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Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is a top notch hate group that obsess over everything fabulously gay, headed by Peter LaBarbera, a former Moonie Times reporter who previously made the rounds in religious right anti-gay groups (American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, etc.).[1] The group excelled at the victim complex where religious white people are the horridly oppressed. The group is valiantly against the specter of "homofascism." It lost its tax-exempt status in June of 2011, and again in October 2015.[2]

So, basically, it offers no truth whatsoever.

The website[edit]

At the top of their logo stands a proud Statue of Liberty, a symbol of all that is French American, and pure green.[3] The title bar prominently highlights whatever rabid drivel they want to expound upon, and their talking head ministers stand authoritatively commenting about what the Bible really means about gays. Equally prominent (as it always is on these Christian anti-whatever (abortion, gays, atheists, figs) sites) is the button to DONATE HERE. Well, you can't take it with you.

So what is "The Truth" about Gays?[edit]

  • The biggest truth is that gays can be converted to straights by God's love. This is such an important truth that it has LaBarbera in conflict with Westboro Baptist Church over who can be saved and how. Of course, it does not matter that the newly "straight" people are depressed, living lies, and even sometimes suicidal.
  • Gays are out to take over the world. Or something. But the homo-facism must be stopped — they are teaching our children to respect each other regardless of things like who they love. How dare they!
  • Gays are always invading schools, the centerpiece of their homosexual indoctrination scheme. It's likely that homosexual teachers emit gay radiation that turned helpless children into little gayletts.
  • That we need your donation to make America great again through world-class homophobia.[4]
  • That the gays are invading our churches, turning good churches into "sin loving churches."
  • That they are invading our politics. There are now three openly gay members of Congress. And you need to learn how to spot the gay in politics. Buy our book and we will tell you how.[5]
  • That your taxes subsidize the Homosexual Agenda™.

Porno Pete[edit]

Porno Pete would have more credibility if also shined a light on straight swingers clubs and other hetero smut dens. But his bizarre, creepy addiction to anything homosexual - particularly if it involves leather - makes his act a thin cover for anti-gay bias. Or, a way to allow him to live in the gay leather community, without having the balls to proclaim his homosexuality. Either way, it is a soulless, Godless existence that seeks to bring others down, but really reflects most poorly on Porno Pete.
—Wayne Besen[6]

LaBarbera's homophobia starts with spending a lot of time snapping photos of gay men in erotic clothing. He has earned the nickname "Porno Pete" as he loves to spend his free time at gay fetish events like the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and International Mr Leather in Chicago. While surrounded by hot gay men in leather chaps, he does what any good Christian heterosexual family values campaigner does: grabs a camera and snap dozens of photographs and puts them on the web.[7]

LaBarbera has since moved on and is now in gross-out mode and posts pictures of anal warts and other sexually transmitted diseases that only filthy gays get because Jesus hates them.[8]

A little Savage love[edit]

On February 9, 2012, LaBarbera called for the arrest of Dan Savage for launching the "It Gets Better" campaign.[9] His reasoning? That the campaign designed to give young bullied terrified gay kids some hope...was actually making suicides among LGBT teens worse, because of Jesus or something.

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