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Kurt Wise

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Kurt Wise is a young earth creationist paleontologist and one of the founders of modern baraminology. Ironically, he studied paleontology under the highly-respected scientist Stephen Jay Gould.

Creationist views[edit]

Creation isn't a theory. The fact that God created the universe is not a theory, it's true. However, some of the details are not specifically nailed down in Scripture. Some issues such as creation, a global flood, and a young age for the earth are determined by Scripture, so they are not theories. My understanding from Scripture is that the universe is in the order of 6,000 years old. Once that has been determined by Scripture, it is a starting point that we build theories upon. It is within those boundaries that we can construct new theories.[1]

To accept the entire evolutionary model would mean one would have to reject Scripture. And because I came to know Christ through Scripture I couldn't reject it.[1]

I'm not trying to convince people of the truth of [young earth creationism]. It's not a decision of the mind but of the heart.[2]

God is not only the sole eyewitness of the past, but he is also the only fully reliable witness.[2]


B.A. Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago. M.A. Geology, Harvard University - 1984. Ph.D. Geology (Paleontology), Harvard University. Taught Paleontology and Biosystematics at the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School.[3]

Wise started teaching at Bryan College as an Associate Professor of Science in 1989.[4] He was made Director of the college's Center for Origins Research[3][5] before succeeding William Dembski as the head of the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006.[6] In 2009, he left to become director of Truett-McConnell College's then-newly-established Creation Research Center.[4]

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