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Wiley Drake

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Wiley Drake (1943–) is a California-based Southern Baptist minister and talk radio host. He was the vice-presidential candidate on the America's Independent Party (not American Independent Party) ticket in 2008 with Alan Keyes, and the second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006-2007. Drake has drawn controversy for his use of imprecatory prayer which involved cursing Barack Obama and others. His battle to prove that President Barack Obama was not born in the USA was heard in court at a preliminary hearing in January 2010.[1] It was, as all other cases filed by birthers, thrown out, possibly with judicial sighing and eye-rolling at some point.

Praying for the President to die[edit]

In the spirit of Christian love and forgiveness, Drake has offered prayers for the death of Barack Obama, just as he did previously - and "successfully" - for George Tiller.[2]


Wiley Drake is somewhat less extreme than Fred Phelps.