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The Zeitgeist Movement is a grass-roots international network poorly organized crank movement promoting a change[1] in the current spirit of the time (hence the name "The Zeitgeist Movement") that was formed in response to Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist: Addendum documentary (or, arguably, schlockumentary).

Basically a conspiratorial fringe re-hash of the Technocracy movement, their ideas are derived from multiple sources, primarily from that of The Venus Project and Buckminster Fuller. Indeed, the movement's Activist Orientation Guide defines itself as "the activist arm of the Venus Project",[2] despite their split with the Venus Project in April 2011.[3] They consider themselves to be a "sustainability advocacy organization."[4] The community is largely concentrated on the internet and have their own live broadcasting shows.[5][6]

In a sentence: The organization is based on undirected whining about capitalism, accompanied by a belief that somehow computers should be used excessively to do all future resource planning for the purpose of maximum efficiency and sustainability, and that shortly robots will be doing most work — in summary, something one could call techno-utopianism, but with most corners cut and a dose of Alex Jones-esque thinking mixed in.


The Zeitgeist movement is organised into various different 'chapters' across more than 50 different countries, though just how active these chapters are is probably only known to those involved in them[7] and differs greatly from chapter to chapter.

Recordings of most chapter meetings are freely available online, where all types of chapter-related matters like activity are discussed.

A quick glance at some chapter websites reveals they have at least some presence in certain university societies and at the local level. Nevertheless, most of their forum posting seems to be discussions about the movement's philosophy and what activists intend to do in the near future.

It is however difficult to measure if the movement achieves its goals seeing their sole intention is to be an educational movement[8] and "spread awareness," it seems there aren't, given there has been a consistent decrease in chapters, membership, and Internet presence on a monthly basis (see chapter list on the website) and the userbase on the different Facebook pages[9] show a decrease.

The people[edit]

The movement is made of frothing abusive nutters, getting more so as it gets smaller.

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