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Andrew Emerson

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Doctor Andrew Emerson is a British mental health nurse who is involved with far-right politics. He believes in "equal treatment for the ethnic majority",[1] whatever that means.

Once a member of the BNP, he left the party due to doubts about how it was being run and teamed up with other former members to start a new party named Patria (Latin for "homeland").[2] At Lancaster University in the 1970s he was a member of the International Socialists and he was also a member of the Chichester Labour Party in the 1990s.

Officially, Patria is "neither left nor right, but patriotic";[3] variations of this tagline are common amongst right-wing organisations — the English Democrats, for example, have used the slogan "not left, not right, just English!"[4]

Patria's manifesto calls for "ethnic aliens" to be barred from entering the country, for the Human Rights Act 1998, the Race Relations Act 1965, the Equality Act 2010 and the Climate Change Act 2008 to be repealed and for Britain to leave the European Convention on Human Rights. It also promises the banning of halal and kosher slaughter and a halt to the construction of mosques, and hopes to reintroduce the death penalty for murder and treason.[5]

The Patria website features a number of articles by Emerson, containing his curious ramblings about "the liberation of our people from the yoke of alien oppression".[6] Emerson also runs a personal blog with a number of interesting posts, such as copypaste of a lengthy article from American Renaissance about the "Jewish agenda"[7] and a Telegraph article about prehistoric Britain given the new title "The preeminent genius of the White race".[8]

"Racism is a made up word. It’s code for anti-white, anti-English", says Emerson. "The people who accuse us of being racist can’t explain what they mean by the word."[2] It's really fairly straightforward, Andrew: racism is discrimination towards a person or people because of their race. The fact that you are accusing your critics of being anti-white means that you obviously grasp the basics of the concept already, so is it really that much of a stretch for you to imagine anti-black or anti-Asian prejudice?