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Steve Turley

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Steve Turley (Stephen Turley) is an American nationalist and right-wing populist author known for his "Turley Talks" podcast series. He received a doctoral degree on the topic of "early Christian devotional practice" from Durham University in the UK.[1]


Turley is a firm believer of New World Order conspiracies, believing a vast plot leftist, liberal, secular and capitalist (the non-Christian kind, of course) groups to eliminate conservatism through 'fake news'. These groups run counter to American nationalism, which he believes is inherently of a right-wing evangelical Christian, and would support a morally-corrupt leader who protects Christians over a moral leader involved in globalism. Ironically, he himself is a staunch defender of a certain multi billionaire globalist, though he believes him to only be the messenger for the true Prophet.[2]

Looking outside of the United States, Turley takes a very pessimistic and borderline fascist view of Europe, believing Christianity to be under threat from Muslim immigrants "demographic decline", and is a supporter of Hungarian far-right leader, Viktor Orbán, who he celebrates for, among other things, imposing nationalism on schooling. Turley also promotes his love for Orbán by selling "Defender Of Europe" mugs with his face on them.

Turley has also criticised neoliberalism and neoconservatism. That is because he sees them as too compromised and accommodating towards left-wing politics and economics and promoters of globalization.

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