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Alt-lite (or alt-light) is a loosely-defined term used refer to at least one of the following:
  • a subfaction of the alt-right that wants to steer the alt-right towards more (read: relatively) moderate Trump-esque grounds, hoping to use this "moderacy" to "re-take" Europe with candidates such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders
  • right-wing individuals whose political positions are dangerously close to the alt-right but generally stopping short of explicit white nationalism.
The alt-lite thus hopes to abandon (overt) anti-semitism and racism, which upsets the more militantly white-nationalist alt-right subfaction. The term "alt-lite" also functions as a pejorative (similar to cuck) slung at alt-rightists who aren't racist enough. The alt-right terminology for distinguishing themselves from the alt-lite often refers to "naming the Jew" (i.e., public expression of anti-semitism).

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