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-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 07:52, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

This is an archive page, last updated 14 October 2016. Please do not make edits to this page.
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ok i wont edit this page becasues u told me too StupidIdiot 21:18, 2 November 2007 (EDT)

deletion template[edit]

I think we use {{missionality}}. There might also be an AFD page somewhere. ThunderkatzHo! 06:35, 16 October 2007 (EDT)

Thanks! We are reviving it, so maybe one of the admins can take care of it. --ИighŤ¤Ṭraiṇ ♦Τalk ǃ 15:04, 16 October 2007 (EDT)
That is correct, "mission" is kind of our deletion template. humanUser talk:Human 17:02, 16 October 2007 (EDT)

{{missionality}} Oh my! And all I was thinking is that saying the Moonbats was defunct could be removed, is all. Methinks that template might be a bit draconian, CP'ish even.  :O ----ИighŤ¤Ṭraiṇ ♦Τalk ǃ 17:37, 16 October 2007 (EDT)

In truth, its sparing use saves it from being creepy.-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 17:44, 16 October 2007 (EDT)
Hah! I just dropped it on the 'Rome' template & therefore on every Rome page. Hee hee! Susantalk to me 17:49, 16 October 2007 (EDT)
That's fair. I probably won't have time to make it RW presentable for a looooooooooooooooooooong time. You can delete, I just wanted to save it from CP in case I decided to do anything with it again... but it's already in the deletion logs, so that's coo-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 17:52, 16 October 2007 (EDT)
Just seemed a bit encyclopædic to me. Susantalk to me 17:58, 16 October 2007 (EDT)
AmesG, you are invited to make substantially vapid and authoritatively inaccurate contributions here, and not just on talk pages with silly remarks! :P Goatspeed! -- --ИighŤ¤Ṭraiṇ ♦Τalk ǃ 18:10, 16 October 2007 (EDT)

CP Panel[edit]

what about their front page where they say to "please submit any problems and requests you have on our talk page and we will work to resolve them"? — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs -03:23, October 20, 2007

I don't know what "front page" you are talking about or viewing wherever you are. The one I see, at the bottom left shows this link. And that link isn't to the CP Panel. Since you won't give a name, even a made-up user name, I have to assume you are pretty new, and pretty pissed at those idiots, but that isn't any excuse to be like them and make up shit, or post wrong assumptions. The CP Panel, is the earthereal "student panel" but isn't linked to anywhere on the wiki that I have found, and I have only read about it, never seen it used of seen a post from it. Maybe someone who has been there since the start can inform us. I do know some question if it is even real. --ИighŤ¤Ṭraiṇ ♦Τalk ǃ 07:42, 20 October 2007 (EDT)

Sorry, didn't realise communication breakdown. Front page = CPanel's User Page (the thing I was linking to). They clearly say on their user page that they will work to resolve any problem or request, and that all a person has to do is to post it on their talk page. But now TK has protected their talk page because an editor posted that he was being harassed by a sysop ([1]), so in other words he's restricted access to something which should, by the note on the user page, be open to anyone who wishes to make a submission. Hope this clears it up 08:43, 20 October 2007 (EDT)
Or so it did, nice to know TK watches this site 09:30, 20 October 2007 (EDT)
No problem! Are you QBeam? If so, I wouldn't use that name here, or when you register use the same user name, or forget to login and have your IP show, if you expect to be able to play with those idiots. If you are, I would suggest making all complaints like that on Assfly's talk pagefor maximum exposure and pain caused to them. TK and most of the CP sysops watch this place. Just so you know, the user really did post his complaint about "Mad Rob" in the wrong place. Like I said above, many think the "Panel" is nothing other than another Assfly account. - --ИighŤ¤Ṭraiṇ ♦Τalk ǃ 09:32, 20 October 2007 (EDT)

Phlerble twerble dweep WALLOP!

Just a little wandalism to see if anyone's alive out there. 11:20 am here & bored. Susantalk to me 06:21, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

Susan, I still have half a bowl of popcorn, come sit with me and watch the fight at CP/Dawkins Talk! -- --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 08:05, 23 October 2007 (EDT)
I bet you're enjoying the fight... Kenservative's really getting it* handed to him this time, eh? Fingers crossed that this is finally the time he pushes Andy too far. That, or when even the loony sites he links to end up unimpressed by quality articles such as "Gay Bomb", et cetera. Uchiha 19:28, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

*his ass, that is

Look at his Homosex article. It is nothing but an advertisement for that Peter guy. He is actually altering the content to suit the specifications of those whacko sites, and making them infomercials! -- --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 20:56, 23 October 2007 (EDT)


Something needs to be changed/altered? Don't hit me!! I didn't know! --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 20:57, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

DUH!! I added the damn template myself! I am off to find a Birch branch to whip myself with.... --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 20:58, 23 October 2007 (EDT)
I nowiki'd it for you. humanUser talk:Human 21:02, 23 October 2007 (EDT)
Danke, mister. --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 21:05, 23 October 2007 (EDT)


NT is there some misunderstanding here? You put in a comment about TK which had a strike-out at the start that wasn't closed so it ran over the following entries. The changes which you reverted just removed the strikeout. If you want to just strikeout your TK comment then go ahead, but now YOU have removed it in its entirety. Kenservative 09:05, 31 October 2007 (EDT)

Well, orginally it was reverted by another user, who evidently was just playing games, or thought I had reverted someone elses post. I just decided the post was dated, and nothing came of it, so left it off. --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 23:50, 31 October 2007 (EDT)

Did you archive all that stuff you deleted from this talk page somewhere? And if not, please do so. The {{talkpage}} template makes it easy if you want to use it. humanUser talk:Human 14:21, 2 November 2007 (EDT)

Yes, it appears I did archive it all but removed the archive creator template and list of them, something you can plainly see, no? So why the disingenius post here? Sorry I screwed up! I am only Human! --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 18:39, 2 November 2007 (EDT)
No big deal, what's disingenuous about my post? I suppose I could have looked back a diff and seen the template, or read the funny colored text in the diff box, but it was simpler to ask you a quick question. Anyway, Matt, thanks for fixin' it, all is well in muddville again, eh? Good luck w/school, and goatspeed, humanUser talk:Human 19:56, 2 November 2007 (EDT)
Pure as the driven shit you are, lol. You just have blind hate, without reason, and instead attack them where they cannot respond or even (so you think) know all that you say, just like Assfly. If you had any integrity or guts, you would message people directly. Instead of hiding in your private forum you don't allow all members here to be in. You are no liberal, that's for sure. Please feel free to delete and lock this page. --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 21:08, 2 November 2007 (EDT)

So, Kels made a mistake - you need to be rude? (Sorry missy, but it was archived. besides you are another who hides in hidden forums, not allowed to most RW members. Pretty elite of you all, eh? Maybe you guys need to explain to your members why) SusanYou don't have to talk, but ... 21:57, 2 November 2007 (EDT)

Sorry, Susan, but the rudeness was deserved, IMO, given her post to me, her edit comments. You evidently are not allowed into their hidden area of the most members here. They attack people there, hidden away, without accountability, and certainly not in keeping with what they say here in public about no bosses and mobocracy. All I did was archive my page, seeking to go inactive, saying nothing. It was Human and her who wanted a public fight. You know how to contact me, and email is enabled, so feel free to question away there. I am archiving all this again, and it is my fondest wish that it be left archived, and we not continue this in public, or anywhere else, for that matter. Thanks! --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 22:07, 2 November 2007 (EDT)

In all honesty, I didn't realize you had already copied and pasted the material before deleting it. So when I looked, there was only the cutting and no corresponding pasting afterwards, in the 20 minutes or so before I reverted. Given your propensity in the past for burning the evidence, I wanted to avoid something of the same nature here. I apologize unreservedly for my error. --Kels 12:30, 3 November 2007 (EDT)

Did you ever think...[edit]

...that this new jihad might be telling us too much about yourself along the way?-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 11:43, 3 November 2007 (EDT)

No. And since teh "jihad" was started by RW's own sysops and bureaucrats here, with false and misleading accusations, I also reject your slime-ball attempt to shift blame. Are you telling me to "publish and be damned" AmesG? Is that your answer? --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 12:05, 3 November 2007 (EDT)

No, just that your complaints here seem to reveal a lot about yourself.-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 12:10, 3 November 2007 (EDT)

Then my suggestion is for you guys to stop provoking, ask the sysops invloved to publicly apologize for deliberately provoking the original incident (Kels), and clean all the mess up. Fair enough? --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 12:27, 3 November 2007 (EDT)
I'm not a sysop. --Kels 12:33, 3 November 2007 (EDT)
Hi NT, figured I'd just post directly here and save you the trouble of archiving. You sure seem busy, in contrast with the statement in the box on your talk page! Quick question, since I saw some weird stuff here and there today - are you actually "TK"? As in the CP sysop person, inactive member here, and the also inactive Earwig? humanUser talk:Human 12:54, 3 November 2007 (EDT)
Nope. But typical of haters like you, Human, in trying to change the focus, and smear people. I think people are going to enjoy reading your less than human thoughts about other members here, lol. 13:11, 3 November 2007 (EDT)
Ah, thanks, just clearing things up. By the way, calling me a "hater" is gonna cost you 314 seconds in the corner. By the way, you sound like you could use a good night's sleep. Goatspeed! humanUser talk:Human 13:19, 3 November 2007 (EDT)

I thought that Talk pages shouldn't be retroactively messed with. -Oh well CP here we come! Let's rewrite history. SusanYou don't have to talk, but ... 16:35, 3 November 2007 (EDT)


How's goin for ya? Locke User is Vandal/sysop Always Watching...... 01:26, 5 November 2007 (EST)

It is going just fine! You want me to hurry? Would you rather me use Let me know! But you might want to check with AmesG first, man. --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 01:31, 5 November 2007 (EST)

Ugh. I don't even know what that means.-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 01:39, 5 November 2007 (EST)

No? Better start locking your computer then, because someone is sending emails from it. *ROLLS EYES* --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 01:41, 5 November 2007 (EST)

Actually, I'd better start using my spam filter, is what it means.-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 01:42, 5 November 2007 (EST)

Fine with me, Ames. I was here hunting down the links you asked for. If you are going to play dumb, and pretend you didn't offer what you did, it is no loss for me. You decide. --Иight¤Ṭrain ♦Τalk ǃ 01:45, 5 November 2007 (EST)

Give me the links and I'll help, but otherwise keep me the hell out of this clusterfuck, and quit the fucking verbal abuse, threats, and the associated pity-party.-αmεσ (mission accomplished!) 01:48, 5 November 2007 (EST)