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Barry Lynes (1942–) is an American conspiracy theorist and promoter of dangerous and unproven cancer treatments.

Lynes authored The Cancer Cure That Worked!: Fifty Years of Suppression in 1987, which claimed that the quack inventor Royal RifeWikipedia cured cancer with his radionics device but the evidence was suppressed by the American Medical Association.[1] According to a review of the book:

If this book had been written as a way of showing an example of pathological science at work then it might have had some value. Instead, it was written by a true believer as a way of promoting Rife's work and promoting the nonsense to a wider audience. This book is less than worthless. I felt that I should have been paid to read it. Not only is it worthless, however, but it is dangerous as it could convince people with real diseases that someone following Rife's absurd ideas might actually be able to cure something.[2]

The Encyclopedia of American Loons have noted that "Lynes’s promotion of woo is the kind of crankery that actually harms people. He may not be among the more famous loons in the US, but he is certainly among the more obviously dangerous ones."[3]

Lynes has written the following books:

  • The Cancer Cure That Worked!: 50 Years of Suppression (1987)
  • The Healing of Cancer: The Cures the Cover-Ups and the Solution Now! (1990)
  • The Cancer Conspiracy: Betrayal, Collusion and the Suppression of Alternative Cancer Treatments (2002)
  • Rife's World of Electromedicine: The Story, the Corruption and the Promise (2009)
  • Rife's Great Discovery: Why "Resonant Frequency" Therapy Is Kept Hidden From Public Awareness (2017)


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