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Inventing "The Other"
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Fear And Loathing

The White Pendragons are a tiny, Trump-supporting racist group in the UK. They spend their time:

  • trying and failing to perform citizen's arrests of politicians they don't like, such as the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq KhanWikipedia[1]
  • talking about how Anglo-Saxon (i.e. white) English people supposedly invented absolutely everything that is great in the world[2]
  • and pushing deranged conspiracy theories — in particular:

People associated with the group have previously been involved with the anti-Muslim English Defence League[2] and the micro-party the English Democrats (not to be confused with the US Democratic Party, with which it has no relationship).[1]

While claiming (probably for legal reasons) that they welcome people of all races and religions,[1] there is no evidence that they are anything other than an all-white, ethnonationalist group.

Khan "arrest"[edit]

They purportedly tried to arrest Sadiq Khan in 2018, claiming that he should not be mayor of London "because he is a Muslim" (holding a political office while Muslim is not, needless to say, a crime in the UK). However, in doing so, they demonstrated that they did not know what a citizen's arrestWikipedia was, seemingly believing that it involved calling the police to arrest someone (that is a normal arrest). In reality, it was more of a protest to get media attention, which achieved its objectives, but reporters present had a hard time making sense of who they were or what they wanted from listening to their jumble of wingnut complaints.

They also, disturbingly, brought along a home-made gallows, but hid it out of sight outside, presumably so they would not be arrested for threatening behaviour or similar.[2]