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The Tea Party Organizers (TPO) was an offshoot of the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) forum, formed in mid-2010 when various members were banned from the main forum for being a little bit too crazy. It was most notable for both its extreme anti-Muslim stance and its ignorance about Islam in general.


The TPO was formed when Ray1547 was banned from the TPP forum for refusing to retract a question about another member's religion in the context of a debate. After the TPP creator decided it was best not to give the allegations of racism ammo and ordered that discussions based on religion be forbidden (a rule clearly designed to shut down several Islam-based topics with questionable content) a number of disgruntled editors moved to the site Ray created, the TPO, where they are openly xenophobic.

Muslims are coming to get us![edit]

The site creator created "The Muslim Terrorist" discussion[1] asking whether all Muslims were to be considered dangerous, and encouraging investigations from which everyone could learn. In a shocking display of ignorance, he also asked whether Buddhists and Hindus were also some type of Muslim; later on they discussed Sikhism.


Glenn Beck[edit]

Even Glenn Beck isn't crazy enough for these people. After he said on his show that there are moderate Muslims, the TPO members were outraged, labeling it a "major gaffe",[4] and going as far as to create this petition against him.

Barack Obama[edit]

Of course, no Tea Party group is complete without conspiracy theories about Barack Obama; some users there believe he is the Antichrist, while others believe that he is merely a Marxist Muslim.

Quotes and the like[edit]

  • They compare Muslims to rattlesnakes.[5]
  • " There are no MODERATE Muslims nor is Islam to be considered to be a religion"[6]
  • "Understand that Muslims lie-cheat-steal-and MORE--Much more in the name of the Quran and their Allah!"[7] - after a user posts a video of a moderate muslim speaking out against the Ground Zero mosque.
  • "You have said that you would beat the crap out of a Muslim that would date your daughter and go to jail for it and yet you come on here defending these animals with 1 putrid video" - from the same post as above
  • "Muslims are pure evil and this 1 video or a thousand videos will not change what a Muslim is." - again
  • "The Muslim is brainwashed from a very early age" - again
  • "Muslims lie to benefit their cause. If this woman is a Muslim she is being allowed to speak out against the Mosque with the permission of those above her."[8]
  • "No Mosques nowhere in this country!"[9] - so much for religious freedom (and grammar).
  • "we dont have any towelheads at all ... we only have 10 colored people i think- and nobody talks to them either - id knock a arab dude up side the head if i seen one"[10]

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