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Zachary K. Hubbard

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Some dare call it
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What THEY don't want
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Sheeple wakers
…What I've done in this world is monumental. I have broken a code that nobody broke before. I have made more correct predictions about sports, celebrity deaths, and news stories than anyone has before. My work is truly important. I can't think of anyone in the history of this nation, literally, who has done something that's actually more important and empowering to the people. The knowledge that I have put out, which I have given to people for free for more than 4 years, and taught, you know, with non-stop dedication: this work has the power to do more for people than anything you can learn at any university, that you have to pay all this money for. So I don't want to hear about how Wikipedia thinks I'm insignificant, that's bullshit!
—Zachary Hubbard[1]

Zachary K. Hubbard (1983–) is an online conspiracy theorist, blogger, YouTuber, and, most of all, a crank. He is well known for his astounding accomplishment of inventing discovering new gematria, his own conspiracy which teaches that the New World Order (NWO) is scripting everything (and we mean everything) in the entire world: sporting events, celebrity deaths, elections, terrorist attacks, the weather, natural disasters, you name it.

He runs a blog site[2] where he has banned everyone who refutes him posts shitty, non-falsifiable arguments: his Youtube Channels fair no better. But don't worry, his REAL proof can actually be found at his Patreon[3], which he charges $1 to $20 a month (depending on the membership level) to access.

As you read about Hubbard's brain-smouldering arguments in the article below, you may well be scratching your head, wondering why anyone would even wasted their time writing this article in the first place. The answer is surprising yet simple: people believe him. Even worse, some actually give him money for his "exposes", in one form or the other.

Life story[edit]

Hubbard was born in Portland, Oregon on July 21st, 1983 (pay attention to those details, it's really important). He was raised Lutheran by his parents, but he no longer identifies as religious. He is no longer a practicing Christian, but has made it clear he has never lost his faith in God. In fact, he has explained how he believes God has placed him on the Earth, on the exact day he was born on, in the exact location where he was born, and even given his name as gifts from God to send him a mission and expose the entire world as being rigged by means of gematria[4]. In other words, God allegedly used gematria to help Hubbard defeat gematria. He is quite critical of atheism, identifying it as a religion[5].

Hubbard claims to be a former teacher at a public school in Seattle, Washington, before being terminated for unknown reasons, though some say it was due to his off-duty exposing conspiracy blogging. A fan of his unsuccessfully petitioned for his reinstatement[6] (the petition closed without garnering a single signature). However, there is an extremely good case to be made for the simple fact that he never was a public school teacher to be terminated. A request to the State of Washington[7] will verify that one Zachary Keene Hubbard was never a public school teacher to begin with. While adding “fluff” to his life story he seems to have neglected that records about public school teachers are open to the public.

On December 24th 2017, a car was driven through his house[8], presumably driven by the NWO coming to kill Hubbard for exposing them. Unfortunately for them, Hubbard is still alive and well, so it didn't work (if only they ran into his house with a tank instead). That same year, Hubbard had a police stake out at his house for unknown reasons, as well as an "unjust" restraining order for "insane reasons"[9] (though we are never told the reasons). As a result of the latter, he is ineligible to own a gun.

Daily life[edit]

In 2013, Hubbard invented discovered "Gematria" (or "New Gematria" to avoid confusion with the ancient Hebrew practice of the same name). Using it, Hubbard claims to be a "truther" who has set sail on his epic quest to destroy the evils of the New World Order, to bring about a complete and total utopia where all the big bad government people in scary black suits rigging everything are destroyed once and for all, where all civilization becomes like Mayberry at the end of every Andy Griffith Show episode, where we will all live happily ever after. Of course, given the fact that, in each YouTube video description, he begs people to subscribe to his Patreon, asks for donations to his PayPal account, relentlessly self-promotes his book, and even tries shilling out his very own gematria merchandise[10], said description of Hubbard's motives can be disputed.

Hubbard runs a weekly radio program on the self-proclaimed Truth Frequency Radio Wednesdays at 9PM-12AM Eastern Time (Thursday 2AM-5AM UTC). Call him[note 1] if you want to just drop in and say hi, ask some questions, refute his arguments, and just plain ol' have a good time.

Hubbard has even written a 773 page book on this subject[11][12]. The front cover, which looks like it was done by a 3rd grader in Microsoft Paint, lists 4 "quotes" from anonymous (alleged) book critics. Curiously these testimonials were made before the book was finished. It is apparently a very commercially successful literary work: on Black Friday 2019, he sold an entire copy[13].

In December 2019, he launched a new community webshite for invited members only[14].

Hubbard vs "censorship"[edit]

Hubbard out-does himself yet again

Being the hard worker he is, Hubbard is frequently persecuted for his daily exposing. He has had at least 20 YouTube channels taken down for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines[15] (for this reason, skeptics are encouraged to archive his videos and use them against him later should his latest channel get taken down as well). He’s such an expert at self-destructive behavior he will start a new YouTube channel before the current cesspool of misinformation is deleted. Predictably, Hubbard blames YouTube for "censorship", often accusing them of deleting subscribers[16] and likes[17] from his channel. Of course if Hubbard was really doing this much damage to the "powers that be", why hasn't he been assassinated yet? An entity of this magnitude would have the power and will to do more than just delete YouTube likes or subscribers. Even "exposing" Trump's SCRIPTED ASSASSINATION hasn't been enough for them to kill him[18].

His blog site also isn't immune to censorship, but sometimes, the NWO goes easy on him and only sends Russian bots to troll him[19].

He has also thrown a big fit over being denied a Wikipedia page (though he need not worry now: their distant cousin, RationalWiki, is happy to oblige). In one of his YouTube videos, he claims to deserve a page for accomplishing more than anyone in the history of the United States.[20] How Hubbard could say this with a straight face is likely the only talented thing he has ever accomplished.

Despite Hubbard's self-proclaimed deep hatred for censorship, on December 1st 2019, he mass banned everyone who debunks him from commenting on his blog[note 2]. 17 days later, he claimed that "Russian traffic" (where he believes his critics trolls come from) decreased since then, showing a dateless chart as evidence[21].

New Gematria 101[edit]

So here is how Hubbard's conspiracy works. He finds corresponding, albeit completely random numbers surrounding a particular event, say a political election for example. These random numbers can include absolutely anything: how many days remaining in the year from the election, how many days into the year is the election, the percentage of votes the winning candidate receives, the number of votes a winning candidate receives, and, of course, using the 1=A, 2=B, 3=C etc format to "code" a candidate's name[note 3]. This is what Hubbard calls a "cypher". Using the online "Gematrinator" calculator[22], numeral values from an ever-increasing number of additional "cyphers" can also be thrown in should they conveniently fit Hubbard's "decoding", which he in turn uses as indisputable "proof" that said election was rigged from the beginning.

So, how well does this "decoding" work? Well, in 2016, he re-posted a bullshit "testimony" from a fan claiming to have decoded the 2016 U.S. presidential election, claiming that Hillary Clinton was rigged to win the election[23]. All we can say is this: if you voted for Hillary Clinton and were disappointing by the outcome, at least you can use it as an opportunity to laugh at Hubbard shooting himself in the foot once again. Hubbard also believes that Oprah Winfrey will become president in 2020[24]. As of March 2020, the likelihood of this happening is about on par with the chances of waking up tomorrow morning to find a flock of snakes flying around the Empire State Building singing that "I'd like to teach the world to sing" song from the Coca-Cola commercials, given that Oprah hasn't even started running a campaign, as several candidates are already dropping like flies. Thus, with Hubbard on the verge of going 0 for 2 in United States Presidential Elections (since forming this conspiracy), that should tell you everything you need to know.

He uses the same arguments for "proving" the corruption behind the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association[25], National Hockey League, and even (wait for it) golf[26]. If these sports are truly rigged, give those players an Oscar because they sure do a damn better job at acting than any WWE wrestler...as well as most Hollywood celebrities, for that matter.

It doesn't stop there, he's also "exposed" false flag terrorist attacks, natural disasters, man-made weather[27], and pretty much anything else that exists as all being rigged.

With rare exception, Hubbard, like most conspiracy nuts, relies extensively on arguments that are non-falsifiable, meaning that they are so bullet-proof that, conveniently, nobody can "disprove" any of them. Many of his arguments involve Hubbard re-visiting a political event/sports game/etc that has already happened, searching every numeric statistic imaginable for matching numbers, listing all the numbers that match (which means ignoring all the other ones that don't), and then pointing out how much of a "coincidence" such matching numbers could be: to the extent that the event being rigged or "scripted" by the NWO is the only possible, "rational" explanation (basically, an ex post facto prediction on Hubbard's part). But further, anyone who disagrees is either insane or willfully ignorant: OR, worse yet, is a government paid shill who is leaving troll comments to discredit him[note 4].

In other cases, Hubbard also makes predictions, which, strangely enough, are almost always the statistically favorite outcome[note 5].

The NWO also can't seem to make up their mind as to which number they want to match-up either. In a single rigged event, at least a dozen or so numbers can match different statistics and "related" gematria numbers[28]. Remember, when forming a gematria argument, always match up as many numbers as you possibly can: that way, no matter what happens, NWOdidit.

And remember, if you don't believe any of this, "WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!"[29]

An example[edit]

If you've read this far and are a bit confused, don't worry. Here is an example of how Hubbard makes up shit as he goes "decodes" rigged events.

Hubbard claims that the 2017 World Series was rigged[30]. To "support" (we use this word very lightly) his argument, he points to a number of absolutely coincidental uses of the number 52. Of course what really happened was Hubbard predicted the Astros in August of 2017, a time when they were easily the favorites to win, put together a bunch of 52s from random statistics. When it came true (not before making mistakes along the way though[31]), suddenly Hubbard exposed the NWO once and for all (not to mention, why they chose 52 specifically is never explained, but that doesn't matter, just go with it).

Here is a list of Hubbard's "clues":

  • New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey pitched 52 days before the start of the World Series. Get it? Matt HARVEY, 52 days before the the World Series the HOUSTON Astros won, the team from the city flooded by Hurricane HARVEY: the game is rigged, there is no other explanation.
  • Game 7 of the World series ended with 52 pitchers from the final pitcher, Charlie Morton: evidently, every foul ball and strike must be aligned properly. What do you mean why? They just DO, Dammit!
  • Every game in the World Series started at 5:20 PDT: Remember, ignore the 0: they never matter in gematria (poor 0).
  • The gematria number for "FLOOD" = 52 (1=A, 2=B, etc in "FLOOD" = 52, and it flooded in Houston. Cannot possibly be chance).
  • There were 52 inches of rain in Houston: apparently the NWO can not only control every minuscule detail of the weather, but is ardently obsessed with said detail lining up with coincidental sports statistics because… reasons. Also, this depends on who you ask: according to nypost.com, it was only 51 inches[32].
  • The Astros won the World Series 52 years after debuting in the now-abandoned Astrodome (note: this was not the same year the Astros debuted as a team. That was 3 years prior at the short-lived Colt Stadium).
  • The World series took place during the "52 parallel".
  • Houston was flooded on 8/27/17. 8 + 27 + 17 = 52
  • And finally, we save the best for last: Dell Technologies founder Michael S. Dell was 52-years old at the time and was born in Houston[33].

Conveniently, however, he never seems to mention that the final score in game 7 was actually 5-1. Isn't it funny that the NWO supposedly rigged the number of pitches thrown in this same game, as well the number of inches it rained in Houston (and all without anybody except Hubbard noticing), but yet they couldn't rig the final score of the game itself (or at least they forgot to do this, oopsie-daisy)? Surely if the NWO was obsessed with "52" that the final score would be 5-2, not 5-1. Could it be possible that the NWO decided willfully not to set the final score at 5-2, since that would have been too obvious? Or it could just be Hubbard ignoring inconvenient data, that too. In any case, given the non-falsifiable nature of this argument, anyone who would disagree with it would be immediately laughed at by Hubbard and his followers for ignoring the blatantly obvious "truth" that the NWO deliberate puts in front of our eyes to mock our intelligence.

To put icing on the cake, Hubbard also predicted that the Astros would win Game 6 of the World Series[34]. Had this happened, the Astros would have clinched the series and Game 7 would have not been necessary. SPOILER: Hubbard was dead wrong. One could only desperately argue logically conclude that the NWO caught wind of his prediction video, then scrambled to change up the script at the last minute. Of course, this leads any rationally thinking person to ponder why, if the NWO fears getting caught by the likes of Hubbard, they would ever go out of their way to make meaningless numbers line-up in the first place. The best answer that anyone can seem to give is that it's all because of elaborate religious beliefs of some kind.

Hubbard's Patreon[edit]

I still like the Broncos, but I document all the synchs that I see. There is a narrative here for the Steelers. See my work yesterday, I showed what aligns for the Patriots and Belichick as well. This work is not an exact science, and the more I study, the more I wonder if the leagues are scripted with "insurance polices" if you will, for the sake of betting and how the public is placing their money.
—Zachary Hubbard proving why he's unbeatable in a debate[35]

Hubbard runs a Patreon which, for only $1-$20 USD a month (depending on membership level), you can get priority access to all of Hubbard's bullshit. In his account description, he lists all of his at best partially successful predictions to convince unsuspecting readers to give him money[36]. We decided to do a bit of fact checking, as should be done with any tall claim, and the results are shown below.

WARNING: The following section of this article may contain material which may cause brain smouldering. Readers' discretion is advised.


Strangely enough, he has no information on the 2014 World Series, despite claiming that he's been "exposing" the MLB since 2014. His Nationals vs Orioles prediction could be the reason[37].

"2015 World Series - Called Mets in World Series in Spring Training"

Literally anybody can make a prediction like this without even being a professional sports commentator, let alone someone claiming to have de-coded the world's best kept secret. He actually gets this one wrong, he predicted the Mets would win (not just get to) the World Series in 2015[38]. He also falsely predicted that the 2015 World Series might be the "Subway Series" (Yankees vs Mets)[39]. As if Hubbard shooting himself in both feet wasn't enough, he shoots himself in the leg by calling a 7 game series[40]. It only went to 5.

"2016 World Series - Called Cubs to win World Series in Spring Training, and called it to end in Game 7, on 11/2, for the 112th World Series (Correct and Correct). Called Cubs to beat Indians before Playoffs began"

He spent much of the year claiming that it would be Astros/Rangers vs Cubs in the World Series[41]: The Rangers were swept in the 2016 ALDS and the Astros did not even reach the playoffs. Not that it matters, he changed his prediction before the playoffs began. He sure does change his predictions quite frequently for someone claiming it's all pre-determined since before the start of the season. He also speculated at the Texas Rangers vs Washington Nationals reaching in the World Series as well: neither team made it past the first round of the playoffs[42].

"2017 World Series - Called Astros over Dodgers in August"

He waited until August before making his prediction, when the Astros and Dodgers were literally the two best teams in MLB (the former had just acquired Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers). Making such a prediction is a far-cry from proof that the NWO must have done it. Hubbard used Hurricane Harvey as an excuse to praise gematria for his grand prediction. Prior, he had the Nationals winning the World Series[43]. Hubbard further argued that orange (the Astros uniform color) represents fire, and blue (the Dodgers uniform color) represents water and fire always beats water. It seems in Hubbard's imaginary world, buildings catch on water, waterfighters show up to the scene, and spray the building with fire and save the day. There is also the aforementioned failed Game 6 prediction.

"2018 World Series - Said look for Red Sox to win World Series in Game 5, in July, a span of 99-days from the Patriots winning Super Bowl 99: (Boston Red Sox equals 53)"

That's great, but he's not mentioning that he predicted the Braves to be in the World Series[44]: they lost in the NLDS to the eventual NL champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers (though Hubbard no doubt has a gematria explanation to explain away this error).

"2019 World Series - Called Nationals vs Astros before postseason began, and called underdog Nationals to win the World Series in Game 5 or Game 7 (they won it in 7, the narrative we thought was most likely)"

No, not even close. In what has become arguably the single most idiotic moment on Hubbard history (that is saying something), Hubbard posted a blog post claiming to have predicted this outcome all along, before unleashing an incoherent rant containing more profanity than a Samuel L. Jackson movie, directed at his critics trolls. Because neither Hubbard's YouTube channel or Patreon account show any evidence of this prediction at any point whatsoever, even some of Hubbard's long-time Patreon supporters (now former supporters) immediately called Hubbard out on his bullshit[45], some unsubscribed from his Patreon.

"Called first three Warriors vs Cavs NBA Finals from start of season. Called Cavs to come back from 3-1 to win on real King James' birthday"

A thorough search of Hubbard's blog shows zero articles of Hubbard specifically predicting this in advance.

"Called Warriors to sweep Cavs the year they did. Called Warriors to win June 12 the year they did."

This is a pretty easy one. Anyone who knew the bare basics of basketball saw this coming from a mile away (especially in 2018). All the Cavs had was Lebron James (who is an absolute gold mine on Hubbard's webshites due to his popularity), compared to the far more complete Warriors.

Called Broncos over Panthers in October for Super Bowl 50

He seems to have misspelled "Broncos" as "Steelers" on his on blogging site[46]. By now, you likely can smell the bullshit coming straight from your computer monitor.

"Called Patriots after Week 1 to win Super Bowl 51 (Had Colts before season began)" Called Falcons-Packers NFC Championship before season began as well that year"

Remember, the key to making predictions is to change them as events before you unfold.

"Called Patriots to face Eagles in Super Bowl 52 after Week 3 (Had wrong outcome but said if Eagles win, Zach Ertz would score winning TD, which he did)"

Translate "Completely and totally fucked up my prediction this year but fortunately I had a backup NWOdidit piece of evidence so they still did it".

"Called Patriots over Rams before season began for Super Bowl 53"

Aside from having no evidence for this, he had the Redskins in July 2018[47].

"Called both triple crowns before a single race was run"

Also said this in 2016, but doesn't mention it[48].

"Nailed 2 of 3 winners in this year's three big races, and in the race where I missed the winner, had the second and third place horses dead on."

Nothing by now that hasn't been said already, "I got most right so lets ignore what I didn't".

So hate all you want, but those are the FACTS."

But they are not ALL the facts, though. For anyone wondering why we swear to tell the truth, and the WHOLE truth, this is why.

"And that doesn't even count the winning record on week-to-week picks that exceeds anyone in the industry, and the knowledge I have put in peoples hands that allows them to win big on the daily."

Huh?! Isn't the whole point of all this to expose the evil NWO? Instead, Hubbard now claims to be using supposedly corrupt sports leagues to act like a giant money printing machine for EVERYONE!: he can END POVERTY!! That aside, this is another baseless claim with no evidence.

Rational conclusion[edit]

Of course this leads us to ask: why are any of his successful predictions (assuming they even existed in the first place) proof of his outlandish conclusion when there are just as many incorrect predictions that he "forgot" to include? One would expect Hubbard's batting record (no pun intended) of predictions from his webshite to be chalk-full of exact outcomes of exact teams, exact scores, and exact everything with 100% accuracy. Strangely enough, this kind of information seems to be completely absent, or at least very difficult to find. In fact, a simple Google search "Zach Hubbard predicts exact outcome" turns up no relevant results, minus Hubbard's Patreon page (before you even finish scrolling down to the first section of results, Google begins to show completely irrelevant results).

Hubbard and other theories[edit]

Hubbard does have videos on one of his defunct YouTube channels criticizing the flat Earth theory. Most likely, this is just to make himself look legit than he actually is. "Look guys, I am NOT a flat Earther! If you think I'M stupid, look over THERE!" is basically what his anti-flat Earth videos come across as to any rational viewer.

Hubbard also claims belief in the Lynnmouth Flood conspiracy theory[49][50], as well as the Boston Marathon Bombing false flag conspiracy[51], and pretty much any conspiracy theory minus the flat Earth.

A new low[edit]

Reaching an absolute low-point even for a batshit insane conspiracy theorist: Hubbard actually claimed the unfortunate death of 9 year old bat-boy from Kansas City was actually a fictionalized story made up to advance the NWO's gematria conspiracy [52]. He also used a Tweet from former NFL running back Larry Johnson as an excuse for athletes "coming out" and supporting his theory[53], even though Johnson likely has chronic traumatic encephalopathy due to suffering memory loss, suicidal impulses, mood swings, and headaches all due to head injuries acquired from playing in the NFL.

Hubbard vs. RationalWiki[edit]

Speaks for itself[54]

Hubbard has discovered this article on him and, unsurprisingly, isn't too thrilled about it. He has uploaded what we can only assume is supposed to be a "refutation" of this article[55], but is actually just brief, half-assed response in-which Hubbard didn't even mention, let alone refute, a single point in this article. He claims that we targeted him out of fear of his "truth", while not targeting other YouTube conspiracy theorists. Ironically, Hubbard should familiarize himself with our website more before criticizing it, because we do, in fact, cover many YouTube conspiracy theorists (as the ol' saying goes, the search bar is your best friend!). In any case, Hubbard should remember that he is actually a very unique conspiracy theorist (nobody says "unique" is always a good thing) who has invented a new conspiracy theory the world doesn't want or need. While he is not the only gematria conspiracy theorist today, he is largely responsible for starting the movement. This, of course, is remarkably different than targeting a dark corner Flat Earth conspiracy theorist when not only have we refuted the flat Earth a thousand times, but there are also literally thousands of blogs, YouTube videos, etc refuting it (many of which even predate RationalWiki) that can easily be found with a simple search.

His tirade didn't stop there, however. On November 8th 2019, he live-streamed what appears to have been a profanity-laced rant about Google "promoting" this article[56]. If what he means by "promoting" is just our article appearing in Google's search results, than his argument utterly collapses instantly, as Hubbard's blog and YouTube channel also appear on Google's search result, meaning they are also being "promoted". Hubbard live-streamed this rant on YouTube, but for unknown reasons removed it from his channel.

This is not the first time Hubbard got his feathers ruffled over us: he previously wrote a horribly concocted "response" to our article on New gematria[57].

In other news[edit]

He really hates Christopher Columbus[58].

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