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I am chagrined, nay, OUTRAGED at the insinuation that I would ever stoop to the level of watching a post-Passion Mel Gibson film!
—Abraham Lincoln
A selfie of me.

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About me

Hello, my name is QQ'hfFlaGNHmmg''Aa (which is pronounced like rapid gurgling, clacking, then blowing bubbles, very approximately like /ʡ̬̆͢ʢːːʭ̆ʭ̆ʭʙˠ/). I live near Adelaide, Australia and enjoy scuba diving, reading, and politics. I'm 550 million years old and graduated from Ediacaran University with a PhD in QQQttSVFk'''aAAAEKmmology in 549999968 BCE. I also played for the Adelaide Nonsessile Organisms, EdU's fossilball team.

Some more fun facts about me:

  • I'm 1.25" tall, a bit above average for my age range and gender
  • I was a member of the Liberal Party before I went to uni
  • I am technically not alive right now


Short stories

ClickerClock did a short story competition in December 2017 and I decided to continue it with a different topic every month. These are mine.

Opinionated rants

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