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Gregory Lauder-Frost

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Lauder-Frost (l) with Clive Derby-Lewis (r) at the 1990 World Anti-Communist League Conference
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Gregory MacLennan Scholey Lauder-Frost (born Gregory Frost in August 1951[1]) is an Australian-born British white nationalist, Metapedia admin, and convicted criminal.[2] Formerly associated with the rightmost fringe of the British Conservative Party, he is founder and vice-chairman of the Traditional Britain Group and is UK head of the far-right book publisher Arktos, seen as the publishing wing of the alt-right movement.[3] Self-styled 'GLF' (an abbreviation of his initials), his opponents have been known to parody him as 'TPF' ('tonsured pleb frost') or 'Frauder-Lost'.

In July 2019, Lauder-Frost was fined £300 and ordered to pay £200 compensation after being found guilty of a racially-aggravated offence.[4] Racist messages he had sent online included: "you have no right to be in our country or arguing [sic] with a superior race” and “what do you think you are doing in my country?".


He was born plain Gregory Frost in The Salvation Army Mothers' Hospital "Hillcrest" in Merewether, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia on 8 August 1951[5] to Australian Wallace Frost (great-great-grandson of English convict Thomas Frost, who was transported to Australia in 1810 for stealing a large sum of money - Lauder-Frost himself was sentenced to two years in prison for embezzling over £111,000 from Riverside Health Authority in 1992 and declared bankrupt in 1993)[6] and US-born Cecily Scholey Lauder, the daughter of Scottish-born Matt Lauder Jr. who had emigrated to Australia, then to the US (where he was naturalised and his daughter was born) and, thence, back to Australia, where Matt Lauder Jr. became a naturalised Australian.

His parents married at St Andrew's Church (Presbyterian) in Newcastle, New South Wales, in April 1948.[7] Wallace Frost is described on the marriage certificate as 'boilermaker' and Cecily Scholey Lauder is described as 'tracer'. Lauder-Frost's grandfathers are described on his parents' marriage certificate as 'truck driver' and 'electrician' respectively.

His great-great-uncle was the popular Scottish entertainer Sir Harry Lauder who made a considerable amount of money from his show business career. Lauder-Frost likes to claim that the house known as Lauder Ha',[8] which Sir Harry had built in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire in 1936, on land purchased just a few years earlier, was his "family seat"[9] – thus giving the impression that he is descended from landed gentry. However, being distant relatives, none of Lauder-Frost's immediate family were beneficiaries of Sir Harry's will. Lauder Ha', which was put in the name of Sir Harry's niece and companion, Margaret 'Greta' Lauder, to avoid death duties, passed to Margaret 'Greta' Lauder, and the house and contents were auctioned off after her death in 1966.

Frost claims to be descended from the Lauders of the Bass, but his own family records appear to stop with John Lauder (born c. 1630).[10] Given that he has documented the extensive lineage and descent of the Lauders from whom he claims to descend, it is odd that he has not linked up his own line. The only sources for Frost's descent from the Lauders of the Bass appear to be his claim that it is 'more than likely' and the fact that Sir Harry Lauder, a comedian, used to claim such descent.

By December 1981, when he married his Polish first wife, Joanna Pecka, he was living in a basement flat in Philbeach Gardens, Earl's Court, London SW5,[11] then a very popular bedsit area with Australian immigrants and known colloquially as Kangaroo Valley.[12] His Australian origins make his use, on the forum of the former Conservative Democratic Alliance, of phrases such as "the upstart son of an East End Jewish taxi cab driver" (to describe John Bercow) heavily ironic because such phrases were typically used by those who talked about "jumped-up colonials" wholly unironically.

Lauder-Frost is a member of several genealogy societies and is happy to give advice to those seeking information on the Lauder or Frost families on the many genealogy websites to which he contributes, but his own birth is always conspicuously absent from every family tree on these websites.

He has had a long involvement with the Conservative Party, serving as chair of the foreign policy committee of the Conservative Monday Club. He was also a member of the Western Goals Institute,[13] an organisation with close links to the European far-right and South African racist politicians (vice-president Clive Derby-Lewis of the South African Conservative Party was later sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in a racist, terrorist murder.[14])

In 1992, Lauder-Frost was sentenced to two years in jail for stealing £110,000 from his employers, a London health authority, where he had worked as a payroll manager. In his defence, he said he needed the money to fund a custody battle against his Polish ex-wife.[13] At this point, Private Eye often referred to him as "Gregory Frauder-Lost".

In 2013, he gained media attention for inviting then Conservative backbench MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to be a guest of the Traditional Britain Group, a far-right organisation run by Lauder-Frost. Rees-Mogg accepted the invitation but after media criticism described Lauder-Frost's views as "disgusting".[15]

He was in legal trouble again in 2019 after an online dispute with 21-year-old student Isadora Sinha. He made several racist and threatening posts directed toward her, including: "you are on the list. Don’t get too comfortable." His other comments included "You are not British. You are someone of foreign ethnicity." "It is not skin colour that matters, it is race. Your natural home lies out of the UK." "Please go back to your natural homeland instead of insulting us." "I am not a white nationalist. I want to keep Britain British. If you are not ethnically British, you are not British." At the trial, he said, "She was an alien in this country, my country, and putting forth insulting arguments." He was convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and fined £300 plus £200 compensation; the judge was unequivocal in his verdict, saying, "The comments are racist. They clearly are."[4]

Far-right opinions[edit]

Lauder-Frost supports encouraging the repatriation of people of "non-European stock" to their ancestral countries of origin, even those born in the UK.[13][16] Frost, however, does not oppose immigration from other European countries into the UK, and his first-wife was ethnically Polish. His opposition to immigration, therefore, is based on skin colour and racism.

One of his more notorious outbursts was against the peerage given to anti-racism campaigner Doreen Lawrence.Wikipedia Lawrence was the mother of Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager who died in April 1993 after a racist attack which police failed to properly investigate. She spent years campaigning to find the truth about his death, combat the institutional racism in the Metropolitan Police force (which his death exposed), and challenge racism more generally. However, Lauder-Frost felt she wasn't posh enough to sit in the House of Lords. He said:

We do not feel there is any merit in raising such a person to the peerage. She's a complete nobody. She has been raised there for politically correct purposes. She's just a campaigner about her son’s murder. It’s ridiculous. She has made countless anti-English comments over the last 10 years. She’s no friend of the English people.[13]

The Daily Mirror in two articles on 30th and 31st of January 2018 reported Lauder-Frost was secretly filmed by Hope not Hate calling Lawrence a "nigger", and in the same speech described television presenter Vanessa Feltz as a "fat Jewish slag." Lauder-Frost subsequently complained to Independent Press Standards Organisation saying he did not call Lawrence a "nigger" but a "big black woman".[17]

The Daily Mirror, in response, published a correction:

A previous version of this article stated that the undercover Hope Not Hate investigation showed Gregory Lauder-Frost calling Doreen Lawrence a n*****. Although Mr Lauder-Frost called Ms Lawrence a 'big black woman' with 'no credibility whatsoever for a life peerage, none, just because she is black' we have since been advised that Mr Lauder-Frost did not use the term 'n*****'.[18]

The correction did not change much since Lauder-Frost admitted that "he did not believe in miscegenation", he wants to "halt alien immigration” into the UK and encourage voluntary repatriation." In other words, he's an overt racist. Lauder-Frost also admitted to calling Vanessa Feltz as a "fat Jewish slag." The Daily Mirror published a later article quoting Frost's anti-Semitic comment.[19]


Frost joined the white supremacist wiki Metapedia in January 2014, using his real name Greg Frost.[20] Within a couple of months, he was made an admin and wrote his own autobiographical article (itself largely a recreation of a much-contested, and eventually deleted, Wikipedia article). In December 2014, Frost wished to change his name to make his account anonymous since he realised he would attract criticism for editing on a far-right website; he changed his name to Cicero:

I would like to change my user name to something anonymous as per virtually everyone else. I am getting flak. Consider Cicero or something like that but please could this be done ASAP retrospectively and this request then deleted from this page.
—Greg Frost[21]

He later deleted this comment to try to remain anonymous; but we have pics, so it did happen.

Frost still continues to deny he is a Metapedia admin, despite it being conclusively proven:

  • His first account was named Greg Frost.[22]
  • Frost as Greg Frost made his own whitewashed autobiography article, with extensive genealogical claims of relationship to nobility and royalty citing nothing but "Wikitree", Frost having been the one to create entries for his own family members.[23][24]
  • After Frost realised there would be negative publicity because he used his real name connecting him to a far-right wiki, he requested to change his name to Cicero to be anonymous, but since names couldn't be changed he created a new account.[25]
  • Frost's second account was named Cicero.[26]
  • After another wiki exposed the name change,[27] Frost abandoned his second account.
  • Frost now edits Metapedia on his third account as Matt58, lying about being "young and single"; in the Discussion page of Frost's Metapedia article, Matt58 disingenuously commented on 3 October 2018 "We are grateful to Gregory Lauder-Frost for answering all our questions to make this a better article".[28][29]
  • Matt58 was created on 29 December 2016, when Frost stopped editing as Cicero on 20 December 2016 - so Frost isn't even good at trying to cover his tracks.
  • As additional proof Matt58 primarily edits his own autobiographical article and the Traditional Britain Group page.


Arktos, founded in 2009, is a publisher associated with the European ethnic-nationalist New Right movement.[30] Its global boss is Daniel Friberg (a leading figure in Sweden's far right and European head of Richard Spencer's[31]), while the UK operation is headed by Lauder-Frost and William Clark. Arktos has published works by:

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