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Bongo Bongo Land is a fictional place somewhere in Africa, according to the country's government website a crazy lunatic from Middlesex.[1] According to said lunatic, Bongo Bongo Land is somehow both located in Kenya and "a small landlocked country in Eastern Africa".[2]

Anyone who mentions Bongo Bongo Land is definitely, certainly and unequivocally a xenophobic racist. They will try to convince the few people who have any interest in them that they aren't racist and that vaguely labelling a whole continent as uncivilized, backward and tribal people is somehow acceptable.

The BBC found that in Tanzania (a real place in Africa) the term "Bongoland" is actually a compliment. You have to be a young native Tanzanian for this to count.[3]

Noted proponents of Bongo Bongo prejudice[edit]

  • Tory MP Alan Clark.[4]
  • Godfrey Bloom, UKIP nut.[5]
  • Most of UKIP until they realised they had image problems.[6]

Not to be confused with[edit]

  • Bongo drums,Wikipedia little drums that you tap tunes on.
  • Luciano Pozo GonzálezWikipedia and related proponents of the drums.
  • Richard Feynman, a guy who has some drums.
  • Georg August SchweinfurthWikipedia and crew. Noted explorers who can't possibly have been racists, but were because they lived in a time where everybody was.
  • Bongoland in Port Orange, Florida, a dilapidated theme park[7]
  • Bongo Bongo, one of the boss monsters in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Oingo Boingo, Film composer Danny Elfman's band

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