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Western world

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The Western world is a loose geopolitical or geocultural concept relating to western Eurasia (or Europe).

The definition of "Western" depends on the context. In geopolitical terms a Western nation usually implies a reasonably stable and prosperous capitalist liberal democracy. In cultural and artistic terms, being Western implies adherence to forms developed in Europe and nations settled by European emigrants. In neither of these cases does the descriptor have anything to do with geographical location. For example, Australia is regarded a Western nation in both respects. China, at the same longitude, is Western in neither geopolitical nor cultural terms. Japan, in turn, is within the Western sphere in geopolitical terms but its social structure and cultural outlook are non-Western. Russia, on the contrary, is a Western country in cultural terms, but has yet to become a liberal democracy.

In yet another sense the Western world can be defined as the nations that have traditionally been either Protestant or Catholic, with a wider definition that includes all Christians.

Some people use it synonymously with white people or Christians.

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