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I have not gone through all the references on this page but I see that they include the conspiracy site Above Top Secret along with various youtube videos. I'm not entirely sure these are all valid sources.--Bob"Life is short and (insert adjective)" 18:10, 14 January 2016 (UTC)

Not sure about "Above Top Secret" cuz I didn't add that. But the Youtubes I use as references are of actual Fox News interviews and reporting back when the station had not become a total clown car. Brit Hume and Carl Cameron were/are professionals in a way that Sean Hannity and these newer freaks are, well, not.---Mona- (talk) 18:40, 14 January 2016 (UTC)
Checking the Above Top Secret thing, it appears to be an ironic link to a nutty conspiracy theory.---Mona- (talk) 18:43, 14 January 2016 (UTC)

Just curious[edit]

Is espionage against allies newsworthy? The article is OK, it seems, but it is rather trivial to mention that an espionage agency does its job. Sorte Slyngel (talk) 20:09, 23 January 2016 (UTC)

This article is shit[edit]

I don't know why this is in mainspace and not draft space, because it's more of a draft than anything else. Oxyaena Harass 09:26, 18 July 2021 (UTC)

its good how you criticise articles but give no indications of whats wrong with them AMassiveGay (talk) 09:32, 18 July 2021 (UTC)
Have you read it? It contains only a listicle and no major depth of content. That alone should be enough to classify it as shit. Oxyaena Harass 09:33, 18 July 2021 (UTC)
its not great but there are plenty worse. what do you suggest? AMassiveGay (talk) 09:40, 18 July 2021 (UTC)
Complete revamp, maybe not as fawning. Oh, and this time no listicles. Oxyaena Harass 18:41, 18 July 2021 (UTC)
I sometimes think that almost every article about Israel and Palestine is bad to be honest. Though this one is perhaps the worst I've seen. GeeJayK (talk) 19:37, 18 July 2021 (UTC)