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American Civil Rights Union

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Not to be confused with ACLU, the actual civil rights group.

The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) is a right-wing organization with an Orwellian Doublespeak name, intended to be a superior version of American Civil Liberties Union, which they decry as running against traditional American values such as supporting the Voting Rights Act (and therefore opposing voter ID laws), gun rights, religious liberty (the ACLU is anti-Christian and pro-communism according to them), supporting reverse racism, disrespecting employers' religious rights, and stating that possessing child pornography in and of itself should not be a crime.[1] It was founded by Reagan Republican Robert B. Carleson.[2] They post articles that are hosted on other websites including Breitbart, National Review Online, and Forbes.

General rants[edit]

The American Civil Rights Union submits right-wing rants for publication as op-eds.[3]

Well, let's trust that our ultra-effective Obamacare health bureaucracy can limit the damage when the victims fly all over the country. After all, the administration is doing such a great job of containment along the Mexican border.

With lightning speed, the federal judicial Borg has ordered a majority of states to ignore the clearly stated wishes of their citizens. As the Supreme Court yawns, black-robed tyrants below are ordering everyone to pretend that brideless or groomless weddings are really "marriages" — or else. Anyone not buying this fiction is a "hater."

They dislike the UN and engage in conspiracy thinking; they claim that the UN is using global warming as an excuse to grab power.[4]


The ACRU shows a spectacular lack of understanding of the Constitution and American history by accusing leftist groups transforming the Constitution as an enemy of religion and twisting American history.[5] The leftists would like to tear down churches, but reality forces them to try to make churches irrelevant and doomed to secular morality, thus affecting their ability to be charitable. They dislike atheists (unsurprisingly) because they believe that the ACLU is atheist and that other atheists want to remove Christian and occasionally Jewish symbols from public squares like the Ten Commandments monuments. They conveniently ignore the Establishment Clause ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…") part of the Constitution all while saying that the "Constitution is very clear and can't be ignored". Finally, they complain that leftists want to brand traditional morality into hate speech and try to push censorship and intolerance for what they perceive as dissent. As for atheists' opinions, those don't matter to them. They cry aggressive oppression by Christmas-hating militant atheists when the atheists sponsor billboards during the Christmas season with statements such as "You know it’s a myth. Celebrate the season with reason" and "There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."[6] Atheists are also ignorant since they dismiss Jesus as historical reality.

Voter "fraud"[edit]

Let’s get something straight up front —- voter ID that is free and easy to obtain should be an essential part of each state’s effort to preserve the integrity of elections. It is an important step to prevent voter fraud, but perhaps more importantly, to aid prosecutors in criminal cases when voter fraud is discovered.[7]

Nearly 200 counties across America have more people registered to vote than they have residents eligible to vote."[8]

The ACRU promotes voter suppression in the name of stopping voter fraud. They cite exactly zero sources to support their claims. They claim that the left is orchestrating to compromise America's voting system by relaxing electoral rules such as voter ID laws (unless it's a national voter ID law)[7] and therefore promoting this fantastical voter fraud. Of course, they don't like illegal immigrants


See the main article on this topic: LGBT

Not surprisingly, the organization is against same-sex marriage. Their comparison of gay marriage to Taliban terrorism and Ebola is comical, like a "murder, arson, and jaywalking" joke.[3] To be fair, they also include other signs of "insanity" like Obama-Biden stickers, abortion clinics, and legalization of marijuana. Knowing them, having a college education would also be a warning sign.

The organization recently published a rant about transgender people, using (among other things) the usual bathroom issue. They complain that it used to be simpler but now using the traditional methods will brand one as "homophobic". They question those who identify outside of their race or biological sex as possibly exploiting minorities' benefits, calling it "racial fakery". They apply this analogy to transgender people who compete in gendered sports and suggest that they are creepy and cheaters.

But let's explore further the idea of freeing oneself from the oppression of biological determinism. There is no better testing ground than America's colleges, which are at the forefront of transgenderism, for seeing how this might work. How tolerant would college administrators be of conservative male students, if they said that they feel womanish, going into the ladies' bathroom and showering facilities? Would these men, claiming to be women, be eligible for tryouts for the women's basketball or field hockey team?[9]

Global warming[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Global warming

Climate change propaganda is simply a ruse for a socialist agenda. […] The most disgusting aspect of the climate change debate is the statements by many that it's settled science. There is nothing more anti-scientific than the idea that any science is settled. Very often we find that the half-life of many scientific ideas is about 50 years. For academics to not criticize their colleagues and politicians for suggesting that scientific ideas are not subject to challenge is the height of academic dishonesty.[10]

What is right-wingnuttery without global warming denialism? They have hosted articles that revel in it. Their "points", however, are mostly denialist tropes of many flavors including "Earth is cooling", "the Ordovician Period had higher amounts of CO2 concentration; therefore global warming isn't real because our oceans aren't boiling", "temperature hasn't moved for 18 years", "climate predictions are wrong", and "no Category 3-5 hurricane has struck the United States for a record nine years".

Peter Ferrara, a Heartland Institute Senior Fellow, writes many articles that compare "catastrophic" global warming as a fraud similar to Obamacare that is part of an agenda to expand government power and have it grasp the energy industry by imposing regulations.[4] Both have something in common in which both have enablers that promote the fraud in the name of political correctness. Ferrara mentions how progressive scientists are awarded billions of dollars through government and environment grants for allowing the enablers to cooperate. In return, the ACRU promotes the NIPCC and the Heartland Institute being made from "independent, private sector scientists" while neglecting the Heartland Institute's ties to oil. The Heartland Institute is boasted as "the international headquarters of the scientific alternative to the UN's IPCC". They hail Climate Change Reconsidered II as "calm, dispassionate science" when it really is more just another repeat of tired global warming talking points (for instance, the work cherry-picks beginning and end points of data and claims that global warming has stalled) and repeating claims in different words to inflate the number of claims. Ferrara praises Richard Lindzen, and says that "no climate scientist in the world [has] a better professional pedigree than Lindzen." The quotes provided include comparisons to eugenics, Stalin, and jihadist religion. Nazi comparisons can also be found.[4] Ferrara buys into Climategate and states that Denialgate exonerated the "skeptics" by exposing them as impartial, humble, objective, poorly-funded truth-telling scientists with no connection to oil ties or other interested commercial enterprises.[11]

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