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A True Christian™ is a Christian who has perfected the "holier than thou" attitude. Generally a True Christian™ will be the absolute first to point out religious flaws in others with a total disregard for both their own flaws as well as the very commandments of Jesus.

True Christian are without match on Bible Gymnastics, which involves various bending and twisting of Scripture to try to accentuate a sin while ignoring another one. For instance, a True Christian will always be first in line to talk about how evil and disgusting a homosexual is, but at the same time sit down to enjoy a fine shrimp dinner despite the Bible's clear indications against shellfish.

Another stalwart stance of a True Christian is their adamant belief that since 'God' promised "The Promised Land" Israel to the Hebrews of the Old Testament, this provides complete justification for the purportrate warfare on anyone (Muslims) who might encroach on that "Promise" (Deed?). This fanticism has unfortunately been adopted as US Policy (GW Bush) to initiate ongoing wars and incursions in the MidEast. All in spite of Jesus's adamant teachings of peace and non-violence. “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword (Matthew 26:52).”

A quick search for Jesus's teachings about war led to a thoughtful essay by Presbyterian Retired Pastor Bill Edgar, in which he concludes "...that he (Jesus) taught nothing directly about war as we usually think of it. His world was at peace...Jesus aimed at a more thorough personal and social renovation than simply replacing one set of rulers with another. As part of this new world, which he personally was bringing, he included new values and ethics, which would lead people away rather than toward war." *[1].


A derivative of the "No True Scotsman" fallacy, this arguments is generally used to try to draw a divide between two Christians, one of whom is attacking the faith of the other. Despite the fact that both parties claim to be Christians, the attacking Christian will claim that no TRUE Christian would hold such a belief. For instance, current True Christians™ hold the claim that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim for a variety of "reasons":

  • No True Christian™ would be Pro Choice Anti-Life!
  • No True Christian™ would recognize any other religion or (gasp!) a lack of religion as being capable of good.
  • No True Christian™ would be in favor of socialized health care.
  • No Democrat could be a True Christian™ (It's not called God's Own Party for nothing!).

Contemporary Examples[edit]

Concerning Barack Obama[edit]

  • Televangelist Bill Keller questions Obama's faith because Obama is pro-choice, supportive of "special rights" for gays and is willing to broker land deals between Israelis and Palestinians to try to help the peace process, all of which he claims are fundamentally at odds with evangelical Christianity.
  • Rev. Don Hamer gives seven reasons why Obama could not be a True Christian™. Bonus: Obama could not be a True Christian™ because he said that the Muslim call to prayer is a pretty sound.
  • William Owens Jr. claims that Obama could not be a True Christian™ because (among other things) he "is intent on ending capitalism with his communist policy of redistribution of wealth". I don't know either.
  • James Dobson states that Obama is rewriting Christianity to fit his own worldview. Gosh, that's brilliant!
    • Bonus quote from Pastor Gary Cass (in the article): "Obama can talk the talk and even have secret meetings with religious leaders, but he has no credibility as a true Christian. At best Obama is a deist or a Universalist, but according to his theology and his policies, he definitely is not a Christian."

Concerning Catholics[edit]

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