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Victoria Cobb is the leader of the Family Foundation, the only job she has ever held. She acknowledges that, while she is against same-sex marriage, heterosexual marriage has become a disaster as well, and she describes single moms as "heroic". She claims that many people oppose abortion based on science rather than faith.[1] She claims that the political left has tried to silence her as part of a war on women, and that one-third of women who get abortions do so because they've been coerced by physical threats or by the threat of withdrawal of financial resources.[2]

She was accused of having a conflict of interest, given that she was an anti-abortion activist and her husband Matt Cobb was deputy secretary of Health and Human Resources in Virginia,[3] helping lead the office in charge of interpreting abortion regulations.[4]

She said, "Science has not found a genetic link to homosexuality. Even with the completed genome project, no evidence was found to suggest it is connected with one's DNA. I think those that have stepped away from their lifestyle as a gay individual and are now married with children would tell you that they made a choice.”[5]

In 2019, Cobb successfully lobbied a subcommittee of the Virginia state legislature to prevent passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.[6]