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I, the crown prince of Nigeria, offer you
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ALEX University is a fake (non-accredited) online university founded by Richard Spencer in 2021 to promote white nationalism. The university charges students $100 to enroll on its courses which consist of video lectures on Zoom by Spencer, Edward Dutton and Mark Brahmin.[1]

Despite naming itself after the Library of AlexandriaWikipedia and calling itself a university, ALEX University has no educational accreditation.


ALEX University was set up by Spencer in November 2021 and its website registered a month before.[2] This date is not random since in November 2021, Spencer as a defendant in the lawsuit Sines v. KesslerWikipedia was ordered to pay $700,000 in punitive damages after found to be liable on two counts.[3] Spencer claims to be appealing the judgment and ALEX University seems to be one of his methods of raising cash to pay for his legal costs.

Its website describes ALEX University's mission as follows:

A community dedicated to the unrelenting search for truth. Radically re-examining philosophy, culture, and science. Challenging academic orthodoxy. Fostering lifelong learning and spiritual growth.


The university (as of 2023) currently offers three online courses for enrolled students: "The Superman", "The Symbolic Language Of Hollywood Cinema" and "The Cave, The Truth, and the Lie". The course introduction pages embarassingly contain numerous punctuation and spelling mistakes, for example 'presentations' is misspelt 'presentaitons'.[4]

Edward Dutton's course "Introduction To Evolutionary Psychology" was listed from June to July 2022.[5]


Spencer's fake university has only three lecturers (himself, Edward Dutton and Mark Brahmin). Dutton is a grifter associated with other far-right diploma mills such as GegenUni. Mark Brahmin is a white supremacist whose anti-Semitic articles have been criticised.[6] Brahmin's poetry appears on neo-Nazi sites such as Stormfront[7] and he edits racist music videos such as by the "fascist wave" band Xurious.[8]

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