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Edward Dutton, grifter[1]

GegenUni[note 1] is a fake (non-accredited) online university set up by white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Christian fundamentalists in Germany. It is associated with the far-right populist party Alternative for Germany. Bogus "lecturers" at the university include Martin Sellner[2] (leader of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity), Nils Grunemann[3] (the chairman of the Berlin branch of Generation Identity and member of the AfD[4]), Michael Henkel[5] (a rabid Islamophobe and parliamentary secretary for the AfD in Thuringia[6][7]), Felix Dirsch[8] (a self-described "right-wing Catholic"[9] and NWO conspiracy theorist), Martin Semlitsch (a far-right publicist who has attended the white nationalist Scandza Forum in Stockholm[10]), Edward Dutton (ex-editor of the Mankind Quarterly and racist pseudoscientist),[11] Eric Lehnert (a consultant for the AfD parliamentary group in the Brandenburg state parliament), Paul Joachim, deputy chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate and Stefan Scheil[12] (formerly an elected council member for the AfD in Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis). GegeUni's course reading lists include far-right authors including Alex KurtagicWikipedia and Alain de BenoistWikipedia.[13][14][15]

The German newspaper Frankfurter RundschauWikipedia has described GegenUni as "right-wing extremist".[16]

GegenUni has no educational accreditation and most its lecturers have no academic qualifications. Its courses are taught by distance learning via online videos.

Despite advertising itself as an alternative to mainstream universities it deems "corrupt", the fake university is associated with numerous disreputable and notorious individuals. Martin Sellner, is a neo-Nazi, who has a criminal conviction for posting swasticas on the walls of a synagogue, for which he received a suspended sentence and undertook 100 hours of unpaid community work.[17] Edward Dutton is a disgraced academic who was investigated by the University of Oulo and found guilty of plagiarism.[18] Emil O. W. Kirkegaard a.k.a. William Engman is a perjurer in contempt of court who moved to Germany to avoid paying a judgment debt.[19] Supporters of GegenUni visible on social media, include neo-Nazis (including the troll Michael Coombs), members, party officials and elected politicians of AfD and the Berlin/Austrian branches of Generation Identity.

Simone Rafael, an expert on extremism at the Heidelberg-based Amadeu Antonio Foundation considers GegenUni to be a right-wing extremist organization.[20]


GegenUni was registered by Erik Ahrens as a company, GegenUni UG, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (commercial register number: HRB 15647), but re-registered and moved its company address to Rostock, Germany.[21] The company currently has a capital of €9,000 and was registered on 22 March, 2021.[22][23] On the same day of being registered, Emil Kirkegaard (now known as William Engman) registered the company Gesellschaft für deutsch-dänischen Wissenstransfer UG in Kiel, Germany.[24][25] Kirkegaard appears to be associated with the fake university, if not one of its founders. He is quoted on GegenUni's website as "Emil K." and has promoted GegenUni on his social media.[26]

The moving of GegenUni's offices from Frankfurt to Rostock likely has to do with Antifa targeting the former address as well as the fact the far-right views of GegenUni were exposed in a local newspaper.[27] The landlord of the offices that Ahrens' was renting in Frankfurt terminated the rental contract "after the background of this organization became known".[28] In November 2022, Ahrens' private apartment in Frankfurt was vandalised with butyric acidWikipedia and paint.[29]

GegenUni was created as a so-called "counter university" to oppose mainstream academic institutions which Ahrens maintains are left-wing.[30] GegenUni has also been promoted by Kirkegaard and Dutton as a "non-woke" place to study controversial topics such as race and intelligence.[31][32]

In June 2022, stickers of GegenUni were found on the campus walls of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.[33] Two weeks before, swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans (including "kill Jews") were found painted on the walls of a student residence at the same university.[34]

Ahrens has registered another company named ALB Kommunikation UG with offices in Cottbus, Germany.[35] This appears to be the publishing division of GegenUni with the stated purpose of "digital media and print products on political, economic and cultural topics".[36]


GegenUni has strong connections to the AfD (many of its lecturers are AfD members or work for the party) and has been sponsored by AfD party officials.[37]

Erik Ahrens[edit]

Erik Ahrens, not a wankerDo You Believe That?

Erik Ahrens is a German Christian fundamentalist, anti-LGBT activist[38] and the founder of the GegenUni. Ahrens is a self-described "volcel".[39] Born in 1994,[40] Ahrens identifies as a right-wing Christian.[41] He is the editor of Konflitk Magazine.[42]

Ahrens moderated a discussion by AfD-affiliated economists Felix Menzel, Recherche Dresden and Jurij Kofner, MIWI Institute.[43] He has spoken at far-right conferences including the 22nd Spring Academy of the IfS in Schnellroda on "Biopolitics".[44] Ahrens opposes interracial marriage and maintains homosexuality should be illegal.[45] Ahrens believes god created women to "seek out the best possible offspring."[46]

Despite identifying as a "volcel" and claiming to voluntarily refrain from sex, Ahrens believes men and women have a "natural inclination" by god to reproduce:

It is the way God created some men to excel and others to sink, so that we might have healthy and capable offspring. Of course, a free sexual market like nowaday's is bad and enforced monogamy was good for society, but the natural inclination of women to want to have children with the best men is a feature (not a bug) of God's creation. Just like men's drive to be with fertile women is good as well.[47]

NoFap and hypocrisy[edit]

Ahrens supports the NoFap movement and claims to oppose masturbation and pornography.[48][49][50]

He has bizarrely tried to link masturbation to witchcraft and communism.[51][52]

One criticizes masturbation and in the comments the disgusting, immoral, witch apologists and the like flock to speak out FOR self abuse. That strengthens you directly.[53]

In every conceivable moral system, masturbation is wrong. It is self-abusive in both traditional Christian teaching and secular-eugenic sexual ethics because there is only empty and meaningless gratification.[54]

Despite posing online as a moral crusader, Ahrens has been criticised for hypocrisy when it comes to child pornography:

There are some interesting people around him. Especially considering the fact that Ahrens speaks out against pornography here, I'm curious what he has to say about child pornography.[55]

Ahrens is a mutual follower of Emil Kirkegaard on Twitter and even quoted him on the GegenUni website as a promoter of a GegenUni course (see below). Kirkegaard is a sadomasochist and infamous activist for legalising child pornography and reducing age of consent. Despite this, Ahrens is a close associate of his and has never criticised Kirkegaard. Instead Ahrens can be found palling around with him online.[56]


The main goal of GegenUni is the creation of an "identitarian" (a dogwhistle for white nationalism) university. For example, one course is called Identitarian Foundations.[57]

GegenUni has also stated its goal is "the dissemination of right-wing ideas" and to provide a conservative alternative to liberal universities:[58]

To make quality theory work accessible to conservatives and patriots. Right-wing intellectuals fly the flag and keep right-wing theory alive. But of course this does not take place at the regular universities, which are firmly in leftist and liberal hands. This state of affairs is no longer acceptable. The task of our generation is to break the metapolitical dominance of the left. [English translation]

The fake university has an account on BitChute and describes itself as "a German dissident online university."[59]

In 2022, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Hesse published a detailed report on GegenUni documenting its underlying extreme-right ideology but noted its website has tried to moderate some of its rhetoric as part of Sellner's strategy of rebranding white nationalism.[60] Because the term white nationalist has a stigma attached to it and is unpalatable to the general public, Ahren and Sellner now use terms such as "identitarian" and "ethnopluralist" to describe the same racist ideology. It has been noted by scholars that "by using less tainted terms (e.g. ‘ethnopluralism’ for a classic right-wing blood-and-soil-ideology) they hope to appear different and more harmless."[61]


Edward Dutton's sociobiology course.

GegenUni's website openly admits the content of its online courses are political and "relate primarily to conservative and right-wing currents of thought."[62]

Several of GegenUni's courses are explicity nationalist and fascist with one course titled "ethnosymbolism".[63]

Most of GegenUni's online courses are in German, however, one course is in English by Edward Dutton (a grifter who is also associated with other far-right diploma mills, i.e. ALEX University).[64] This course on sociobiology costs $147 and merely consists of downloading video lectures, approximately 90 minutes each.[65] There is no coursework or exam for enrolled students. Calling it therefore a "course" is dubious at best. The videos are extremely poor quality with Dutton sitting in a dark room ranting about feminism while espousing pseudoscientific theories about race and the spiteful mutant hypothesis.

Dutton's sociobiology course includes video lectures titled "Making Sense of Race" and "Evolutionary Psychology of Wokism".[66] His lecture on race primarily is based on his own book Making Sense of Race which was published by Richard Spencer's Washington Summit Publishers in 2020.[67]

GegenUni's courses on ethics are based on a "vision of what a good Germany can look like" while criticising liberalism and multiculturalism.[68][69]


The majority of "lecturers" at GegenUni are unqualified and have no academic background. However, four notably have PhDs:[70]

  • Edward Dutton (Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen)
  • Eric Lehnert (Philosophy, University of Bamberg)
  • Stefan Scheil (Political Science, University of Jena)
  • Felix Dirsch (Philosophy, Munich School of Philosophy)

Although Dutton talks about sociobiology in his video lectures which focus on psychology, evolutionary biology and population genetics — he is not qualified or knowledgable about any these subjects. Actual scientists have described him as a fraud.[71] Dutton's followers on Twitter sent a woman misogynistic abuse after she asked him "Are you qualified to lecture about sociobiology?".[72]

Lehnert is infamous for his criticism of the inclusion of women in Bundeswehr army combat units and has been described in German newspapers as a sexist.[73]


GegenUni claims to have 550 enrolled students.[74]Do You Believe That?

Emil Kirkegaard (as "Emil K.") on a GegenUni webpage is misleadingly listed as a student who lives in Denmark who enrolled on Dutton's course.[75] This is despite the fact Kirkegaard, moved from Denmark to Germany in May 2021 (a few months after registering a company in Kiel) and is much more associated with GegenUni than only a student. Another course attendee testimonial on GegenUni's website is by "Holger M." a student from Germany. Holger is possibly Hans-Holger Malcomess, an AfD party official who has attended Pegida demonstrations.[76]

Curiously, within a few days of this article documenting Kirkegaard's association with GegenUni — the aformentioned webpage describing him as a student at GegenUni from Denmark was deleted.[77] This likely has to do with the fact he has been caught out lying about the country where he currently lives (he lives in Germany, not Denmark) since he is being sued for debt collection after losing a lawsuit.

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