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Since 2015, Dr James Thompson has overseen the London Conference on Intelligence, which has seen a researcher who has previously advocated child rape online speak on campus on three occasions.
—Harry Yorke[1]
UCL has launched an investigation into how a senior academic was able to secretly host an annual conference on eugenics and intelligence that heard from white supremacists and was attended by Toby Young.
—Ellie Bothwell[2]

London Conference on Intelligence were a series of controversial pseudoscientific[3] conferences held annually at University College London (UCL) from 2014-2017, attended by white nationalists and supremacists, alt-righters, Holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis, racialists, eugenicists, paleoconservatives, neoreactionary Christians, sexists, homophobes, and most notoriously, Emil Kirkegaard — a paedophilia-apologist who has defended child-rape.

The far-right conferences were somewhat secretive since attendees had to have an invitation and they were advertised on few websites. In 2017, Toby YoungWikipedia's W.svg was invited to attend as an observer, despite not being a speaker; he was told not to tell anyone about the UCL conference, especially not the media. However, Young did not keep quiet and wrote about attending the UCL conference in December 2017.[4] In January 2018,[5][6][7] there was news exposure of the conferences and UCL set up an inquiry and published a statement noting that none of the conferences were approved by the university.

Breach of room bookings[edit]

The UCL conferences potentially breached room bookings policy because the university had not been informed of the speakers or content in advance, so there was no background check of any the individuals who attended, with the exception of Dr. James Thompson, an honorary UCL senior lecturer:

UCL is investigating a potential breach of its room bookings process for events after being alerted to conferences on intelligence hosted by an honorary senior lecturer at UCL. Our records indicate the university was not informed in advance about the speakers and content of the conference series, as it should have been for the event to be allowed to go ahead. The conferences were booked and paid for as an external event and without our officials being told of the details. They were therefore not approved or endorsed by UCL.
—UCL statement on the London Conference on Intelligence, 10 January 2018[8]

Dr. Thompson had organised the UCL conferences for two years (2015-2016) and was involved with advertising the first conference in 2014 on the website UNZ Review,[9] but it remains unclear who was the organiser for the 2014 and 2017 conferences, although Thompson attended all of them. Emil Kirkegaard designed the 2015 conference website.[10]


The sequence of events that led to newspapers and the media to discover the London Conference on Intelligence:

Private Eye published the first article ("Toby Young Breeds Contempt") that exposed the UCL conferences were attended by white supremacists and sexists.
  • Toby Young at the beginning of January 2018 made news headlines for sending sexist and other inappropriate tweets.[11][12] On 9 January 2018 he resigned his position on the Office for Students regulator for making the offensive comments and apologized.[13][14][15]
  • Immediately after resigning, journalists looked into Young's Twitter history and discovered he had mentioned in December 2017 his attendance to the London Conference on Intelligence, that he was told to keep silent about: "[I was] asked not to share the information with anyone else..."[16]
  • On 10 January 2018, the magazine Private EyeWikipedia's W.svg published an article[17] that mentions: "What he [Young] kept to himself was why the conference he attended was so secretive" and names a few of the white supremacists, eugenicists and sexists (including Richard Lynn) who were speakers at the UCL conferences.
  • After the publication of the Private Eye article, London Student the same day published a more detailed exposure of the far-right extremists and racists who had attended the conferences.[18] London Student informed UCL and the university responded they were investigating.[19]
  • On 11 January 2018, mainstream newspapers and other news sources reported the story; some of these credit Private Eye and to a lesser extent London Student.[20][21][22][23][24]

List of speakers[edit]

Around 20 speakers attended each conference to discuss papers they had written or co-written in advance. Based on two of the conference publications 2015-2016 that list paper abstracts, a journalist writing for London Student[25] calculated that over 80% of speakers have published papers in the Mankind Quarterly, a pseudo-scholarly racist journal. Its publisher, Ulster Institute for Social Research (UISR) was founded by Richard Lynn, a white supremacist who has far-right white nationalist political views and is a eugenicist; Lynn's own institute has received grants from the Pioneer FundWikipedia's W.svg — a hate-group set up by Nazi-sympathisers.[26][27] Papers presented at UCL conferences included racism and sexism.

  • Gerhard Meisenberg: Delivered a UCL conference paper that he co-wrote with Michael A. Woodley of Menie; overtly sexist, arguing: "economic development nor the progress of female emancipation or empowerment have been successful at virilizing female achievement levels".[28] Meisenberg is a racialist and hereditarianWikipedia's W.svg who maintains that IQ differences between populations are largely explained by genetic factors, as opposed to environment.[29] He is also editor-in-chief of Mankind Quarterly, sits on the Academic Advisory Council of the UISR and is a reviewer for papers submitted to the OpenPsych pseudojournals.
There is a broader, perhaps slightly less biased, article on Wikipedia about Nyborg's scientific misconduct
  • Helmuth Nyborg: Infamous Danish psychologist who has been accused of scientific misconduct by his own university; is a racist who argues against immigration from Middle-Eastern and African countries to Denmark on the basis of IQ, arguing immigrants from these regions will cause a dysgenic effect on the country's average intelligence; he presented a UCL conference paper he wrote on this anti-immigration theme.[30] Nyborg is a white nationalist and in 2017 he delivered a speech at a American RenaissanceWikipedia's W.svg Conference.[31]
  • Richard Lynn: White supremacist who has created much controversy over his studies on race and intelligence; has been accused of manipulating and falsifying IQ data to support racism, for example excluding higher IQ samples for certain African populations.[41] Lynn wrote and presented a sexist paper at a UCL conference that argues females have lower IQs than males.[42] The SPLC has noted: "Lynn uses his authority as professor (emeritus) of psychology at the University of Ulster to argue for the genetic inferiority of non-white people".[43] Lynn has described black Africans ("Negroids") in his racial thinking as incapable of building a civilization because of lower intelligence, writing "only the Mongoloids and the Caucasians have built civilizations and all the discoveries and inventions from early metal working to the contemporary scientific advances have been made by these two races."[44] He is quoted by the SPLC as an "unapologetic eugenicist" having said he supports white separatism in the US, opposes non-white immigration to western Europe and supports "phasing out" of peoples, he considers mentally and culturally inferior.[45] Lynn is assistant editor of the Mankind Quarterly and president of the UISR.
  • Edward Dutton: A racialist who has co-authored a book on race with Richard Lynn, published by the UISR.[48] Dutton, a cultural anthropologist, has been criticised for holding pseudoscientific views and having links to far-right individuals and organisations.[49] He delivered a UNL conference paper he co-wrote with Lynn and Guy Madison,[50] and another he wrote defending J. P. RushtonWikipedia's W.svg's pseudoscientific race and penis-size theory that says black Africans have large penises, but small brains, while East Asians, the reverse.[51]
  • Julius Daugbjerg Bjerrekær: Attended Aarhus University with Emil Kirkegaard; in 2012 Kirkegaard posted a photo of an unidentifiable man next to him performing a Nazi salute; this person could be Bjerrekær, since he was studying at Aarhus University the same year,[52] and co-wrote a paper with Kirkegaard.[53] In September 2017 a viral-video caught a woman criticising Bjerrekær for wearing a Donald Trump ("Make America Great Again") hat,[54] and his political views are alt-right. Bjerrekær is a known juggler and professional martial arts athlete, but not an academic; his only qualification is a BSc in Sports Science, yet he presented three times at UCL, one of which was [55]
  • Adam Perkins: A King's College London lecturer, who made news headlines in February 2017 for racist and other offensive tweets he made, as well as defending Trump's immigration-policy, specifically his travel ban that targets six Muslim-majority countries.[56][57] Perkins delivered a UCL conference paper he wrote.[58] He has appeared on a white supremacist talk-show,[59] but later apologised, saying he did not know Tara McCarthy's far-right politics.Do You Believe That?
  • Noah Carl: Distinguished Oxford sociologist, but his connection to OpenPsych causes one to raise an eyebrow; Carl has a profile on the OpenPsych website and has reviewed and published papers in its pseudojournals.[60] He presented a paper he wrote at a UCL conference, trying to explain why "leftist views are overrepresented in academia".[61]
  • Dalibor Jurášek: Slovakian Holocaust denial-sympathiser who in 2010 when questioned about his view of the Holocaust, said: "I do not have a clear opinion, but rather I tend to favour the revisionists", but won't openly identify as a Holocaust denier since denying the Holocaust is a crime in Slovakia.[62] He wrote a paper opposing the legislation that bans Holocaust denial.[63] Jurášek co-wrote a paper with Jan te Nijenhuis and Jelena Čvorović that he presented at a UCL conference.[64]
  • Mingrui Wang: Chinese eugenicist who says he wants to "enhance the genetic quality" of humans.[65] Delivered a paper he co-wrote with John Fuerst at a UCL conference.[66]
  • Debes Fróði: A Danish psychologist who specialises in stress-management. He wrote and presented a paper at a UCL conference and co-wrote another.[67][68] His political views seem to be far-right; Fróði's Twitter profile follows alt-right and "race realist" bloggers such as Hbdchick and Gregory Cochran, while his followers include VDARE supporters.[69]
  • Dimitri van der Linden: Published a controversial study that says because woman on average have smaller brain-sizes than man, they have lower IQs; the study has been criticised as erroneous and described as sexist.[70] Linden presented a UCL conference paper he co-wrote with Curtis S. Dunkel once again wrongly concluding woman are less intelligent than men because of their smaller brain-sizes.[71]
  • Andrew Sabisky: A right-wing Christian neoreactionary,[72] who is a homophobe and opposes same sex marriage. Sabisky is a proponent of racialism and relies on the views of conservative philosopher and bigot Neven Sesardic,[73] author of a book (Homosexual marriage: The Victory of Political Correctness and Bad Arguments) that opposes same-sex marriage and who has published several papers defending outdated and pseudoscientific racial theories. Sabisky wrote and presented a UCL conference paper.[74]
  • Heiner Rindermann: German psychologist whose work "is often cited by racists seeking to prove that immigrants have low IQs".[75] In 2016, Rindermann spoke at a Property and Freedom SocietyWikipedia's W.svg Conference, delivering an anti-immigration talk: "Cognitive and Cultural 'Enrichment' of Europe by Immigration".[76] Annual conferences by the PFC have been described as "serious academic racist event[s]"[77] by the SPLC and its founder Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a paleolibertarian and extreme homophobe who maintains that in his ideal libertarian society — homosexuals will have to be "physically removed" and towns and villages could have warning signs saying "no beggars, bums, or homeless, but also no homosexuals, drug users, Jews, Moslems, Germans, or Zulus".[78] Rindermann, wrote and delivered a paper at a UCL conference and co-wrote another with David Becker.[79][80]
  • Kenya Kura: Japanese economist who is a hereditarianWikipedia's W.svg and whose political views are conservative; Kura has a profile on OpenPsych.[81] Co-wrote with Donald Templer a UCL conference paper he delivered.[82] Templer who died in 2016, promoted "age-old eugenics claims that sounded very much like Nazi proclamations"[83] and spoke at a American RenaissanceWikipedia's W.svg Conference in 2004.

Additionally, at least two attendees did not present UCL conference papers:

  • James Thompson: Honorary senior lecture in psychology at UCL; organiser of the conferences (for two years) who introduced speakers with a 10 minute "Welcome and Introduction" and closing speech "Communicating our work to the public". Thompson has been criticized for sexist comments posted on his Twitter and the website UNZ Review,[84] while his posts on the latter reveal his politics are alt-right. According to London Student, on Twitter he follows white nationalists: "Richard Spencer (who follows him back), Virginia Dare, American Renaissance, Brett Stevens, the Traditional Britain Group, Charles Murray and Jared Taylor". He also sits on the Academic Advisory Council of the UISR.
  • Toby Young: Conservative journalist who made news headlines at beginning of January 2018 for sending sexist, homophobic and other offensive tweets.[85][86] In response, Young apologised and resigned from his position on the Office for Students regulator. In 2017, Young attended a UCL conference, but did not write or present a paper and observed speakers at the back of the room. Young has described himself as a "progressive eugenicist"[87] and also identifies as a hereditarianWikipedia's W.svg and defends racialism.[88]


University College London[edit]

On 10 January 2018, UCL "suspended approval for any further conferences of this nature by the honorary lecturer and speakers pending our investigation into the case".

On 18 January 2018, UCL updated their statement concerning the London Conference on Intelligence:

UCL does not and has not endorsed the London Conference on Intelligence and formally complained to Youtube that the use of UCL’s logo with videos posted by the conference organisers constituted a trademark infringement. There is no record of a request for the conference, and the logo being used is a doctored version which is in breach of UCL brand guidelines, including terms and conditions. The videos are no longer publicly available on the conference’s Youtube channel. After requests from the university, the organiser said he would remove the entire channel from Youtube.[89]

There is now an ongoing inquiry that "aims to complete its investigations as soon as possible, hopefully within weeks".

UCL protest against London Conference on Intelligence.

Protests and petitions[edit]

On 15 January 2018, Union UCL BME Students' Network organised a protest: "Decolonise: White Supremacists & Eugenicists out NOW".[90]

A related protest on the same day, "No to neo-Nazi eugenics at UCL"[91][92] was supported by Unite Against Fascism[93] and Socialist Worker.Wikipedia's W.svg[94]

UCL Student Union have created an online petition to ban future London Conference on Intelligence at UCL.[95]

Toby Young[edit]

Young has since published a statement distancing himself from the London Conference on Intelligence he had attended:

Yes, I went to the 2017 London Conference on Intelligence – I popped in for a few hours on a Saturday and sat at the back. I did not present a paper or give a lecture or appear on a platform or anything remotely like that. I had not met any of the other people in the lecture room before, save for Dr Thompson, and was unfamiliar with their work. I was completely ignorant of what had been discussed at the same event in previous years. All I knew was that some of them occupied the weird and whacky outer fringe of the world of genetics.

My reason for attending was because I had been asked – as a journalist – to give a lecture by the International Society of Intelligence Researchers at the University of Montreal later in the year and I was planning to talk about the history of controversies provoked by intelligence researchers. I thought the UCL conference would provide me with some anecdotal material for the lecture – and it did. To repeat, I was there as a journalist researching a talk I had to give a few months later and which was subsequently published.[96]

He concludes by saying:

Just because I sat at the back in a lecture room at UCL one afternoon, scribbling away in my reporter’s notepad, while some right-wing fruitcakes held forth about ‘dysgenics’ does not make me a Nazi.

The problem with this statement is most UCL conference attendees share the same hereditarianism, eugenics, sexist and racialist views as Young; the distinction is only that Young is a slightly more moderate conservative, while most the others are alt-right or white nationalist. Nevertheless London School of Economics academic Simon Hix has defended Young: "By all means criticise [Young] for his insulting, misogynist and childish tweeting, and his friendship with Boris and Conservative chums. But the guy is not a neo-Nazi eugenicist."[97]

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard[edit]

On 10 January 2018, Emil Kirkegaard appeared on white supremacist Tara McCarthy's YouTube channel to discuss the furore over the London Conference on Intelligence.[98]

McCarthy named the video "SJWs Declare WAR On Science!"[99] and Kirkegaard alleges the UCL conferences he attended are suspended (pending an investigation) because of a witch-hunt by so-called SJWs. He presents no evidence for his persecution complex and conveniently doesn't mention some right-wing newspapers, including Daily Mail — have criticized the London Conference on Intelligence.[100]

Institute for Creation Research[edit]

For more information, see: Creationism

Creationists such as the Institute for Creation Research have condemned the conferences for promoting eugenics and racism which they claim is the the result of scientific Darwinism.[101] In reality, creationist nutjobs and far-right eugenicists/proponents of social Darwinism (not to be confused with scientific Darwinism), are opposite sides of the same coin.


On 31 January 2018, paleoconservatives and white nationalists from the far-right website VDARE published an article repeating much of Kirkegaard's persecution complex.

The nonsense in the article aside, VDARE does get one thing correct, i.e. the true sequence of events that led to the media and newspapers to discover about the secretive UCL conferences:

Toby Young, a British right-wing journalist, hit the headlines in the UK in December 2017 [minor correction: January 2018], because he’d been appointed to the government’s “Office for Students,” with part of its remit being to protect free speech on university campuses dominated by “safe spaces.” This provoked fury, especially because Young had written in favor of eugenics and made various non-PC Tweets. [Toby Young quotes on breasts, eugenics and working-class people, By Martin Belam, Guardian, January 3, 2018]

Media enforcers began digging. University student journalists duly discovered that Young had given a keynote address at the ISIR [International Society for Intelligence Research] conference in Montreal in July 2017. In this speech, published online in the leading journal Intelligence, Young mentioned his attendance, in May 2017, at this “secret” conference [note: Young tweeted about this in December, 2017]. On 10th January, the London Student splashed with: “Exposed: London’s Eugenics Conference and its Neo-Nazi Links.” The writer, Ben Van der Merwe, asserted that the “secret” conference was “dominated by a group of white supremacists.[102]

Anatoly Karlin[edit]

Karlin is a neo-Nazi attack-dog for Emil Kirkegaard who published two articles on the anti-Semitic website UNZ Review repeating Kirkegaard's paranoia about SJWs suspending the London Conference on Intelligence; Karlin named one of these articles "SJWs Attack UCL Neo-Nazi Cabal" and links to Kirkegaard's website.[103]

External links[edit]


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