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Robert Sorensen is a creationist blogger running Piltdown Superman, and Stormbringer’s Thunder. In mid-2010 he re-dedicated his life to Christ[1] and began an anti-evolution and anti-atheist crusade.

Sorenson is all show and bluster, challenging opponents to debates but never following through.[2] (Many are the times when he’s told atheists that he’d give them "a spanking" if they were face-to-face with him, but any attempt to meet him in a live debate is met with a sudden attack of shyness.[2]) He can't handle criticism, so he disables comments on his blogs and Facebook pages, and he's apparently so terrified of people quoting his own words that he uses JavaScript to disable selecting or copying any text on his blogs.

Sorensen keeps an exhaustive list of "logical fallacies" that he believes atheists and leftists regularly engage in,[3] but it functions less as a catalog of wrongdoing and more like a gish gallop of "Why won't people take me seriouslyyyyyyy?" whining.

Borrowing from the tactics of some other creationists, Sorensen has adopted the "frivolous DMCA" approach as a method of attempting to silence his critics, even going so far as to flag someone else's picture as his own intellectual property,[4] as well as flagging links to other people's blogs, and third party messageboards as somehow belonging to him on Facebook.


Sorensen claims that atheism causes brain damage[5] and that they’re immoral as well.[6] He also thinks the transcendental argument for God and presuppositionalism are both good arguments,[7] women aren't oppressed,[8] and that Obama is a radical abortionist.[9]


Sorensen's blogs are full of green ink,[10] inexplicable font changes,[11] and randomly capitalized words.[12][13]

He also cites his own writing as sources in his articles,[14][15] but remains sufficiently embarrassed by what other people think of his posts that he will regularly and repeatedly alter the URL of a page on his blog to break external links, and has edited his 404 error page to indicate that the source of the link is being deliberately dishonest, or is "stupefied" and incapable of correctly fact checking.[16][17][18][19] He is also fond of reworking blog posts to remove evidence of his numerous mistakes.[20]

Social networks[edit]

Sorensen spends much time attacking the faithless on Twitter. He is also the main mover behind the Question Evolution Project Facebook group. Luckily, Sorensen's influence is significantly smaller than he realizes; his Twitter account is followed by only a few hundred people and his tweets are protected, and his blogs are apparently read only by non-believers howling with mirth as he repeatedly proves that he wouldn't know real science if it walked up and bit him in the ass.

In the summer of 2011 Sorensen started a new blog, Piltdown Superman, to host reposts of his own "best" creationism posts, along with link-whoring other creationist sites.

Recently, Sorensen has endorsed Shockofgod's "Evolution Challenge," seemingly happy to side with a proven YouTube troll simply because he agrees with his religious opinions. Sorensen's own YouTube channel seems to be mainly made up of short clips, ripped free of context, that he believes mock atheists and those who accept the facts of evolution.

Apparent ban from Facebook[edit]

During March 2013, both of Bob's Facebook pages ( and suddenly disappeared within a week of each other, returning only a "page deleted" error message when either was looked at. Whether this was in response to his increased abuse of the report function on Facebook, or something more unpleasant is unknown. A third profile ( appeared soon after, but was apparently also deleted. A fourth, sorensson.roberts, sprung up a little later only to be likewise deleted by Facebook. A fifth, Piltdown.Superman, is currently up. It is more than likely that there are several other active personal accounts belonging to Sorensen breaching the Facebook terms of service at this very moment.

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