also creates smear articles on individuals he considers his political enemies (e.g. liberals) as well as Jewish people.[80]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Some dare call it
Icon conspiracy.svg
What THEY don't want
you to know!
Sheeple wakers


For more information, see: 9/11: Mossad conspiracy theory

Mikemikev argues the Mossad were behind 9/11. Writing in response to "Who did 9/11" at the Daily Stormer:

The Jews, Mossad, the US government, is there any difference.[81]

White genocide[edit]

See the main article on this topic: White genocide

He supports the anti-Semitic white genocide conspiracy theory, popular among white nationalists:

I oppose Jewish monopolies and one way genocide level mass immigration. You call me a "Nazi" and a "racist" because I don't want White people to be wiped out.[82]
Does it matter whether you call it racist when immigrants are gang raping little girls during #WhiteGenocide? OK it's "racist". So what?[83]

Jews and Muslims[edit]

Mikemikev thinks Jews and Muslims are secretly working together to destroy white people:

The Jew and Muslim has been working together since day 1. They may lay down smoke and pretend to be at each others throats, but they are working together. White Europeans are their common enemy. They need to all be removed.[84]

Other crazy views[edit]


In July 2016, then almost 38 years old, Mikemikev posted he is sexually attracted to underage girls, as young as 15:

I admitted I'm attracted to 15 year olds. I have something called integrity.[85]

When questioned about being a paedophile, Mikemikev said he thinks most middle-aged men are attracted to 15 year olds:

I think most men are attracted to underage girls. Did you ever have sexual thoughts about 15 year old for example?[86]

This of course is false and Mikemikev only uses this argument to try to justify his sexual attraction to underage females.

Child murder[edit]

On the forum Stumble Inn, when asked "A terrorist murdered an innocent child, you find that funny?", Mikemikev responded:

A little bit.
What's wrong with murdering innocent children if it's for a good cause? And it is a little bit funny.[87]


The Stumble Inn forum member who asked the above question, also knew Mikemikev to previously have defended rape; Mikemikev posted an obscene gang-rape scenario:

But you wouldn't, that's the point. They chloroformed you and handcuffed you and took you to a deserted farmhouse. You have to choose gangrape from one group of ten minorities or it's all of them:

1) Pakis
2) San Bushmen
3) Kikes
4) Yemenis
5) Eskimos[88]

Mikemikev was banned from the forum Anthroscape for sending sexually indecent messages to a female forum member; the female described him as a "creep" in response:

If you agree to meet and give me a handjob I'll stop abusing you.
—Michael Coombs, sex pest

Needless to say, he didn't get the handjob.

UKIP, NF, BNP and For Britain[edit]

What Mikemikev wants the UK to look like

He maintains UKIP are controlled by Jews[89] and are not "genuine nationalists" because they don't discuss race, only culture. Instead, Mikemikev claims to only vote for the neo-fascist and white nationalist National Front who have a policy to deport all non-whites out of Britain, or the far-right BNP, who want a moratorium on immigration.[90] A blocked RationalWiki sockpuppet of Mikemikev, "BNP member" suggests he is a member of the British National Party[91] and he has described Nick Griffin as a "good man".[92] Mikemikev claims to have infiltrated a UAF demonstration against the BNP in 2009:

I attended a UAF meeting at Imperial College, discussing the BNP TV appearance in 2009.

The people running the meeting were one goy frontman, flanked on either side by two obvious Jews. They started by poisoning the well with some ridiculous guilt by association argument that the BNP were best represented by David Copeland, then called for them to be given "no public platform", in other words prevent them being allowed to speak by force. Amusingly, the small number of people in attendance didn't agree at all. I walked out of the meeting, refusing to sign their petition. This attempt to recruit some leftist thugs was unsuccessful, but doubtless they had been doing the rounds and I am sure they were more successful in other places. I also went to the television studio to see what the UAF got up to. I noticed the shabbas goy among the crowd, which turned into a small riot, trying to bash down the gates. What a bunch of idiots.[93]

In 2018, Michael started supporting For Britain, presumably because of their extreme anti-Islam policy and hatred for Muslims.

Legal immigration and racialized EU[edit]

Michael Coombs opposes non-white immigration to Western countries, but is pro-immigration and supports freedom of movementWikipedia's W.svg within the EU for white people to move around,[94] which means his opposition to immigration is based on skin colour. He has also retweeted his support for countries to accept white South African immigrants as asylum-seekers:

Hey @realDonaldTrump - how about an executive order to take refugees EVERYONE would support? Christian, English-speaking S.A. farmers on verge of extermination.[95]

On the subject of Brexit, Michael has retweeted pro-EU white nationalists such as Richard Spencer who support Polish immigration into UK. Michael supports immigration, such as Polish, into UK as long as the migrants and/or immigrants are white (he himself is a Welsh migrant, living in England), but says he opposes non-European immigration, especially Muslims from Middle-Eastern countries and well as black Africans; similar to Spencer, Michael Coombs supports a pan-European white racial state, as a racialized version of the EU. Furthermore, like Spencer, Mikemikev dislikes UKIP and Euroskepticism; he has criticized UKIP for focusing on opposing immigration from within Europe, but not from the outside.

Michael trolls people on Twitter by arguing they are for the genocide of Europeans:

Should Owen Jones ideally be lawfully executed for treason to the European people?[96]
Racists like those who advocate the genocide of the European people through one-way mass immigration?[97]

He defends a pan-European state, i.e. EU (which is ironic, since Owen Jones like Mikemikev voted for UK to remain in the EU):

Just to be clear, you're proposing a single pan-European state should be created and asking if O.J. should be executed for treason to that state?
—Someone pointing out Mikemikev's pro-EU stance[98]

Michael Coombs racial European identity sharply contrasts to the majority of people in the UK who deny that they feel in any way European.[99] Although himself far-right, Michael has clashed with other far-right nationalists and anti-immigration activists over his support for the EU; his pro-EU stance contradicts his support for the BNP who campaigned for Brexit. On the other hand, Mikemikev is listed on a blog[100] as being pro-Brexit based on Tweets he has made. However, Michael seems to have only made a single tweet in 2016 that has been misinterpreted as supporting Brexit.[101] The Tweet is a deleted video with the hashtag #Brexit.

Illegal immigration[edit]

Mikemikev thinks illegal immigrants should be shot, rather than humanely arrested:

They are invaders and should be shot as such.[102]

White birth rates[edit]

Mikemikev wants to increase white birth rates, and claims Jews are responsible for decreasing them:[103]

Of course races do not behave equally and force Whites out. See Detroit for a small scale example of the effect. This clearly reduces White birth rates. How the Jews do this: media, academia, finance, legal lobbying, all interconnected. White demonization, hiding non White crime stories.
According to the UN definition actions which reduce birth rates are a form of genocide. And again why are you quibbling semantics? You don't dispute Whites are in rapid decline because of Jewish lobbying and propaganda?

Interracial marriage and sex[edit]

Mikemikev opposes interracial marriage and sexual intercourse between black men and white women, but has no problem with white men "playing around" (his words) by having sex with non-white women, including East Asians; however since he supports a white ethnostate, he argues white men who want sex with non-white women have to travel overseas:

I hope that finger is fresh from being inserted into a hot East Asian. Our main problem here is propaganda fuelled miscegenation with imported negroes, not overseas white men playing around with the local girls, as they inevitably will.[104]
Surely a white man that works to defend his land is a good white man, and the fact that he stuck his dick in a more than willing foreigner one time is utterly trivial.[105]

When living in South Korea, Mikemikev claims to have had "yellow fever" and sex with Korean females:

When I was in Korea they told me I would get the Yellow Fever. I said no way. I was wrong.[106]
I do bang Korean girls.[107]

Stormfront moderation[edit]

In 2016, Stormfront put Mikemikev's account on moderation, restricting his posting abilities, after realising he supports sex-tourism in East Asia:

You want to discuss whether people who glorify sleeping with Korean girls should be put on moderation?
—Stormfront moderator[108]

However, he now describes his sexual relations with Korean women as a "past crime":

I'm moderated on Stormfront because I once had a Korean girlfriend. Posting on Daily Stormer BBS where past crimes are forgiven.[109]


Mikemikev is not a fan of RationalWiki, having been banned for posting racism and trolling:[110]

Rationalwiki[sic] is a criminally fraudulent extreme left anti-White fake site.
—Michael Coombs[111]


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