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…What I've done in this world is monumental. I have broken a code that nobody broke before. I have made more correct predictions about sports, celebrity deaths, and news stories than anyone has before. My work is truly important. I can't think of anyone in the history of this nation, literally, who has done something that's actually more important and empowering to the people. The knowledge that I have put out, which I have given to people for free for more than 4 years, and taught, you know, with non-stop dedication: this work has the power to do more for people than anything you can learn at any university, that you have to pay all this money for. So I don't want to hear about how Wikipedia thinks I'm insignificant, that's bullshit!
—Zachary Hubbard[1]

Zachary K. Hubbard (1983–) is a paranoid, science-denying conspiracy theorist, blogger, YouTuber, utter lunatic, and crank. Essentially, he believes that the entire world is fake (or "scripted", as he prefers to say), being run by a hidden force of evil Jesuits, the (NWO), the Illuminati, powers that be, etc, who control elections, sporting events, terrorist attacks, the weather, natural disasters, and celebrity/politician deaths by sacrificing them "by the numbers" on a near-daily basis for no apparent reason.[note 1] Yes, this is actually what he believes. He "proves" this with his make believe lunacy secret weapon: new gematria, his very own conspiracy which teaches that the powers that be are the ones responsible for all of this.

He runs a blog site[2] where he posts his grand "proofs" that, usually, can't even be falsified: his Youtube Channel(s) fair no better. He runs a Patreon[3] where he charges $1 to $20 a month (depending on the membership level) to access more conspiracy nonsense, some chapters of his books, and some other pointless stuff.

Even though his Gematria is “the most important work to the truth community” (paraphrased countless times), in December 2020 Hubbard launched a new YouTube channel, Voice of the People[4]. It’s promoted as a gematria-free channel about other types of crankery, which Hubbard launched after (finally) discovering that the majority of the world's population doesn't give a shit about numbers that any idiot can manufacture on a daily basis[5]. Naturally, there is nonetheless some Gematria included in the two videos available as of this writing.

Origin story[edit]

Hubbard was born in Portland, Oregon on July 21st 1983. While his parents raised him at Lutheran, he no longer identifies as religious, nor is a practicing Christian, He did not, however, lose his faith in God. In fact, he deluded himself into believing discovered that God had, in fact, placed him on the Earth, on the exact day he was born on, in the exact location where he was born, and even given his exact name, for absolutely no a reason. For these were sacred gifts from God to send him a mission and expose the entire world as being rigged by means of gematria.[6] In other words, God allegedly used gematria to help Hubbard defeat gematria. He is quite critical of atheism, falsely identifying it as a religion.[7][note 2]

Hubbard claims to have had his great "awakening" on September 11th 2001. As thousands of innocent lives died the entire faked attack unfolded, Hubbard took notice to the footprints the Jesuits had, somehow (don't ask how), mistakenly left out in the wide open: 9/11, it was just like 9-1-1, the emergency dial number in the US[8]. He couldn't believe it! There was no way that was by chance! But that's not all, he found even more bullshit to shoehorn into his narrative clues. He data mined discovered that the World Trade Center towers began construction in 1968, the same year 9-1-1 became the US dialing code. Preposterous! It was crystal clear now! But that still wasn't all! He began to research American Airlines flight 77 and found something truly extraordinary.[9] For did you know that Flight 77 was in the air for 77 minutes?[note 3] Did you know that the Pentagon is 77 feet tall, and located on the 77th meridian? Are you confused yet? Don't worry if you are, sometimes, we wonder if even Hubbard himself isn't confused on this as well.

And just like that, PRESTO! Hubbard had his "awakening". He had the indisputable proof that our entire world is fake. From that point on, everything had changed. Using his newly acquired delusional arithmetic crap that any three year old can make up special abilities, Hubbard set himself on a mission, to destroy the source of all, and yes children, we mean all, sources of evil and horror...forever!

We flash forward to 2013: after spending years trying to find his way, Hubbard reached right up into his ass and pulled out discovered the very answer he was looking for all these years: "Gematria". Armed with his newly acquired horseshit knowledge, Hubbard, taking on his "truth seeker" identity, set sail on his epic quest to destroy the powers that be, to bring about a complete and total utopia, where all the big bad government people in scary black suits rigging everything are destroyed once and for all, where all civilization becomes some futuristic utopia planet like in Star Trek, Mayberry at the end of every Andy Griffith Show episode, Rainbow Road, etc, where we will all live happily ever after.

Of course, given the fact that Hubbard frequently begs people to buy his shitty books, shills out his own gematria merchandise[10], and even charges people money to see some of his "evidence" via Patreon, said origin story of one Zachary K. Hubbard can be easily disputed.[note 4]

Daily life[edit]

Hubbard claims to be a former teacher at a public school in Seattle, Washington, before being terminated for unknown reasons. A fan of his unsuccessfully petitioned for his reinstatement.[11] However, there is an extremely good case to be made for the simple fact that he never was a public school teacher to be terminated. A request to the State of Washington[12] will verify that one Zachary K. Hubbard was never a public school teacher to begin with. While adding “fluff” to his life story, he seems to have neglected the fact that records about public school teachers are open to the public.

On December 24th 2016, a car was driven through the front wall of his house, possibly by the powers that be coming to kill Hubbard for exposing them. Unfortunately, Hubbard wasn't home, so it didn't work (they have since been too busy to try and come back to do it again). That same year, Hubbard had a police stake out at his house for unknown reasons, as well as an "unjust" restraining order for "insane reasons"[11] (though we are never told the reasons). As a result of the latter, he is ineligible to own a gun.

Hubbard hosts a weekly radio program on the self-proclaimed Truth Frequency Radio, Wednesdays at 9PM-12AM Eastern Time (Thursday 2AM-5AM UTC). Call him[note 5] if you want to just drop in and say hi, ask some questions, refute his arguments (though be warned, this might end up being a complete waste of time), and just plain ol' have a good time. But even on non-Wednesday nights, he live-streams quite often, usually for several hours at a given time, which is why most of his videos are more than 3 hours long (his longest is 6 hours[13]). Despite his Shakespeare-length videos, he complains often about how people don't watch enough of them[14].

He has also written a 773 page book on this subject called "Letters and Numbers"[15][16]. The front cover, which looks like it was done by a 3rd grader in Microsoft Paint, lists 4 "quotes" from anonymous (alleged) book critics. Curiously, these testimonials were made before the book was finished. It is apparently a very commercially successful literary work: on Black Friday 2019, he sold an entire copy[17]. He has since released a 2nd book, "Number Games: 9/11 to Coronavirus"[18], which he self published it to Amazon, despite Amazon being in cahoots with the New World Order[19].

In December 2019, he launched a new community webshite for members only[20].

In January 2020, Hubbard set sail on an epic, and quite short-lived, quest to street preach start a world tour travel to different cities to spread the good news knowledge of gematria. Despite making thousands of dollars a month on Patreon, he begged requested his own followers to pay for his trip.[21] Apparently, all that dough he makes on Patreon is for other uses. He hasn't traveled since, but given that he believes coronavirus is a complete hoax, that is unlikely to be the reason.

In December 2020, Hubbard begged for requested more money on his Patreon: more specifically, $30,000 per month (in his own words). At that point, he will likely beg for even more money vows to start up a small business, complete with a building and everything.[22] Given that Hubbard has been frequently "censored" for his big exposings (see next section), it seems unfeasible to think that anyone could successfully start an entire business of this kind without the powers that be interfering in any way, but this doesn't deter Hubbard apparently.

Hubbard vs "censorship"[edit]

Being the hard working "truther" that he is, Hubbard is frequently persecuted for his daily exposing. He has had at least 20 YouTube channels taken down for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines out of censorship[23], which he frequently brags complains about (for this reason, skeptics are encouraged to archive his videos and use them against him later should his latest channel get taken down as well).

Predictably, he blames YouTube (which is owned by Google, which is in cahoots with the "powers that be") for "censorship", often accusing them of deliberately deleting his channels (as well as subscribers[24] and likes[25]) in an attempt to hide the "truth". But there's a big problem with this: every time one of Hubbard's channels gets deleted, he just goes and immediately creates another one (nowadays, he's such an expert at self-destructive behavior, he will just start a new YouTube channel before the current cesspool of misinformation is deleted). So if Hubbard was really "exposing" these said powers that be, why hasn't he been permanently kicked off YouTube, a platform allegedly in on this big conspiracy? Or, better yet, why hasn't he been assassinated yet? Wouldn't an entity of this magnitude have the power and will to do more than just delete YouTube likes or subscribers? And yet, just killing Hubbard to stop him from making new channels is out of the question. One wonders why YouTube would keep acting like a broken record instead of just finishing him off for good. Even "exposing" President Trump's SCRIPTED ASSASSINATION hasn't been enough to kill him[26]. As you can see, Hubbard's "censorship" excuses only raise more questions than it answers: despite him putting out the "best" knowledge ever given (something he frequently brags about), the powers that be apparently see him fit to continue.

Strangely enough, it doesn't exactly appear that his old blog site has been "censored", though it has been invaded by Russian bots to troll him[27]. That sounds rather ineffective, but apparently, just taking out this website is out of the question.

in 2017, Hubbard threw a big fit after his fans tried (and failed) to create a Wikipedia page about him (though he need not worry now: their distant cousin, RationalWiki, is happy to oblige). Hubbard rebuked Wikipedia, arguing that he deserved a page for, get ready for this, accomplishing more importance than anyone in the history of the United States.[28] Him uttering this with a straight face is likely the only talented thing he has ever accomplished.

Despite his supposedly deep hatred for censorship, on December 1st 2019, after a long string of "troll" comments debunking him, he disabled comments on his blog to prevent people from debunking him any further[note 6][29]

Hubbard frequently uploads videos YouTube takes down to his secret Bitchute account[30], yet another webshite that is apparently off limits to the powers that be.

New Gematria 101[edit]

Main article: New gematria

In a nutshell, here's how this works:

Hubbard finds corresponding, albeit completely random numbers surrounding a particular event: a political election for example. These random numbers can include absolutely anything: how many days remaining in the year from the election, how many days into the year is the election, the percentage of votes the winning candidate receives, the number of votes a winning candidate receives, and, of course, the 1=A, 2=B, 3=C etc format to "code" a candidate's name.[note 7] This is what Hubbard calls a "cypher". Using the online "Gematrinator" calculator[31], numeral values from an ever-increasing number of additional "cyphers" can also be thrown in should they conveniently fit Hubbard's "decoding". And this, ladies and gentlemen, is his indisputable "proof" that said election was rigged.

He also uses these tactics for "proving" the rigging of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association[32], National Hockey League, NASCAR, horse racing, wrestling, and even (wait for it) golf[33]. If these sports are truly rigged, these players deserve an Oscar because they sure do a damn better job at acting than any WWE wrestler... as well as literally any Hollywood celebrity for that matter. Then again, the powers that be do control Hollywood, so this must be a deliberate planting of evidence to the contrary. Sometimes, Hubbard doesn't know if the players even know about it.[34] We'll let you figure that one out.

It doesn't stop there, he's also "exposed" false flag terrorist attacks, natural disasters, man-made weather[35], and pretty much anything else that exists as all being rigged. The exact time Trump went to the White House toilet to take a dump could be rigged for all we know.

With rare exception, Hubbard relies extensively on arguments that are non-falsifiable: they are often so bullet-proof that nobody can "disprove" any of them, conveniently enough. Many of his arguments involve a political event/sports game/etc that has already happened, searching every numeric statistic imaginable for matching numbers, listing all the numbers that match (which means ignoring all the ones that don't), and pointing out how much of a "coincidence" such matching numbers could be: the event being rigged or "scripted" by the NWO is the only "rational" explanation (basically, an ex post facto prediction on Hubbard's part). But further, anyone who disagrees is either insane, willfully ignorant, OR worse yet, is a government paid shill who is leaving troll comments to discredit him[note 8].

It's also noteworthy that, in the realm of celebrities/sports athletes/politicians/etc, nobody seems to ever die of natural causes. Cancer? Car crashes? Nonsense! Everyone, even if they're 105 years old[36], is always either sacrificed (or faked their death and are out hiding in a bunker somewhere). That in mind, it's probably easy now to see that, in Hubbard's imaginary world void of any coincidence, Hubbard's beliefs require at least a couple of major coincidences in and of themselves: the complete and total lack of coincidences, which would be a major coincidence itself, as well as the lack of any natural deaths in the world of famous people. But remember, coincidences don't exist, so this essentially throws out Hubbard's entire theory.

And remember, Hubbard says that if word of this "gematria" doesn't spread quickly, we're all gonna die/live like Mad Max in a post-apocalyptic world[37][38], so get out there and spread this information on Facebook ASAP, you know, just in case it happens to be since it's true. In short, if you don't believe this, "WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!"[39]


I got 13 right and 3 wrong, the fuck you talking about?
—Zachary Hubbard[40]

Other times, Hubbard predicts (or tries to at least) the outcomes of certain events, usually sports games, but also other things like elections, as part of his "proof" that the whole world is rigged.

Hubbard claims to have a winning sports predicting day 5.5 out of 7, or 79%, days of the week.[41] While that doesn't sound too bad, using that as "indisputable proof" that sports (let alone everything else in the entire world) is scripted goes well beyond any form of rationality for a number of reasons. First, wouldn't one expect Hubbard's batting record (no pun intended) to be chalk-full of exact outcomes of exact teams, exact scores, and exact everything with 100% accuracy? But as Gomer Pyle would say: SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! This kind of information is nowhere to be found, either on his blogging site or (numerous) YouTube channels.

This is NOT how scientific hypothesis work.

"But Rationalwiki, he still gets more right than wrong: isn't that evidence?" The kind skeptic (of this article) might ask. The short answer is no: in fact, even Hubbard's unfounded claim that he is the best in the world at predicting sports still wouldn't prop his theory up. The reason why is because these types of hypothesis can often times be proven void by even one failure. Science (or Pseudoscience in this case) is not a sports game, it's not a "number of successes - 1 = number of failures = PROVEN RIGHT!" equation. In science, a wrong outcome can render any proper outcomes moot, so if a hypothesis (i.e Gematria) gets even one prediction wrong, that could potentially, from a scientific point of view, toss out the entire hypothesis. As Albert Einstein once famously said "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."[42] Then again, Albert Einstein is suspected to have been in cahoots with this big gematria conspiracy[43], so perhaps the point is moot.

But that's not all, it gets even worse. The bigger problem is that Hubbard frequently puts himself in win-win situations, laying out multiple scenarios for different outcomes. Even in sports, including games where he picks a team, he will often list reasons why the game could be rigged for either team: This document on his old blogging site is a prime example of this in action. While going 11-3, nearly every one of his eleven wins were actually win-win ("close") predictions.

The obvious problem is that this immediately renders said predictions to be useless. This sort of "Heads, I win, Tails, you lose" approach renders any win-win prediction, even if correct, irrelevant because they cannot be used as evidence for or against gematria: in other words, it is now non-falsifiable, which Hubbard claims gematria isn't. And, as if that's not enough, this also means any wrong prediction can easily be explained away, thanks to said backup "riddle", and thus the game is still rigged[44]. Even if Hubbard's original prediction turns out correct, he has already voided it by giving himself a safety net, so to speak. Thus it's now about as impressive as a tight-rope walker with a safety net right under the rope, even if they manage to walk the rope without falling off.

Rarely does Hubbard actually stick with one team in a game, and even then, he still has the potential to get it wrong, as he admits here in this video.

So it's not like I said the Mariners are gonna WIN the World Series. I said they have a shot this year.
—Zachary Hubbard, after his Mariners got eliminated from playoff contention.[45]

Of course, not all of Hubbard's prophecies are about sports: he also tries his hand at predicting non-sports scenarios: needless to say, his record at this is even worse. For example, in 2016, Hubbard predicted that Hillary Clinton was rigged to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election[46][47]. All we can say is this: if you voted for Clinton and were disappointing by the outcome, at least you can use it as an opportunity to laugh at Hubbard shooting himself in the foot once again (of course, this failed prediction didn't stop him from claiming the election was rigged anyway[48]). He then predicted Oprah Winfrey would become president in 2020[49], you can take a guess how that one went. He later appeared to favor Biden to win the 2020 election: the good news is that he did become president-elect, the bad news is that it's pretty much the nail in the coffin for his Trump assassination prediction. At least this would explain why Hubbard wasn't killed "exposing" Trump's assassination that would never come.

Speaking of assassinations, Hubbard currently holds an astounding 0-7 record of predicting presidential assassinations. He has "predicted":

  • Obama's assassination August 29th 2014[50]
  • Obama's assassination March 15th 2015[51]
  • Obama's assassination October 19th 2015[52]
  • Obama's assassination April 4th 2016[53]
  • Obama or Trump's assassination around the 2016 US election[54]
  • Trumps assassination on May 18th 2017[55]
  • Trump's assassination... eventually[56] (he presumably gave up on exact dates at this point)

Presumably, Hubbard will repeatedly keep "predicting" the incumbent's assassination until it finally happens. Once it does, he will undoubtedly parade his grand "prediction" around as grand "proof" of his numerology bullshit, while hoping (in vain) that nobody notices his disastrous track record.

Sure enough, some days after the above section of this article was written, he announced his prediction of (wait for it) Biden's assassination.[57]

These are by no means all of his false prophecies, listing all of them would probably fill an entire book. But if you want just a few more examples, he failed to predict the collapse of the Hoover Dam during the 2015 Superbowl[58], Bob Dylan's 2016[59]) and 2018 deaths[60], and the Golden Gate Bridge collapse of August 11th 2019.[61]

Hubbard's Patreon[edit]

I still like the Broncos, but I document all the synchs that I see. There is a narrative here for the Steelers. See my work yesterday, I showed what aligns for the Patriots and Belichick as well. This work is not an exact science, and the more I study, the more I wonder if the leagues are scripted with "insurance polices" if you will, for the sake of betting and how the public is placing their money.
—Zach Hubbard proving why he's unbeatable in a debate[62]

In Hubbard's Patreon description, he lists a bunch of predictions which are all but bound to convince unsuspecting readers to give him money[63]. The problem is that most of these predictions are missing a lot of important details. We decided to clear up the record, so that anyone who wants to can see all the evidence, not just the stuff Hubbard likes to show.

WARNING: The following section of this article may contain material which may cause brain smouldering[note 9]. Readers' discretion is advised.

He has no information on the 2014 World Series, despite claiming that he's been "exposing" the MLB since 2014. His Nationals vs Orioles prediction could be the reason[64].

"2015 World Series - Called Mets in World Series in Spring Training"

Our first facepalm. He predicted the Mets would win (not just get to) the World Series in 2015[65]. He also falsely predicted that the 2015 World Series might be the "Subway Series" (Yankees vs Mets)[66]. As if shooting himself in both feet wasn't enough, he shoots himself in the leg by calling a 7 game series[67]. It only went to 5. We're not done: he shot himself in the other leg by trying to switch to the Cubs in the playoffs[68], only to revert back to the Mets when that failed. But we're still not done. He even predicted in the same post that the Blue Jays would beat the Royals.

As you can see, we're already off to a disastrous start, but we're just getting warmed up (no pun intended).

"2016 World Series - Called Cubs to win World Series in Spring Training, and called it to end in Game 7, on 11/2, for the 112th World Series (Correct and Correct). Called Cubs to beat Indians before Playoffs began"

The blog post titled "The narrative for the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series in Game 6" begs to differ[69] As you may have guessed, is a botched prediction. Altering a prediction to gain a win-win situation effectively voids the prediction. But there's more: he spent much of the year claiming that it would be Astros/Rangers vs Cubs in the World Series[70]: The Rangers were swept in the 2016 ALDS and the Astros did not even reach the playoffs. He also speculated at the Texas Rangers vs Washington Nationals reaching in the World Series as well, but that failed too. [71].

"2017 World Series - Called Astros over Dodgers in August"

Several problems with this. The Astros and Dodgers were, by far, the two favorites for the AL and NL respectively (though in the former's case, it was later found out because they cheated). Making such a prediction might seem nice, but isn't anywhere near "proof" the Jesuitsdidit. He further argued that orange (the Astros uniform color) represents fire, and blue (the Dodgers uniform color) represents water and fire always beats water. It seems in Hubbard's imaginary world, buildings catch on water, waterfighters show up to the scene, and spray the building with fire and save the day (Which, to be honest, might make a kick-ass Christopher Nolan film). In addition to the aforementioned failed Game 6 prediction, he also had the Nationals winning the World Series[72].

"2018 World Series - Said look for Red Sox to win World Series in Game 5, in July, a span of 99-days from the Patriots winning Super Bowl 99: (Boston Red Sox equals 53)"

The Braves were supposed to be in the World Series, which he got wrong[73]. They lost in the NLDS to the eventual NL champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also speculated the Astros and Brewers to reach the World Series[74]: the real kicker in that is that the semi-finals were Astros vs Red Sox and Dodgers vs Brewers. In other words, it was a win-win from that point onward.

"2019 World Series - Called Nationals vs Astros before postseason began, and called underdog Nationals to win the World Series in Game 5 or Game 7 (they won it in 7, the narrative we thought was most likely)"

In what has become arguably the single most idiotic moment on Hubbard history (which is saying something), he posted a blog post claiming to have predicted this outcome all along, before unleashing an incoherent rant containing more profanity than Samuel L. Jackson in an R rated film, directed at his critics trolls. Because neither Hubbard's YouTube channel or Patreon account show any evidence of this prediction at any point whatsoever, even some of Hubbard's long-time Patreon (now former) supporters immediately called Hubbard out on his bullshit[75], some unsubscribed from his Patreon. He also spent much of 2018-19 saying the Mariners would win the World Series,[76] the only thing they won was worst team in the AL West (like usual).

"Called first three Warriors vs Cavs NBA Finals from start of season. Called Cavs to come back from 3-1 to win on real King James' birthday"

Calling a game 7 mere hours before it happens isn't really "proof", so to speak.

"Called Warriors to sweep Cavs the year they did. Called Warriors to win June 12 the year they did."

Not before predicting they wouldn't win the NBA Finals. In one of his videos[77], he said either the OKC Thunder or Houston Rockets would go to the Finals for the western conference, specifically saying the Warriors were unlikely to return (they returned).

Messed up with Warriors winning it all this past year, but called Raptors to win in Game 6 before the game was played to help people hedge who had Warriors

We crossed out the unnecessary bits, nothing else to see here.

Called Broncos over Panthers in October for Super Bowl 50

Another botched prediction, see "The Case for a Steelers Superbowl Appearance" on his blogging site (referenced at the quote near the heading). As a bonus, he also failed to call the final score. [78] By now, you likely can smell the bullshit coming straight from your computer monitor.

"Called Patriots after Week 1 to win Super Bowl 51 (Had Colts before season began)" Called Falcons-Packers NFC Championship before season began as well that year"

This was actually a big mess. Right after his Colts got eliminated from the playoffs[79], he switched to the Packers, the "Plan B" team[80], but that failed too.

"Called Patriots to face Eagles in Super Bowl 52 after Week 3 (Had wrong outcome but said if Eagles win, Zach Ertz would score winning TD, which he did)"

Here, he admits he screwed up, but fortunately had a backup prediction, so it's cool.

"Called Patriots over Rams before season began for Super Bowl 53"

No evidence for this to be found, and he had the Washington Football Team Redskins in July 2018[81].

"Called both triple crowns before a single race was run"

Referring to 2015 and 2018. Only problem is he also said this in 2014[82], and 2016[83], but failed.

"Nailed 2 of 3 winners in this year's three big races, and in the race where I missed the winner, had the second and third place horses dead on."

Not much to say on this, other than the typical "I got most right so lets ignore what I didn't" routine.

So hate all you want, but those are the FACTS."

But not all the facts. For anyone wondering why we swear in court to tell the truth, and the WHOLE truth, this is an example.

"And that doesn't even count the winning record on week-to-week picks that exceeds anyone in the industry, and the knowledge I have put in peoples hands that allows them to win big on the daily."

Hold up, isn't the whole point of all this to expose the evil NWO, which is causing presumably all the death, suffering, war, famine, etc and bring them to justice? Apparently not anymore, now Hubbard is using supposedly corrupt sports leagues to act like a giant money printing machine for EVERYONE! This could end poverty: HURRAY!! Fun and games aside, this is another baseless claim with no evidence, and even if true, is irrelevant anyway.

Not listed on his Patreon is his 2018 prediction of the Lakers winning the 2020 NBA Finals. While this did happen, he failed to correctly call their opponent, the Heat (instead calling the Celtics)[84]. This is important because, most likely, Hubbard won't say that anytime he parades this grand prediction.

Also absent from his Patreon is that he's also failed three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals[85][86][87]

Hubbard and Spirituality[edit]

Despite his rejection of mainstream religion, Hubbard claims a strong belief in spirituality. Not only that, but he teaches that there is a strong force of evil in this world (presumably the same evil force rigging Florida Panthers games that nobody goes to) that is trying to kill off spirituality[88]. He even believes that "ritual magic" is actually real and that the "powers that be" are stopping us from using it[89]. In other words, we actually live in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but we're all just too dumb to see it.

The evidence for this[edit]

Two tumbleweeds rolling across the screen, from left to right.

Hubbard and other theories[edit]

Hubbard rejects the flat Earth theory[90], as well as the idea of FEMA death camps[91]. While one COULD argue this to be a Stopped clock Moment, most likely it's just to make himself look more legit than he actually is. "Look guys, I am NOT a flat Earther! If you think I'M stupid, look over THERE!" is essentially what his anti-flat Earth videos come across as.

In either case, as if rejecting it in 2021 was such a high bar to clear, his bold rejection of the Flat Earth doesn't exactly amount to much, as Hubbard claims belief in the following:

  • Evolution[92], the Big bang[93], and Charles Darwin[94] are all Illuminati-based frauds. Even Ken Ham would laugh his ass off at that one (that said, however, his exact beliefs on this are unknown as there is no evidence he endorses Young Earth creationism).
  • The world is on the brink of a one world currency: he even tried (tried) predicting it would come in 2018.[95]
  • Monsanto[96] and fast food restaurants[97] are deliberately poisoning people.
  • Every form of authority (police, military, school teachers, etc) is hostile to society and need to be exterminated.[98]
  • No planes actually hit the World Trade Center on 9/11: he even criticized Alex Jones for rejecting the no-planes theory, and even (wait for it) accused Jones of working with the Illuminati to mislead people on this subject.[99]
  • The Lynnmouth Flood conspiracy theory.[100][101]
  • Every major terrorist attack, 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing[102], etc, are all false flag operations.
  • Mainstream media is normalizing homosexuality to reduce birth rates and the human population.[103]
  • Vaccines cause autism[104], and possible some other bad stuff.[105]
  • Climate change is a hoax.[106]
  • Astrology and Hermeticism are not only real but the Bible/government are preventing us from discovering them.[107]
  • The entire Coronavirus pandemic is a massive hoax.[108]
  • Face masks, or "face diapers" as Hubbard calls them, are a symbolic compliance to tyranny and the Mark of the Beast[109] He ended up making a big scene and nearly got kicked out of a Costco store in November 2020 for refusing to wear a mask[110]
  • Jobs are pointless, they only exist exploit humanity... somehow.[111]
  • The Holocaust was a lie, or at least exaggerated.[112]
  • All, yes, we mean all, of US history is fake.[113]
  • Sports athletes and politicians are artificially harvested in labs and aren't actual people (this is not a fucking joke, he's dead serious here).[114]
  • SPACE ITSELF is a hoax.[115] How Hubbard can even hold an opinion on the Earth's shape at this point transcends all planes of logic.

Belief in all of the above pretty much cancels out any rejection of the Flat earth: in fact, the final point alone cancels it out.

Other Lows[edit]

Hubbard has openly wished death (even slow and painful ones) on pretty much anyone who disagrees with him. Yes, you read that right. He has gleefully proclaimed his desires for the deaths of anyone who does not worship him at his feet agree with him.

In January 2020, during an hour-long video of irrational hilarity, Hubbard gleefully wished death by starvation and/or thirst on all of his critics[116]

After the deadly airport bombings in Yemen in December 2020[117], Hubbard subtly celebrated the victims' deaths since they were "probably" non-conspiracy theorists[118] before openly advocating the depopulation of any non-conspiracy theorists (amount to, according to Hubbard, 95% of the Earth's population).

If you like me and someone else in the conspiracy theorist community who disagrees with me some fraud, you're half retarded. Period.
—Zachary Hubbard[119]

That's not all. In general, Hubbard is also often a complete dick to even his own disciples followers[120][121][122], at least, those who don't agree with his every word or give him enough money.

Remember this for the next time Hubbard rants about how he's not getting anywhere in his pathetic attempts to make gematria go viral.

The Larry Johnson interview[edit]

In January 2020, Hubbard baited invited former NFL running back Larry Johnson onto his TFR live-show for an interview[123], in a desperate attempt to prove that even athletes are "coming out" and supporting his theory. Of course, his viewers might not have been told that Johnson has severe mental health issues, ultimately stemming from head injuries from playing in the NFL[124]. Johnson can't even remember 2 seasons he played in the NFL[125]. His condition is called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is due to suffering memory loss, suicidal impulses, mood swings, and headaches all due to his head injuries. One wonders if Hubbard wouldn't point this out if Johnson was arguing against gematria.

Hubbard vs. RationalWiki[edit]

Speaks for itself[126]

Hubbard has discovered this article on him and, unsurprisingly, isn't too thrilled about it. He's had a couple of bouts with us on this. His earliest documented is as follows:

Hey, for the cocksuckers out there who wrote this page, who I know are watching right now because it's their job, again, why don't you guys update your page and put a thing like 'Hubbard helped people win hundreds of thousands in 2019?'
—Zachary Hubbard asking us a favor[127]

Wish granted! Unfortunately, this argument is irrelevant since this page never disputed such a claim. Rather, it merely pointed out that Hubbard's arguments (including helping people win money on sports betting, one of his favorites) does not stand up to scrutiny. His "refutation" also demonstrated how little he knows about Falsifiability.

Hubbard came back out of the cave on November 8th 2019, where he live-streamed some sort of rant about Google "promoting" this article. If what he means by "promoting" is just appearing in Google's search results, than his argument immediately fails, as his blog and YouTube channel also appear on Google's search results, meaning they are also being "promoted". For unknown reasons, he removed the rant from YouTube, but evidence of its previous existence can be found on Pinterest[128].

Hubbard vs. RationalWiki: The Prequel[edit]

This article is not our first to ruffle his feathers, he previously wrote a horribly concocted "response" to our article on New gematria[129] in 2018.

Likes and Dislikes[edit]


  • Numbers
  • Money
  • Attention
  • Live-streaming for hours at a time, sometimes multiple times a day
  • Bragging about his deleted YouTube channels like a badge of honor
  • Himself


  • Anyone who disagrees with him
  • Google
  • Amazon (despite selling his book on the platform)
  • Having a real job
  • RationalWiki

Other Wacky Quotes (for your enjoyment)[edit]

  • "The Work I lay down is UNDENIABLE!" [130]
  • "It's more proven than anything out there. You can laugh at anything in science if you're gonna laugh at MY work! My work's a theory, I've backed it up better than any scientific theory on the planet!"[131]
  • "When you think about it, the concept of 'hope' is something that takes power away from you and has you place your power and influence in something outside of you. For example, President Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President, ran on 'Hope'"[132].
  • "Do you know what makes being a slave easier for some people? Adam Sandler movies and other distractions; distractions created by the same people who have enslaved us."[133]
  • "Anyhow, looks like he might be part of the gang. What a scum. It is too bad there are so many black men who are willing to get fucked in the ass to collect a pay check from a jew. No Vaseline."[134]
  • "I have zero doubt this Zionist Jew faked his death. Zero. Him and the Nintendo Guy are probably jerking each other off underground right now, playing Mario and listening to Zeppelin."[135]

Stopped Clock[edit]

  • As previously mentioned, while Hubbard is not an atheist, he is a staunch critic of religious extremism.
  • In 2020, he apologized for some of his antisemitic comments of the past.[136]


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