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User:Stabby the Misanthrope

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Not really here anymore

I've been a part of this site since late 2007, and I did a lot of stuff in 2008 and 2009.

It was a good ride while it lasted.

More about me

Read my Tumblr if you want to see me be opinionated about an astonishing range of subjects.

When when not here or on Tumblr, I work the New Economy hellscape as an independent contractor. (Yes, there are legit work-from-home jobs on the internet. They're mind-numbingly tedious and have no benefits.)

I like cake, and don't understand people who like coffee, alcohol, or dark chocolate.

I am exactly the sad nerd you think I am, to the point that I write Naruto fanfiction.

Articles I've started

  • A whole bunch of other articles that I wrote years ago and am now too embarassed to list.

Articles I've worked on