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Out of everyone in the alt-right, doxxing poses the biggest threat to me because I never leave my apartment.
—Paul Joseph Watson, alt-righter & alpha male[1]
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Paul Joseph Watson (PJW or Pyjama Watso) is an alt-lite English YouTube vlogger who publishes absurd and bigoted articles for Prison Planet, a sister site of Alex Jones' Infowars. Watson has helped normalize innumerable conspiracy theories, such as the "Clinton is dying" hoax.[2]

As of May 8, 2019, his YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers and 381 million views.[3]


Culture, controversy, contrarianism.
—YouTube channel description

Watson's views are indistinguishable from Alex Jones': a mixture of conservatism (hating on gay[4], female, and black identity movements), right wing Libertarianism (hating on spooky scary government), and conspiracist bullshit (whining about Cultural Marxism and the New World Order).

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Watson has been trying (and largely succeeding) to convert fringe conspiracy theories into mainstream ideas for years. He often attempts this with misleading clickbait-y videos with titles like "The Truth About…" These videos never actually contain the truth about the things they are about; instead, they contain a mixture of misleading claims, baseless speculation, conspiracy theories, and outright lies.

Watson's favorite topics, in addition to |Trump and Clinton, include favorite conspiracy theory whipping boys: the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, Black Lives Matter (which he hates).[5]

To top things off, Watson has also shown an interest in spooky scary GWEN towers.[6]


Conservatism is the NEW counter-culture.
Conservatism is the NEW punk rock.
Everyone RT this, it really annoys leftists.
—Paul Joseph Watson, coolest kid on the block[7]
  • Naturally, he loves Trump,[8] though he prefers attacking Trump's opponents to defending him (though he has done both).
  • He was also one of the big pushers of the debunked hoax about Hillary Clinton having brain damage.[9]
  • He describes literal paramilitary right-wing groups as "right-wing SJWs".[10]
  • He joined British political party UKIP in 2018, seen as part of UKIP's embrace of the far-right fringe.[11]

Paul "Flip-Flops" Watson[edit]

Watson can't decide if he's pro- or anti-boycotting:

God forbid we should actually have to challenge their ideas, let's just use witch hunt tactics to financially sabotage them. [Quoted Tweet: 2200 advertisers have left Breitbart. 26 remain. If Amazon stops advertising on Breitbart it could finish them.]
—PJW: "Boycotts hurt free speech!"[12]

Companies respond to “boycotts” for free advertising. It’s quite monumentally mercenary.
—PJW: "Boycotts don't work!"[13]

Boycott @PlanetFitness and any company that enforces ridiculous, petty & authoritarian anti-free speech policies.
—PJW: "Boycotts fight authoritarianism!"[14]

Boycott CPAC. Bunch of stuffy cunts who represent an old, failed brand of conservatism.
NOT the new counter-culture.
—PJW: "Boycotts fight stuffy old cunts!"[15]

Boycott @AngelSoft for shitting on father's day to please radical feminists. Seriously, fuck off with your misandry.
—PJW: "Boycotts fight misandry!"[16]

Watson can't decide whether businesses should provide services:[17]

Twitter has suspended known Alt-Right extremist Steven Crowder. Wait, what? Crowder? Yes, Crowder. He's locked out for a week over a parody video. This is beyond a joke now. Censorship of conservatives MUST be addressed by lawmakers.
—PJW demanding that Twitter provide service to all people[18]

Right decision. No one should be forced to provide a service. Just as a gay-owned print shop shouldn't be forced to make signs for the Westboro Baptist Church.
—PJW defending your right not to service people[19]

Watson can't decide what to do about pedophiles:

Why is the left obsessed with protecting pedophiles?
—PJW during Kevin Spacey scandal[20]
So now Pizzagate's been debunked, that must mean that ANYONE who talks about the connections between pedophilia and people in positions of power must be a crazy extremist conspiracy theorist, right? Wrong! [....] Is a huge part of the establishment's war on Trump centered on their fear that the net is closing on their sordid, illegal activites?
—PJW during Pizzagate scandal, in "Pedophiles Rule the World"[21]

We've entered the territory where mere accusation alone is enough to sink someone's political career, whether it's true or not. Dangerous.[22]
Third wave feminists and social justice warriors [...] [are trying] to impose a new, onerous form of sexual puritanism. The pre-eminence of innocent until proven guilty is being jettisoned. Now, mere accusation alone is enough to ruin someone's career. Do you understand how dangerous that is?
—PJW during Roy Moore scandal, in "The New Sexual Puritans"[23]

Watson can't decide whether the government should regulate the internet:

Government regulation of the Internet is about CONTROL, not neutrality[24]
'Net neutrality' is a trojan horse for government regulation of the web
—PJW denouncing government regulation of the internet[25]

"YouTube is a private company."
Bla Bla Bla. Fuck off.
Google basically is the Internet at this point.
—PJW defending government regulation of the internet[26]

Watson can't decide whether he likes jokes:

—PJW outraged at humor that crosses the line[27][28]

Count Dankula convicted for a satirical YouTube video. UK as a free country is barely recognizable anymore. Chilling.
—PJW defending your right to outrage anyone[29][28]


He used to endorse the MGTOW movement, advocating "rejecting toxic women who have been brainwashed by cultural marxism" and recommending instead that all male viewers (no girls allowed!) visit Return of Kings and partake in the gospel according to Roosh V. He has since criticized the MGTOW movement, referring to them as "Men groping their own weiners." He also compared them to Incels, which is ironic giving that most of his fanbase are sexually-frustrated men.[30][31]

Fake news[edit]

PJW frequently pushes documented fake news.

The Antifa-NAMBLA incident[edit]

Does it matter whether or not it was a false flag given how funny it is?
—Paul Joseph Watson, truth-seeker extraordinaire[32]

Watson tweeted a banner allegedly used by Antifa that features the NAMBLA logo:[33]

Real journalism from a real journalist.

The picture was, needless to say, a hoax. The Antifa-NAMBLA banner was created by alt-right activists in order to (according to the photographer) "plant [a] NAMBLA-branded sign in front of protest march".[34][35][36][37]

Watson later created a video justifying himself, arguing that it's OK to lie because "antifa is degenerate scum".[32]

The Scotsman incident[edit]

Watson published an article alleging that the "mainstream media" would reveal an explosive video of Trump saying racist and sexist epithets on a secret camera to try to derail Trump's inauguration. The problem with the story? It was made up by a Scottish marketing professional. How did Watson get the story? The Scotsman messaged Watson the story on Twitter as a prank. Without any effort to fact-check the story or even verify the identity of the leaker, Watson hurriedly typed up the story in the hopes of getting more clicks. Adding insult to injury, the article remained up for days after the prankster revealed his game, which shows Watson is the pinnacle of journalistic malpractice and fake news.[38][39] Watson also has the habit of sharing fake history memes. He claimed Islamic terrorists haven't kidnapped Russians since 1986 because Russia is so awesome and tough on them. He forgot the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis, along with other kidnappings.[40][41]

Paul JEWseph Watson[edit]

PJW during his "unkempt hair conspiracy-theorist" phase.[42]

As with every mainstream crank, there are conspiracy theories surrounding the conspiracy theorist. So, what is it this time? Illuminati, reptilian or maybe the classic government shill?

Surprisingly, a vast number of people believe Watson is actually a Zionist.[43][44][45] People assume this because he went on record saying that "[He doesn't] believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real, credible, hardcore evidence that it's taking place."[46]

That's all fine and dandy. After all, even crazy wackos can be rational once in a while, but this raises the question: why does he subscribe to other illogical conspiracy theories when they too lack any sort of concrete evidenceProbably because he isn't brainwashed by the deceptive mainstream shills working for the New World Order!!![47] As you should know, cranks aren't the most rational of people.

Relationship with the alt-right[edit]

During Donald Trump's election campaign Watson embraced the alt-right and considered himself a part of the movement,[48][49] apparently oblivious to its racist elements.[50] Watson had believed the genuine neo-Nazis were a "tiny, vocal, fringe minority of the alt-right."[51] Shortly after Trump's election victory, Watson began distancing himself from the alt-right when he realised many of them blamed the Jews for everything bad in the world and were not overly fond of non-white people.[52] He then dismissed the alt-right as "right-wing SJWs."[53][54] Since November 2016 he has completely rejected the label and seems to now hate being associated with the movement.[55] Watson, not one to shy away from a conspiracy, has suggested alt-right figure Richard Spencer may be an FBI informant similar to Hal TurnerWikipedia's W.svg.[56] Credit to him, even Paul finds Spencer to be extreme.

Stopped clock[edit]

Genuinely surprisingly for someone who once coddled the manosphere, Paul Joseph Watson actually mocked incels and pointed out lapses in logic many feminists have accused them of embracing. He also criticized the Christchurch massacre and people who tried to defend it, even if he predictably went off in a tangent about the left after two (moderately sensible) minutes.


In 2019, Facebook banned Watson, Alex Jones and Infowars and four other individuals (Louis Farrakhan, Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer) as "dangerous individuals and organizations".[57][58]

See also[edit]

Alex Jones: Paul's crazier partner in crime and alleged gay reptoid space alien lover.

Sargon of Akkad: Another (slightly less nutty) anti-feminist and conspiracy theorist.

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