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Toby Daniel Moorsom Young (1963–) is a right-wing British journalist, author, and former director of several educational institutions. He is known for supporting eugenics, making homophobic and misogynistic comments on Twitter, and for admitting to being high on cocaine in a London club.

Sexism and homophobia[edit]

In January 2018, Toby was controversially appointed to the post of non-executive director on the board of the Office for Students.Wikipedia[1] He resigned slightly over a week later after significant public pressure over his large number of misogynistic and homophobic tweets.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Support of eugenics[edit]

Private Eye published the first article ("Toby Young Breeds Contempt") that exposed the UCL conferences were attended by white supremacists and sexists.

In 2015, Young wrote an article for the Australian magazine QuadrantWikipedia entitled "The fall of meritocracy". In it, he advocated what he termed "progressive eugenics". Young proposed that when the technology for genetically-engineered intelligence is practical, it should be allowable for a decision to be made by poor parents with low IQs concerning which embryos should be allowed to develop using intelligence as a marker. "It could help to address the problem of flat-lining inter-generational social mobility", he wrote.[10][11]

In January 2018, Private Eye[12] and the London StudentWikipedia[13] revealed that Young attended the London Conference on Intelligence at University College LondonWikipedia (UCL) in 2017, which was described by the media and a number of politicians as a "secret eugenics conference".[14] The conference was convened by Honorary UCL professor James Thompson and included speakers such as Richard Lynn.[15] Young distanced himself from the conference and wrote that his involvement was not significant — see London Conference on Intelligence § Toby Young.

Drug use[edit]

In 2001, Toby admitted to having taken cocaine at the Groucho ClubWikipedia in central London[16] in 1997, as well as supplying drugs to others. As such activities are against the Club rules, he was subsequently expelled in late 2001 after writing about the cocaine use of his friends to whom he had supplied the drug during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair.[17]


In March 2020, he wrote an article in The Critic on COVID-19 that was condemned.[18] In the article he wrote:

Like a growing number of people, I’m beginning to suspect the Government has overreacted to the coronavirus crisis. I’m not talking about the cost to our liberty, although that’s worrying, but the economic cost.

Even if we accept the statistical modelling of Dr Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial College, which I’ll come to in a minute, spending £350 billion to prolong the lives of a few hundred thousand mostly elderly people is an irresponsible use of taxpayer’s money.[18]

Journalist Ruth Wishart tweeted:

I daresay most sentient beings believe Toby Young is heartless, waste of space. So you do wonder why he feels it necessary to keep proving it.[18]

Byline Times editor Peter Jukes tweeted:

In normal times the far right eugenicist views of people like Toby Young are just shameful and embarrassing. During a pandemic they can be outright deadly.[18]

In the article, Young argued for ending the lockdown before April 14, 2020, a view similar to one espoused by Donald Trump.[18]

Critics had suggested that Young would change his mind if he contracted COVID-19, to which he said he thought he'd already had it, adding:

If the Government does end the lockdown, and it turns out that by the time I require critical care the NHS cannot accommodate me, I won’t regret writing this.[18]

(The De Facto Non-)Free Speech Union[edit]

In 2020 he formed the so-called Free Speech Union (FSU), supposedly dedicated to preserving free speech. It promised to defend the free speech of all members who paid a subscription fee, which started at £49.95 (50% off for students and pensioners).[19] However, in practice, it has de facto close links to right-wing thinktank Institute of Economic Affairs: for instance, co-hosting an event at which anti-woke campaigner Laurence Fox was one of the speakers.[20]

It early opposed COVID orthodoxy, launching an unsuccessful judicial review challenging media regulator OFCOM's attempts to prevent COVID misinformation during the pandemic.[21]

It has occasionally spoken up for free speech; it offered to defend anti-monarchist protestors after Queen Elizabeth II's death in 2022.[22] However it is unclear if it actually provided any help.

In January 2021, the FSU was accused of secretly organising a campaign which claimed to be promoting free speech in universities but was actually a front for the FSU's right-wing beliefs, leading to many student groups disengaging from it. The Free Speech Youth Advisory Board was attacked by university anti-censorship and human rights groups as an "astroturfing" front that imposed the FSU's political beliefs and wasn't genuinely interested in international free speech but only in promoting a "culture war" against the left in the UK.[21]

The group's views on free speech were also questioned when someone on Twitter insulted Allison Pearson, a trollish right-wing newspaper columnist and member of the FSU's media advisory group, and Pearson tried to contact the person's boss and get them sacked. This attempt at cancellation wasn't viewed as very pro-free-speech.[21] In December 2021, a Byline Times investigation reported that the Free Speech Union was intimately tied to a network backed by right-wing German-American billionaire Peter Thiel.[23]

In other instances of censorship, the FSU has called on the government to ban drag events for children including Drag Queen Story Hour UK, because the suggestion that people can change their gender is an affront to the FSU's transphobia.[24]

In September 2022, there was also a brief tizzy when Twitter suspended the Free Speech Union's twitter account for a few days, along with accounts for COVID-sceptics The Daily Sceptic and UsForThem; some right-wing MPs wrote stern letters and the FSU was reinstated. As is common with Twitter, it isn't entirely clear why this happened but seems to have been about COVID misinformation (as the New Statesman has suggested).[25][26]

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