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Tony Perkins

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Not to be confused with actor Anthony PerkinsWikipedia of Psycho fame
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FRC has long been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a prominent anti-LGBT hate-group, and Perkins himself has a notorious reputation for his anti-LGBT vitriol. Though he often tames his rhetoric in mainstream news appearances to sound like his anti-gay views represent all U.S. Christians, he then tells FRC’s audiences things like that homosexuality leads to “eternal damnation” and is “harmful” to individuals “and to society as a whole.”
We kind of gave him [Trump] — 'All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.'
—Perkins in 2018, basically giving Trump free rein to commit any moral transgression he likes[2]

Anthony Perkins (1962–) is an American professional homophobe and the president of the Family Research Council. After a gunman shot up his group's offices in 2012, Perkins partially blamed the Southern Poverty Law Center for the incident, claiming that their branding of the Family Research Council as a hate group inspired the shooter.[3]

In 2012 alone, Perkins said kids are made gay because of immoral parents, that the Secret Service prostitution scandal was a result of the administration's repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," and that JCPenney should have been boycotted because it chose a lesbian spokeswoman in Ellen DeGeneres.[4]

He is known to have associations with white supremacists, such as David Duke and the council of conservative citizens. After attending a convention run by the latter he claims he was unaware of the latter's racist intentions (despite blatantly speaking in front of a Confederate flag).[5] He also hypocritically attacked Trump for refusing to disavow the former.[6]

Don't ask, don't tell[edit]

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The Lord destroyed your home in a great flood? You know what that makes you in any Noah analogy…
Betty Bowers to Perkins[7]

On the 17th of August 2016, Perkins — who has claimed that natural disasters are God's way to punish gays — has his own southern Louisiana home ravaged by massive flooding. Perkins claimed that this flood was different, describing it as an "…incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise". With 11 people killed and over 40,000 homes destroyed in the flood, one hopes Perkin's spirit has been exercised to herculean levels.[8]